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Clover Go G2 - Dashboard & POS

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Clover Go G2 - Dashboard & POS

  • Finance
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User Reviews for Clover Go G2 - Dashboard & POS

I love this app

I was wondering if it would be comparable to Square, and its not, its way better, very easy to use and easy to see the past transactions. I love it. I have nothing to gain by writing a good review, im just a business man that found something that works easy and great and i love it and would like to tell you rating of it. Have an Awesome day today, and encourage those around you. Everybody is going through something and your word of encouragement or hug, might be exactly what they need.

Bobs Hummer, May 20, 2022

I have always been a huge clover fan! But I had to do a reprovision last week. This update changed the way I can view my items sold when we do a week report. The items sold used to be alphabetical now its listed by revenue. Makes it hard to go to inventory app and now that its not alphabetical. Takes me a long time to match what was sold in the inventory app since my reporting items are now listed by revenue. I spent hours on phone to switch this back and they cant figure it out. Im currently shopping for a new system if they dont get back to me. I was clovers biggest fan and made it easier to work from out of town when needed. But not now!!

boozencruise, Dec 21, 2020
Stupid&wrong move for update

I’m really missing old version. They should bring old one back asps. I used to check all my days total on one screen. Had a lot of extra other features. Like I used to do transaction for my customer on virtual screen etc etc. had a Lotta really nice feature on the old apps I don’t even see not even 5% on the new apps they should bring door all working back as soon as possible before all of the customers leaving this merchant company. Bring old version back please....

danny tush, Apr 23, 2020
Have you ever heard of quality of life?

Let’s start with the inventory management. The categories have to be alphabetized by drag and drop. There are no options to automatically alphabetize by categories. When adding inventory to categories. You offer zero options to narrow down the list of items I’d like to add. I can either go through line by line or add literally every item in my inventory to the category. Try letting us itemize the category editing list by label? Actually. Try adding that to every list. I want to be able to itemize the lists when I’m string items to categories labels or modifiers. It is seriously an hour job to rework my inventory should I need to and with these features it could be a 5 minute job. Literally, and to be clear. I mean literally in its full meaning. It could literally be reduced by 55 minutes. Also. Sub categories in the categories section? So I can further itemize similar items by brand or type or nicotine strength? This is actually basic quality of life stuff. I have so many more complaints. I’m so irritated by the horrible and lazy design. I know it might seem like minor inconveniences but those add up. Also. Add a feature to search old receipts by card number. Why can’t I stick a chip in and have the transactions page pull up all receipts for that card? Square offers that. It’s a simple but life saving feature. For real. Make some changes to your programming or we’ll be pulling out of clover within 6 months.

DillonHurler, Oct 11, 2020
Clover works great!

I love my new Clover mobile payment device! My bank helped me get started & the Clover people helped make sure it was up & running. It works for chip cards & cards with tap. The tap feature is nice for no contact payments in person. I also often accept over the phone payments. The manual entry feature on the app works well too. My customers are happy to get instant payment confirmation sent by text or email. Overall I am very happy with this Clover service so far.

Flash CG LLC, Jan 12, 2022
I Love/Hate This App!

There is a lot to like about this app — being able to view sales in real time, and ability to review transactions, etc. — but it’s very quirky and not always reliable. That can be frustrating. My favorite feature of this app when it first came out was the app for my Apple Watch. I loved being able to view sales from my watch quickly without having to take my phone. I had intermittent issues with it from time to time. Several months ago the watch app just quit working altogether. I’ve sent messages to support and never received one response. Very frustrating. Why is it even available if it’s not going to work?!I agree with other reviews. This app seems to be going downhill, and no one seems to be responsible to make sure it continues to function properly.

jbroox62, Feb 10, 2019
Looking for a new system

I’ve had it with this system. And now you updated an app to have no function?! Everyone complains and you say there is another update coming soon? Who would ever updated an app to have no functionality? Why wouldn’t you wait until it was complete if that was ever your plan. I’m sure you guys realize everyone hates it and now you are scrambling around to fix it. You guys have no idea how stores work. This is system is horrible. If you own a convenient store with more than 1 employees then this system isn’t for you unless you want a lot of work. You have to download another app to separate sales for each employee. If you do a return, the system doesn’t put it back into your inventory. OH and if you don’t hit done within 30 seconds to 5 minutes your card transaction will become VOID! Please check your sales because once they told me this I went back and found voided sales because of this. Customer support is horrible. It consistently goes offline. You can’t see what it out of stock, you have to downloaded your inventory to the computer and good luck getting it organized because if you have it in a category you still have to put labels on it to see it on excel in its category. Save your money and time.

Kristian50, May 14, 2020
Removing 90% of the features is a stupid idea!

Honestly, who in their right mind though it was a good idea to remove over 90% of the features in this update. I am unable to view any open orders, can’t manage my inventory (change prices, increase or decrease inventory, add or remove an item) , can’t view individual day sales for specific hours or specific time periods or specific days, i can’t View my employees tab, I can’t do anything on this new update. There should be an option to go back to previous versions. I only moved to clover to be able to manage everything from my phone, and now I’m being told I have to do everything from my laptop, who carries their laptop around all day! Seriously fix this ASAP, or give me the option to go back to the previous version. As you can also see I can’t be the only person who feels this way, there are over 30+ one star review in the past day outlining this exact problem.

luvneet, Apr 22, 2020
Current version - yuck

Hello! I know you just updated again, as of 5/7, better than what was there... but... PLEASE BRING BACK THE DAILY SALES... where we could look at the previous days/weeks over a 6-7 week period. That was essential to comparing The current day, with the previous week and going back for many weeks... or, seeing how the week is building vs the previous week. I feel lost when wanting a basic overview of how we’re trending each week.Visually better, but the previous version that was around for well over a year was essentially and functionally better.

reelcromulent, May 07, 2020
Store Owner

Please do not install New App! The latest version of the app is worthless and terrible. I wish I can give it zero stars. They removed almost 90% of the features and replaced it with a pretty graph that is not even more functional? No more details of the transaction or sales? There is no value with the latest up date. I can’t believe it was approved by clover for release. Did they even review it? Hey let’s remove all the useful things the users care about. Who ever approved or designed the latest app version never owned a business or understands what information is important. Did they not understand that most businesses that sue their system are mobile now? Who wants to log on their computer just to check sales transactions details? Really? Give users the option to revert back to the old version. I am not against change or app updates because they generally expand or improve on the previous version. However, this latest clover app update takes it several steps back.

Store Owner 270, Apr 25, 2020


Clover simplifies the lives of small business owners with a tailored, all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) system to accept payments easily, run the business more efficiently, and grow the business. Clover Go extends the power of Clover to the mobile device. ● Accept payments easily: Key in or scan credit card information with the mobile device camera, or use the optional Clover Go reader for card tap or insert. Record check and cash payments too. ● Run your business from anywhere: track sales in real-time, identify your most popular items, view employee performance, and manage your business from your mobile device. ● Never miss a sale: Offline mode allows you to accept payments even when you don’t have an internet connection. ● Security is built-in: every transaction is encrypted end-to-end to protect your customers’ data and your business. ● Get help whenever you need it: Contact us by phone or email 24/7/365, or ask us to call you from within the app.

A Clover merchant account is required to use Clover Go. Don’t have a Clover merchant account? Sign up at www.clover.com. *Note that rooted or jailbroken devices are not supported due to security risks.

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