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User Reviews for Amazon Kindle

I see work is being done on library functionality, but

As an avid reader, I’d like to see more improvements for storing, organizing and finding books in my Kindle library in order to make reading Kindle books more enjoyable. 1) There should be a way to bring the categories into the library so I can filter by category and sub-category. For example: category Mystery; subcategory Police Procedural. I can shop for them this way in the Kindle store, I want to be able to view my library the same way. 2). There needs to be a way to quickly see which books have been read, and which have not. 3) There should be a private section in my kindle library that can't be seen by anyone I hand my phone or tablet to. 4) I'd like a way to easily view a series of books in order. It looks like this is being done, but it doesn’t seem to work. Also, I’d like to be able to easily go to the next book in the series. Currently, when I finish a book, a page comes up showing the title and synopsis of the next book in the series. (Thanks for adding that, it has helped a bit to at least see the title of the next book in order). Ideally though, I’d like to be able to select the next book (if in my library) and be able to open it from there. Instead, I have to search my library. Thanks for considering there suggestions.

Diamondstud32, Sep 28, 2021
eReader developers

As time passes, there will be increasing demand from users for the full implementation of HTML5, CSS3, and ePub3 in reflowable-text eReaders. The features that users could be experiencing as they read include video, audio, JavaScript, background images, embedded fonts, and much more. The current requirement that eBooks with embedded media use the fixed-layout format is inappropriate when text-based eBooks have media designed to flow along with the text. That requirement can result in many consecutive pages of fixed-layout text that can’t be resized. Fixed-layout is for magazine-type eBooks. The current implementation of reflowable text is for text-only eBooks, like traditional novels. There should be a third option available that utilizes all the features of ePub3. Currently, the display of media in reflowable-text eReaders is very haphazard, with images or videos halfway off the page or not displayed at all. Scripts in JavaScript are ignored or appear as text in the body text. If a user pays extra for a multimedia eBook, they would like to experience the media they paid for. Please provide users and designers a third option, multimedia-text, in addition to reflowable-text and fixed-layout. Thinking that reflowable-text eBooks don’t need video or audio is like Norma Desmond saying she’d had the eyes of the world but they wanted their ears too. Was she right? Movies don’t need soundtracks? Please allow eReaders to continue evolving.

Don2, Jul 25, 2020
Kindle is great, but Kindle Unlimited has made it AMAZING!!😍😍📖

I have always been a bookworm but times are tough, I can’t afford to go buy books to read right now, especially considering I can’t reread something I’ve already read. I can’t get into it if I know what’s going to happen, so I definitely can’t afford to spend the amount of money they now cost to only get use one time.. Plus I have “feral kids” (if you know, you KNOW but if not, look it up😅).. but Kindle Unlimited allows you to pay so much per month & “borrow” as many books as your heart desires, read, return, & replace with another good book that sparks your interest. And there are all types of books too, healing, self help, thriller, psychological thriller, fantasy, etc. Memoirs, etc. I highly recommend “If You Tell” by Gregg Olsen. It’s a memoir its a true story but be forewarned that it isn’t for the weak, these people went through horrible things, be ready to cry like i did. 🥺 it was beautifully written, & these victims/survivors NEED their story to get out there & the mom is being released this year and they want everyone to be warned, this woman may kill again. Anyways, if you’re wondering if you should get it or not, here is your sign:DO IT, & GET KINDLE UNLIMITED. They offer a free trial to show you how great it is so you can try it for free and read a months worth of books for free! Thank me later, you’re welcome.😊

ElizabethHawkins, Jan 04, 2022
I absolutely LOVE kindle unlimited!

I’ve always enjoyed reading, but kindle unlimited has made it so much easier to read while being a stay at home mom to an almost two year old. I LOVE paper books, but I’m ocd about my pages/book getting bent up.. 😵‍💫 Kindle unlimited also helped me discover so many new authors and amazing stories I probably would have never read because I’ve never heard of them before. Kindle unlimited also suggests books to you based on books you’ve already read and I have yet to be disappointed (I enjoy horror, the more aggressive/suspenseful, the better). Some little things I enjoy about this app are the customization options as well as streak keeper. Some examples of the customizing options are being able to change the view to white pages, black pages, and even newsprint pages. You can also display the percentage of completion, hours/minutes estimated based off your reading speed for completing both each chapter as well as cover to cover and obviously page number out of total pages. The streak tracker is really cool because it lets you know how many books/which titles you’ve completed each year, tells you how many days/months in a row you’ve been reading, and encourages you to keep reading. For the price of one book a month, what is there to lose..? 😌

GorgousDisaster, Jun 20, 2021
Voiceover issues..

I have a hard time reading visually, so for years I have been using the iPhone's Voice Over (two finger swipe down, once you turn it on in iPhone's Accessibility settings located in General), to read my my Kindle eBooks, but in the past year or so it won't advance to the next page unless you leave the screen on in your pocket, and there are so many things that seem to randomly stop the voiceover from working properly, and sometimes cut out words here and there, and other times it just stops working altogether. I wish this feature worked more seamlessly. Other than that, I also find it harder now than ever before to find my own books that I've already purchased. There used to be an easy section to see all the books you own that are on the cloud, and another section to see all the ones that have been downloaded to your device, ready to read. Now it's really confusing and I have to search for my books. Much less user friendly and it looks like it's an attempt at trying to get you to buy more books. I hope they change this and make it easier or more straight forward to just see your own books, and not force you to look at all the books you don't own yet.

iPhone User One, Mar 11, 2020
I am the author of Cult Girls

I am the author of this 3 year passion project. After many years of seeing countless struggling good woman being treated so poorly (better off dead) by their family and once close friends, I felt the need for healing comedic and having a colorful educational tale of the wacky upbringing, JW marriage culture, common incidents to us as being raised as Jehovah's Witness, divorced as a JW, married to an elder. It touches topics such as smoking, abortion, birth control, JW's wacky and unfair judicial system, the recruiting process, the love bombing process and the parental conditional love that most sadly experience in a suppressive, strict religion environment and has a guidebook narrative of how to fade out. I also felt it was something that people should educate themselves that what might look acceptable when you are love bombed on a door knock, there is a whole other side of why people are actually in the faith and are just pretending to be happy. The beauty of life is that we are all at different stages, have individual personality, desires, goals and dreams and this is all presented in the book with the woven tales of Talia and her dear friends. That is why cults are bad I feel, we are all different and we should learn to trust ourselves and be able to explore our individual desires and purpose in life. Cult Girls

nattyg1978lovespodcasts, Mar 20, 2022
Works well to read but some problems

PROS: I like that I have some choice in the color of the “paper,” print, how brightly (or not—good at night) lit, size of print, etc. I like that if I dk a word, I can simply tap on it for a definition (although I’d like a better, more encompassing dictionary). Overall, I find it easy to read on the app. CONS: My biggest peeve is that is highly unreliable as to whether I’ve read a book or not. It is supposed to but often doesn’t, which I find quite annoying. Of course, major books stay with me, but I read a lot and don’t always remember, say, whether I’ve read a particular mystery. Similarly, it doesn’t always catch that I’ve already purchased a book. It is supposed to and should. I have paid twice for the same book a number of times. Less important but a matter of convenience, it doesn’t remember your last page read. It says it does, but here’s an example of it not working: I’ve just read something that leads me to wonder when the book was published, so I go to look for the copyright page. If I forget to look at my current page number, the app will take me either to the front or back of the book to see the date. Now Kindle sometimes registers that page (the beginning or end of the book) as my furthest page read.

nyc/country, Oct 08, 2021
Love the app but suggested titles not working properly

I will start by saying I love being able to use this app to read anywhere at any time. Solid collection of books for kindle unlimited. Problem- the function that shows books other customers who have read the title have also read has been erratic for at least a month. This is a big deal to me, because it helps me select my next title. Sometimes it doesn’t load at all, and a spinning circle appears. When the function is working, it only shows the full selection of those recommended titles if it is the first book I have clicked on for info. For all subsequent books, it only shows 3 titles. This is a bummer. I have found that if I close the app entirely, and reopen, I can click a different book and once again, see a full selection of recommendations based on other readers. If I don’t completely close the app out between each book I browse, I am again limited to three suggestions. Mostly, now, I am getting the spinning circle and nothing is loading. Bonus points- when you click to see one of the three kindle chart recommendations at the end of a book’s description, there is now a tab up to that allows the reader to select between top 100, new releases, most wished for, etc. This has broadened the # of selections under a specific topic, which I truly appreciate!

piperpottamus, Nov 04, 2021

I have been a kindle app user for many years. There have been improvements to the app that have kept me as a loyal user. Here’s one request I have (and I know it’s an atypical request and it may not ever be fixed but it’s worth asking): I browse titles, download samples, read samples, and naturally highlight and make notes as I read, whether the book is a sample or owned by me; if I like a book and want to read the full book, then I proceed to purchase it; the problem for me (and maybe no one else?) is when I purchase a book, my notes and highlights get deleted because the sample book is removed from my library and replaced with a full copy; but how can I transfer the highlights and notes? Is there a way, and if not, then can I keep the sample as well? The only workaround I can think of is to copy and paste to a document or to screen capture my notes and highlights to transfer to maintain a copy of them. These are tedious workarounds, and would love a solution. Yes, someone might ask, But why are you highlighting and making notes on a sample book? To which my response is, if I’m really into a book, I tend to make notes and highlights which means I will in turn want a full copy, which means I’m losing out on my notes and the moment I had going with the sample copy. This isn’t a high priority request, but would love an alternate workaround or solution. Thanks!

Rosaa, May 04, 2020
Good, but could be better

I like the fact that a section of text can be highlighted no matter how long it is. The entire highlighted text will show up on one page that can then be reviewed. Which means all the important parts of the book can be read right there without having to jump to the page(s) to read the whole highlighted text and then having to jump back. Much more efficient when reviewing the important parts of a book. I also like that the time can be displayed where it can be read while reading. I do wish that there was an option to show how many pages are left in the chapter as the time can be. While occasionally the two pop up’s that happen when text is highlighted are useful, normally they are just a pain and get in the way. I wish those could be turned off or on depending upon one’s preference. Additionally it would be nice to be able to modify the start and stopping points of already highlighted text instead of having to delete and highlight it again. I can’t tell you how many times I think that I have selected just the text I want highlighted only to find extra words suddenly added to it. There seems to be some algorithm at play that thinks it knows better than the reader what needs to be highlighted and constantly adds extra text to the selection.

The Last Ace, Jul 20, 2022


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