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User Reviews for Amazon Glow

Great app and device

So far my kids use this every night to talk to their grandparents. I love the ability to control who you add to the list of people that can contact them. Sometimes it’ll freeze and we’ll have to occasionally reset the device, but I’m hoping those things will get better with future updates. There are a lot of things to do overall. My kids love the games! Hopefully they can add more in the near future. The interactive books are great too. It keeps my 3 year old entertained when I read to her.

Berny28, Feb 03, 2022
Lots of fun…and bugs

This is a whole new way to connect with family and friends via long distance. My kids have a ton of fun playing appropriate content with our family via glow. It’s a more interactive experience than just a screen. There are still a lot of bugs to work out though, but it works for the most part. Hopefully more content, and patches will really make this thing a force to be reckoned with.

Cashola4, Dec 11, 2021
Loving the Glow!

Thanks to Glow I have been able to happily interact with my 2 year old grand daughter who lives across the country! We’ve read stories and drawn pictures together! She really enjoys ‘vacuuming’ up the drawings lol. Love it and highly recommend to anyone with a faraway child they want to connect with!

chaoticrebel, Nov 08, 2021
Promising but very rough

Also, there’s no way to provide feedback to the team working on it. Isn’t that the whole idea is a beta? How can I get in touch??

Duuuubya, Feb 16, 2022
New user

There is a bug when new users have to enter their photo on iPhone - the option to upload or take a photo isn’t available and the app won’t let you proceed without it. Have to press all icons and it eventually appears

Jessica lgm mm, Jun 29, 2022
Amazing Experience Connecting with Kids

What a fun way to interact with loved ones from far away! It allows me to connect with my kids while I travel for work. I would highly recommend this. The device is also super awesome when you combine an adult using the app and a kid using the glow device it is an amazing experience. This is my favorite Amazon device.

normalchimp, Mar 12, 2022
Endless daily fun 2,000 miles away!

Works great, with many fun options for little ones to engage in checkers, chess, memory, card games, puzzles, and much more. Many thoughtful touches have been added, such as indicators showing where the other player is tapping when considering a move. The cameras and live videos make it remarkably interactive, almost like we are sitting at a table together! I’m an Amazon employee, who is very pleased my company has developed such a meaningful, quality innovation!

Rsmithpdx, Feb 07, 2022
Stuck notifications

Does anyone know how to remove the notifications on the app?

Serial, Oct 26, 2021
Amazing Product and Execution

So far we have been able to have my daughter in Maryland play games with my mother in Florida and have her read her a story to my son. My daughter was able to create a picture, get her favorite stuff animal scanned and then inserted into the photo. We are still digging into what this can do, but it is one of those moments when you feel like you’re using something from the future.

Veritas2884, Oct 28, 2021
Fun device but won’t work on my iPad

It’s beyond frustrating how often it freezes, the audio reverberates or it just shuts down. It works pretty well on my phone but the iPad is useless. Also PLEASE get rid of the constant notification popping up that there is something in the viewing area. My granddaughter does lean in or touch the viewing area frequently and that pop up is really not needed because it works again as soon as she moves. The drawing app is her favorite and has some cool options. How about adding more stickers? It would be cool if the “animated” books had more animations when you touch an object in the book. Please please allow reviews and Q&A on the item page in Amazon. It would be useful to help each other figure things out in the Glow. The instructions Amazon provides for the Glow are pretty generic and haven’t helped me at all.

Wwwmom, Feb 21, 2022


Build strong bonds with the little one in your life. Use your tablet or smart phone to read thousands of titles, draw simultaneously, play classic games, and learn problem solving and logic skills with the little ones in your life. Together.

To participate in different activities together, your little one will use their Amazon Glow device to see you, while you use this app to interact with them and be a part of the experience. You'll both be able to see each other and the activity you're doing together. When reading a book together, you'll both see the same page at the same time. If you choose to draw together, you'll both see the same drawing come to life in real time. And if you play a game, you'll both be looking at the same board, no matter how far apart you are. Go on then, tap the icon to download and connect with your little one in no time. See https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=G68A85ZATGY48U5X for other terms applicable to your use of Amazon Glow. By using this app, you agree to Amazon's Conditions of Use (www.amazon.com/conditionsofuse) and Privacy Notice (www.amazon.com/privacy).

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