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User Reviews for GoDaddy

Hoping that someone will see this and make this change

I have used the app for years and still shocked that the only way I can look up orders is by name. Whenever I type in an order number it doesn’t work. Please make it available for us to look up by order number not just by name. I have to jump through hoops on my phone to look up an order and this would make a tremendous difference when trying to work from my phone.Also what would make this app a lot better would be able to see how many orders for 1 day. It filters to 7, 30, and 90 days. But I want to see how many transactions I have had that day.

1-unhappy-teacher, Jul 20, 2022
GoDaddy - is “Go To” IMO

I’ve been a website design team leader by profession since 1993. I have used many web design products during my career. Each has its own set of pros & cons, but GoDaddy has always proven best to me. They were first to “crack” the Network Solutions monopoly on domain name prices and have always provided quality web builders and a variety of hosting platforms (including the now popular Wordpress, at more affordable prices than Wordpress themselves). 24/7 KNOWLEDGEABLE customer support is a definite plus (when you’re up all night banging out that project that MUST be done by 8am!) Nobody asked me to write this. I am a humanitarian by nature and only wish to share my insight. GoDaddy isn’t “perfect”, but then again, WHO doesn’t have room for improvement??

BradInCLE, May 28, 2021

This would be a great company to start a website. If you’re blind it’s a bad company. As like everybody else they have no accessibility options encoded in the app or the website. I wanted to start my own website. I just paid for today. Not to my surprise I paid for nothing. As I cannot navigate the app and I cannot navigate the Go Daddy website. As jaws for windows on windows PC and voiceover on iOS devices does not work with it at all! They are uncaring like everybody else out there for people with disabilities. But instead they like to run up and down the street yell, scream, and holler over stupid and idiotic senseless things. And not trying to make people with disabilities lives easier. I give this website and this app 100% thumbs down. I will be canceling my membership. Anybody else out there who is blind or visually impaired. Do not waste your money as it will not work for you as well.

daredevil0551, Sep 12, 2020

I’m no developer. I’m a small business owner with limited financial resources. So needless to say I couldn’t afford to pay a developer or any company. Choosing Go Daddy to build my businesses website was the best choice I’ve made in any of this! I didn’t know anything about domain names or analytics, but I have taught myself and am still teaching myself and Go Daddy has been my instructor. And a great instructor it is might I add. It’s easy to understand, easy to setup, easy to run, easy access. Oh, wait and the app is set up to use just as easy. If I think of a post and I’m not near my computer, I add a post or edit my page from my phone… anywhere😳Ah-mazing. Lastly, it’s affordable 🤫 don’t want to say that part too loud😉

Entreprenette, Jul 26, 2021
GoDaddy Hands Down!!!

Since the late 90’s when GoDaddy really didn’t exist (to the best of my knowledge?) I’ve owned IP on the Intraweb (shout out to Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage) that has made me a wealthy individual. However, in the infancy of the Web getting a domain name or URL was a huge PITA (an acronym, Google it) and the rates were ridiculous.GoDaddy makes a simp like me a connoisseur of the Internet and I cannot thank GoDaddy enough for making the process simple for even the most basically educated person a professional at grabbing domain names and converting them into money printing presses.GoDaddy or NoDaddy, that’s my rule. One Love to GoDaddy ✌️&❤️

Flip_Bottle, Jun 19, 2022
Beginner-Friendly, Great Value for SBOs

I have designed websites since the early ‘90s and have used many tools to do so while training business owners to manage, maintain, and edit their site(s) using custom templates and various website builders. Each has it’s own particular nuances however GoDaddy is streamlined beginner-friendly and has Top-Notch Customer Assistance available 24/7 which goes a long way when you are frustrated and just need it to work. Websites can be tricky but GoDaddy is the Mack-Daddy of them all! Ultimately, a great value for Small Business-Owners or Start-ups NOTE: I have no direct affiliation with them. I am just an end-user with a unique perspective from the experience of the customer and having clients that I have often recommended their services to and they have always been more than pleased.

Forsallen, Aug 31, 2022
Great Website Platfrom

I’m a graphic designer and I use godaddy to create all of my clients websites. I love that the app is very easy and quick to make changes and updates to your site without having to use a desktop; awesome I do have a few things I believe would definitely improve the app; 1st would be adding another payment platform such as Apple Pay and Zelle and Chime ( world wide most popular used form of payments) especially for businesses, also start accepting pay later third party apps like sezzle; I have a lot of clientele that request to add this to there websites. But overall in love with the godaddy app highly recommend

k12080804, Aug 02, 2021
New Update

With the new update the “Product” section now had options that I had previously preferred taken away. Previously from the “Product” section you could sort your “Categories” to see and edit your products. With 3 categories it was very efficient. Now to find a product, I have to scroll down the list of about 50 products. It is very time consuming. Also, when I tapped on the “+” to add a product, it would not let me move past section “1”. Also, from the previous edition, I was also able to view my “Inventory” right from the Product section. Now I have to go into the product to edit it and view the inventory amount from there. I would appreciate it if those features could be brought back. To me, it is not more efficient in the way it is set up now.

Nubian55, Apr 23, 2021
Very easy to build

I first tried Shopify and had a lot of trouble trying to build it and thought for sure that o would have to hire someone. I already was using Square so I canceled the Shopify and easily built a website through Square. After a few months I started another business and was looking at price. GoDaddy has a much better deal. I opened the top of the line site and it was easier to build then the Square site and I love the formats a lot more than square. I’m keeping the other square site since they do offer some other things to help me run my business that GoDaddy doesn’t. As for someone with very little knowledge in building a website like myself by far GoDaddy is the easiest.

PatriotKnife, Sep 21, 2020
Easy for me,

I have no experience in computers just the basic, I found myself comfortable with godaddy when I decided to get a website for my shop. I’ve been with them for a long time they have updated dice and made a app for fixing your website. I still find it easy, to make a very attractive website. I do feel they are a little over priced, I pay monthly they have options to pay yearly as well....maybe I haven’t figured out the things I need and things I don’t. I did look into other companies but I’m already so comfortable with using godaddy..

SmallBusinessOwner???$$$&&&, May 31, 2021


Bring your ideas to life online with a professional website and a memorable domain. Run your business on the go by tracking and fulfilling online customer orders and requests, or updating your site. You can customize your site using proven designs, add a mobile optimized online store, set up online bookings, connect your social pages, and make changes all from your phone. 1.) Make the website you want – it’s easy Designer-made templates and customizable themes let you create a professional website using the website builder.

Build, manage and update your entire website from your phone and keep your content fresh and engaging. Sell products or services with a mobile optimized shopping experience and flexible payment options. 2.) Find a memorable domain for your website Get your idea online fast - easily search for, register, and buy a domain name of your choice. Just getting started online? Put your domain to work with a GoDaddy Website Builder free trial. 3.) Start accepting secure payments in minutes Take online payments in minutes with our simple, speedy payments solution. Transform your smartphone into a virtual terminal and take cash or credit card payments from anywhere. Send a digital receipt by text or email right from your mobile phone. Check sales performance at a glance in one place for all your online store and in-person sales using GoDaddy payments. Get paid out fast, your payments will be deposited next business day anytime a customer buys a product or service. 4.) Turn your smartphone into a powerful point of sale with a pocket-sized card reader Connect the Card Reader* easily with Bluetooth to take secure credit card payments where ever you are. Tap, dip or swipe to process payments the smart and speedy way. Energize your selling potential, our Card Reader* and charging dock will help you sell anything anywhere. *Card Reader sold separately. 5.) Stay on top of your business Track activity across your website, product orders, appointment bookings, and social media all in one place. In just a couple taps you can check out new orders, bookings, or reviews all on the go. Quickly add new photos, blog posts, new events or services right when you get the idea. 6.) Manage your GoDaddy Account From the app, you can get quick access to your account status, manage upcoming renewals and access help with our 24/7 GoDaddy Guides. Terms and Conditions: https://www.godaddy.com/legal/agreements/universal-terms-of-service-agreement

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