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Amazon Business: B2B Shopping

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Amazon Business: B2B Shopping

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User Reviews for Amazon Business: B2B Shopping

"Your orders" page ruined in update

The "Your Orders" page was completely ruined in the update. Can no longer see what has been shipped, delivered etc in different colored text. Have to click each item individually to see the status... Hard to see what's going on when you order a ton each week.

C a c a, May 24, 2023

It's hard to review this app because it has never worked for me. I have attempted several times to log in, even changing my password, but the result is the same. The page flickers and then brings me right back to the log in page. Would be nice if the app worked. Switching back and forth between personal and business is not a huge issue, but this would just be more convenient in my opinion.

Chelly nelly12345, Nov 04, 2021
I’m just sayin…

when a commerce/retail based business does the volume these guys do, and yet still somehow manages to have some of the most responsive and, from my experience at least, genuine eagerness to help customers…well I’m just sayin. They are killin’ it. Keep it up guys! More importantly, though, thank you!

corey alen, Jul 21, 2022
Hard to keep track on an on going order

Since it updated the new design for “your orders” section. It’s really hard to see what is going on with the order unless you click on that. The old version is very straight forward and reliable to use.

Cuong P Quach, May 11, 2023
Easy shopping

As I go through my workday and think of something I need to order I just stop get on my phone and order it up. No more trying to plan to go to a store anymore.

DGD Services, Jul 11, 2022
Finally no more switching between Personal and Business!

Very glad they created an app for business owners! It was always frustrating to have to logout and switch between personal and business accounts. Not anymore!! Yay devs!

FixCatanPlease, May 18, 2021
The app glitches

The app constantly brings up blank pages while searching for products. I can even select a product and the page goes blank to where I have to close the app and open it again. The reviews won’t load properly without several attempts of exiting and opening the app.

igiveBEEaway, Aug 09, 2022
Thank you!!

Just thank you for a separate app for work accounts!! A game changer to order and check orders in the fly without signing in and out and verify. Small things that are incredibly helpful to a business!

Leeshee, May 29, 2022
Cannot see Reviews

Ever since they split the business app I haven’t been able to click on the reviews consistently. Sometimes it’ll work and take me to the reviews but most times I’ll click and nothing happens.

Md0131, Aug 08, 2022
Unable to Approve Orders - Account Info Outdated

Since the new update I am no longer able to approve business orders through the app on my iPhone. They use to show on the main screen but are no longer there and I spent an hour trying to find where to go to approve. Finally logged on through the browser on my iPad and I could see them there but that does t help me when I’m out of the office and traveling and need to approve orders.Also, when I go to Business Prime it tells me my membership expired which is outdated, we renewed and paid over a thousand dollars for Prime Membership earlier this year.

Michelle from Oz, Nov 26, 2021


The Amazon Business app is your one-stop shop for finding and making business purchases on the go. Save time with fast and easy search and 1-click purchase for all you need to keep you—and your business—moving. A free Amazon Business account is required. • Find everything you need for business in one convenient store • Separate your work and personal shopping experience • Purchase with confidence via securely-processed transaction • Scan product barcodes and images to find the product you need, compare prices, and check availability. • Create custom buying lists for frequently purchased items for your business and share with your colleagues. • Approve staff purchases anywhere and anytime while adhering to organizational policies, preferences and category restrictions • Keep track of orders and approvals with push notifications and app badges The Amazon Business app requires access to the following functions for the best experience: • Camera: Find products by scanning the cover or its barcode, or add pictures to product reviews. • Microphone: Access your microphone to use your voice to search and interact with your Assistant. • Location: Discover local offers and select addresses quickly. • Account: Share products with your colleagues through social networks. • Storage: Store your preferences so features can load and run faster on the device.

If your device supports TrueDepth technology, the app will use your device camera to detect your facial movements only while using certain features such as virtually try-on products like sunglasses. All information processed using this technology remains on your device and is not otherwise stored, processed or shared by Amazon.

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