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User Reviews for Amazon Freevee

Jeff Lewis is Back!!

Jeff Lewis is a true American Hero. The new show Hollywood Houselife (streaming on FREEVEE!!) is even better than Bravo’s A list Flipping out that made him a household name. Jeff takes us on immersive tours of Celebs homes as he works with fun clients and his amazing and rich assistant Shane. Wonderful switch up from that quitter and lady who complained for a living, Jenny. Extremely happy and proud of Jeff even though we will always miss Jeffrey. Well done series please confirm season 2 of this breakout iconic design show. Update: I also want to bring attention to the Jeff Lewis Billboard on Sunset / Doheny it makes my drive to work I wish it would stay up forever. Jeff doesn’t age, he’s so handsome in what looks like a modern birds nest web design behind the billboard.

AnneVGreen, Jun 25, 2022
Remember me function

Why does the Freevee app sign me out every day or two? It will log me out even if I leave it open for several hours while using other aspects of my phone. The previous IMDB TV app never signed me out. Please keep me logged in. Also, if I have to switch screens or apps for a moment, when I come back to Freevee, it has backed me out of my tv show, and I have to start at the episode selection again instead of simply resuming play like other apps. Lastly, if I turn off the subtitles, I want them to stay off. I want them to stay off for the following tv episodes, and I want them to stay off for future shows, until I decide that I want subtitles.

Houseofmusique, May 23, 2022
Don’t listen to the low reviews

The number of ads is minimal. It’s a free app. FREE. Who cares if the shows aren’t listed in ABC order, there’s a search bar. Or that there’s no queue option (yet). When you close the app and come back to rewatch, it doesn’t save the spot you were previous at, but you can scroll forward easily. Small prices to pay for quite top tier shows and movies.

Jgarr10, Jun 23, 2022
Stop complaining you spoiled brats…

Let’s not forget it’s FREE. You Americans are so spoiled and just expect to get everything handed to you. Let’s not forget regular TV also has commercials so this ain’t no different. I’ve been watching Bosch on my iPhone and I don’t mind the ads since it’s FREE. If you whiners don’t want commercials go cry somewhere else or maybe get a job so you can pay for something else…

jram78911, Jun 04, 2022
Don’t believe other people’s reviews.

I passed over this app many times because of the low rating. I finally decided to try it. It’s on my phone, and iPad, and my Roku. On all the app works better than I could ever expected. People complain about the commercials, remember it’s free. People complain that the commercials aren’t timed right and it cuts off in mid sentence, that’s true but not an issue it picks up right where it left off. The movies and especially the old TV shows are great to see again. I have no problem with this app. Since I’ve downloaded it i’ve been watching it quite a bit. Good job Freevee.

Margolac, May 26, 2022
Awesome app

Finally an app that allows the user to throw away every intuitive or logical thought learned in the digital age. Imagine being able to carry on a conversation with friends and family while scrolling endlessly though a list of movie choices that doesn’t stoop to organizing titles using that archaic alphabetical gimmick. I like my life sorted randomly. And the money we save not having to stream the movie to my big screen TV. Come on kids, gather around my big screen smart phone and watch a great action movie with full dynamic sound from the phone’s speaker. Trust me, your digital life won’t be complete until you download this app.

Newer ain't better, Aug 21, 2021

Typical FAST service and fine for what it is but a huge intentional bug (def not a feature) is users can’t save content to any kind of watch list. Options: watch now, or continue watching (or watch live). That’s it. No bookmarking anything to watch later. How and why was this decision actually made in 2022? How does this decision serve advertisers or licensees? Because it definitely doesn’t serve users. Without a watchlist the app doesn’t align with user expectations or habits. I just deleted it - there’s no incentive to treat a streaming app as a mystery box. Too much effort, no assured payoff. Laterrrz

This nickname is already taken. Please choose another., Jun 14, 2022
Needs Improvements

There seems to be a lot of movies to choose from. There are may different categories to pick from. The problem is, if you’re looking for a specific title, there’s no way to search it. You just have to scroll through all of the listings to try and find the movie you’re looking for. I also couldn’t figure out how to add a title to watch later by adding it to a watch list. Don’t use the app thinking you’re going to easily find a movie; that’s not going to happen. You just have to keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, until you finally give up an choose something else to watch, or move on to another app.

Thumper124, Nov 14, 2021
It’s good enough to be 4 stars but …

The app is good. Good content, easily navigated.I can even handle most ads…they’re short. I just wish they coincided with the breaks in the shows vs popping up in the middle of a sentence.However…the political ads MUST GO AWAY !!! Ads are bad enough but this is downright infuriating. The LAST thing I want to see while watching a streaming app is a politician lying to me over and over and over again ! That is the difference between 3 and 4 stars…and almost enough to bring it down to 2.

TM8119, May 01, 2022
Bad Coding, No ‘Back’ Link…

…in Settings/Contact Us/App Issues/Other Issue/HowWouldYouLikeToContactUs/E-mail/…After filling in…the ’Tell more about your issue’ and clicking on ‘Send Mail’, the ‘Thank you, Mail Sent, Etc.” Screen appears.With no other link to the Home Screen or anywhere else. This forcing one to force the app to quit.The issues I reported, 1. No way to create or view a ‘My List’ or ‘Favorites’ list. 2. Couldn’t locate in the app a way to disable ‘Autoplay’ the following episode or some random film chosen by the app (very annoying) 3. Limited controls for changing views of Closed Captioning 4, every time I started the iOS app, I add to make at least three attempts before it would recognize my ‘correct’ Password. 5. Could not locate a list of films that I had started but not completed, a basic feature of every streaming service

Yokwe1968, Jul 07, 2022


- Amazon Freevee is a premium free streaming service. Watch thousands of hit movies, shows, Freevee Originals, and live 24/7 entertainment channels to match your mood. - Freevee Features - This is your Freevee — enjoy what you like, how you like, and whenever you like. - Stories to match your mood — Freevee is the destination for Armchair Detectives, Aspiring Reality Stars, Hopeless Romantics, Nostalgia Seekers, and everyone in between. You bring the snacks, we bring the shows. - Can't decide What to Watch? — We got you.

Explore our handpicked favorites through our Live Channels feature. Discover a variety of 24/7 Entertainment Channels like Stories You Love and Crime 360 that cycle through themed movies and episodes. We promise you'll find something new! - Original shows and movies from the award winning Amazon Studios, with all new exclusive releases added each month that are free to stream. - No credit cards. No subscription fees. 100% Free. — Log in with your Amazon account to start streaming today. Freevee is supported by Ads to bring you thousands of hit shows and movies with no hidden costs. - Search by Title, Genre, or Cast — Plus, explore Trending Searches to see this week's most popular titles. - For our Terms of Use and Privacy Notice, please see https://www.primevideo.com/terms. Amazon, Freevee, Prime Video and all related marks are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

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