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Qonversion team

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Our Team

Alexey Ermoshkin from Qonversion
Alexey Ermoshkin
Backend Engineer
Eugene Virnik from Qonversion
Eugene Virnik
Co-founder, CPO
Maria Bordunova from Qonversion
Maria Bordunova
SDK Engineer
Michael Stysin from Qonversion
Michael Stysin
Co-founder, CEO
Sam Mejlumyan from Qonversion
Sam Mejlumyan
Co-founder, CTO
Suren Sarkisyan from Qonversion
Suren Sarkisyan
SDK Engineer
Viktor Morozov from Qonversion
Viktor Morozov
Backend Engineer
Vladimir Danilevski from Qonversion
Vladimir Danilevski
Backend Engineer
San Francisco, HQ
1160 Battery St East Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA
Butyrskij Val 10, 6 Floor, Moscow, Russia 125047