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Amazon Music for Artists

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User Reviews for Amazon Music for Artists

Exactly what I was hoping for

Easy to use and efficient. Everything you’d need!

Aaron Cemetery, Apr 23, 2021

Can’t update artists pic or backdrop, analytics are limited, no way to submit feedback or bugs as those are also unable to send. You can tell they just stopped working on this and left it as-is…

benjamm1, Oct 16, 2021
Works great!

I really appreciate the detailed information the app provides! It’s great to see the information about fans and the regions/countries your listeners life in. It’s also very interesting to see the numbers of voice requests, ie, those who are asking Alexa directly.

bmcginn1, Apr 21, 2020
Dosent load

I have downloaded this on my iPad and iPhone, they both approved me but they just never load my stats

ChandlerAlan, Oct 15, 2020
Not helpful at all!

They mistakenly put music from other artists into the your data. When you go through the required process of notifying them to get it fixed, they apologize, tell you to do what you’ve already done, state they will fix the problem, and nothing ever gets corrected. This has happened several times with my account. No where near as good as similar apps for other music services.

gplayer50, Oct 20, 2020
Give us more playlists to pitch to please

Please make a category for trap beats, experimental beats, or boom bap beats. I won’t be directing any of my traffic to your platform until you add these categories to pitch music toGreat start though

Real_raff, Feb 03, 2022
they won’t fix my release

My music was released on another artists profile with a similar name, so I cannot claim my own artist profile. This app allows you to file for this to be fixed. I’ve filed about 3 times, and did all the steps and and waited all the time they told me to, but after 4 months they still have not fixed this issue. They said it would take within 28 days.

roger sprecco, Feb 23, 2022
Better then most the other platforms


Skrillatament Vision, Jan 09, 2022
No movement

Unable to even submit my verification it doesn’t work.

The Czar Of Detroit, Nov 23, 2021

Didn't want this app as it doesnt do what I wantedit to do. then come to find out I'm being charged $31 for an app I'm not going to be able to use and I'm unable to find app support to cancel

ugfuydyeayer, Aug 13, 2021


Amazon Music for Artists unlocks opportunities that empower artists to succeed - however they define it. From the app you can: • Pitch new music to unlock fan notifications and grow streams/listeners • Get push notifications anytime your music is added to an Amazon Music playlist • Create an Intro for a new release • Share music alongside a personal voice message with Spotlight • Keep your brand fresh with updated artist images • Connect your Twitch channel and reach a bigger livestreaming audience through Amazon Music • Dig into real-time stats • Monitor your trends on Alexa with voice reporting and our Daily Voice Index Stay connected by following us on Instagram at instagram.com/amazonmusicforartists - and visit artists.amazonmusic.com to learn everything you need to know about navigating success on Amazon including opportunities, best practices, FAQs, and more.