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User Reviews for Stripe Dashboard

small businesses beware, there’s no customer support

Update: after waiting almost a month for stripe to issue a payout I was forced to refund $3,000 to my costumers which stripe still charged me $100. I’ve spent countless hours on this worthless company. DO NOT waste your time. They don’t have any idea what they’re doing in customer support and it takes days to get any answers back. I’ve contacted stripe multiple times, almost everyday for the last week, and I’ll get an immediate response claiming that they’re looking into why my payments aren’t going through and they’ll get back to me shortly but no one has gotten back to me yet and now my account is frozen. They claim to be looking into that too and will get back to me shortly, basically the same response for them last week. I’m a small business, stripe has 3k in payments I’m still waiting for, if you’re ok with not receiving money for weeks while not getting any answers or support to as of why then stripe might be for you. Most likely I’m going to have to refund them money and try to get paid another way which as a new business you can understand isn’t just frustrating but embarrassing. It looks bad on me for stripes poor performance.

cgvdsm, Mar 24, 2021
Avoid at all costs

About 12 months ago we discovered a hole in their system- Stripe allowed users to have multiple accounts coming to one bank account. We had about $40k in fraudulent charges from users, spent 3 months everyday trying to get someone to resolve the issue for us. We finally got someone to assist us and As per their advice we requested refunds from the users which resulted in them putting a $22k reserve in our account. Charge backs are supposed to clear after 180days. Guess what 180+ days later still hasn’t happened. We keep getting the run around and nobody has any answers, I don’t think they actually know what the answer is. Since we started using stripe we’ve dealt with more customer support tix of our own about payments than we have anything else. It’s a pity because the integration is super easy and their general customer support is very polite ( if you exclude the-fact that all they can actually do is give the same level of the information as the FAQ’s from the website). As it stands we can’t even claim any revenue being generated, can’t make payouts from our bank account and have a $22k reserve.

dandanw18, Mar 14, 2020
Terrible platform beware!

I wish I could write a review with 5 stars and say that I am completely happy but sadly this isn’t the case. When I log into the site in the app or desktop version my entire Stripe dashboard is blank. It has never shown data for any of my payments over the last several months. I’m being charge processing fees that seem like they are much higher than what was indicated and I’m unable to look at reports to make sure. They deposit all of your payments in a lump sum but again, without reports I can’t see how much has been taken out of each transaction. I also received a call from an angry very high profile customer that was billed an exorbant amount of money for something that was an 1/8 of what actually came out of their credit card. My invoice shows the correct amount yet their credit card statement shows my business charging them a lot more. I am completely embarrassed and I definitely lost them as a customer. I am so upset to have to take away the ability to pay with a credit card online but it must be done. This is way too much of a risk to deal with. I will find another way to bill my customers. Probably through the square app as I’ve had a lot of luck in the past with them.

Girlstarr1975, Jan 03, 2020

I LOVE using Stripe and they’ve been a continue blessing for our business. However, the new app update replaced the payout screen with “estimated future payout” rather than providing the actual estimation on those future payouts. This is a bit undesirable as the one thing I enjoyed the app OVER the dashboard was the fact that you could see the estimated future payout “date” on your overall balance rather than the only in flight payouts. It was just more enjoyable when you could see the payout estimate for FUTURE (over a day or two) payouts... If they’d change back to the old format with a color change like they did, I’d be happy. Thanks Stripe! Hope this feedback makes a difference. Love your services overall though. No complaints, just a cosmetic change I miss now that it’s gone... TL:DR - Maybe I can’t see it or am ignorant, but I can’t find the estimated payout date on future payouts over a day or that isn’t in flight already...

GodseyApple, Aug 10, 2018
Held my money for months with no communication

I’m a photographer and used to use Stripe to collect payments. One day totally out of the blue I notice that the payments payments aren’t going through to my bank account. They are coming out of my clients accounts and just being held by stripe. Two months later and a I’m still trying to get my money - at this point around $6000! They claim that one of the payments I received was “questionable” and they put a hold on my account. No notice, no communication, and Stripe had no problem collecting the money from my clients but wouldn’t let me transfer any of it to my bank.The worst part of it is that during the entire fiasco, I have never been able to get a hold of anyone at stripe! I’m at a loss. Update: many months later I got my money but it cost me a lot of waisted time and I was still never able to speak to a person. After threatening lawsuits to my invoicing al (Invoice2go) they where finally able to get the money through. I’ll never use this service and recommend staying away if your a small business that deals with personal checks.

HomerHorowitz, Mar 20, 2019

STAY AWAY FROM this platform at all costs. There was an issue with matching names between my stripe business account information and my business bank account. I continued to submit supporting documentation multiple time (over 5 times) and instead of calling me to let me know what was it that they were specifically looking for, they kept and continue to decline the document without further explanation. I have contacted their costumer support personnel, which were very polite and had all intentions to help, they were unable to help resolve the issue due to lack of proper training and being inadequately equipped or supported by management. I honestly believe this company is scam and does not actually have licensed accountants to help resolve taxation issues. Why? Well the answer I was given by the rep didn't make sense and didn't sound legitimate. I was told that the name of the business name on the SS4 form given by the IRS didn't match the one on the bank account - which it did - just the bank account didn't have my own name on it because it's a business account and do business as XYZ but it clearly stated I'm the bank account owner. Here we are there weeks later and they're still holding my payout s hostage even after providing proper documents and contacting them multiple times. I'm still waiting on management phone call.

Jaydrian 20000, Jun 16, 2023
STRIPE, YOU ARE THE WORST APP. You are making me lose my business.

If you don't want your small business to go bankrupt, don't use this app. I am a Latin woman with a small business that I started 1 year ago with a lot of effort, and sacrifice and thanks to this app I am loosing my business and 3 weeks late with no payment. 3 weeks and half ago I opened my account with Stripe, because I thought it was safe for me and my clients. And it's already been 3 weeks that I haven't been able to pay my business or personal expenses because they are apparently verifying my business when I've sent them all kinds of documentation, screenshots of chats with clients, even a small commercial I did for my business and still they tell me that they cannot verify my business. This is arbitrary and I feel discriminated for being a Latina, a small business and even for being a woman who runs a business. No one from Stripe helps me and I have emailed all Stripe emails and they just tell me that their team is working to verify my business, like if I am illegal or a drug dealer. Wow!!! I am shocked to see how bad is this company. I believe they just say that to use your money to get paid interests and they just take advantage that you have a small business. Please Stripe, do not withhold my money, it’s the money for a service I have provided and I really need it.

Je y Jo, Oct 21, 2022
Quality customer service

When I first started using stripe years ago, I was very healthy and working all the time. Now getting coronavirus pandemic pandemonium so my students aren’t returning. Schools have closed and library‘s are shut down as well. These are two venues of the many that I have performed in for 25 years or more. But nowAs a Brown American grandmother that owns a business, i’m suffering. Grants from the government aren’t happening. I’m a small business and there’s very little support besides customers. Whenever I have to reach out to customer service, you’re always available to assist me trying to keep my business afloat. I’m grateful for the corporate support. In this socially distant world, it’s hard to have personal contact with other people now. But straight manages to maintain support for all of us business owners.PayPal is outsource customer service so it’s tricky. Thanks stripe!

Robbi K, May 20, 2021
Discriminatory (i do not recommend them)

Im puertorican, we have little to no payment apps options here. A artist recommended me stripe, i made the account, finished it a few weeks later- 1 hour or so later that day(august 13), my account is blocked. Apparently after being reviewed they decided i was a crowdfund, when im just another artist like so many other who use it. After around 4 to 6 emails, i gave up, they didn't change their mind and i went ahead and deleted the account instead of waiting for the 24 days. (August 26) I go on twitter and guess what! Another artist had the same issue! But surprise, their issue was resolved!! What difference did we had professionally? Nothing, we both used kofi, we both draw digitally, we even are stinky furries. There is one difference tho, he's white and im not. I don't want the acc back, i want EVERYONE ELSE TO KNOW HOW DISCRIMINATORY AND INJUST THEY ARE!! Either all or none. There are more than just a few artist using stripe, aren't they crowdfunding too? Why was that artist, who also used the Kofi link on their business account, resolved but mine wasn't?? If y'all don't want to be called racist, discriminatory, then judge everyone equally. I do not recommend them.

SkyKidKronyum, Sep 07, 2022
Refuse to reimburse service fee after fraud

I recently started using Stripe and felt very hopeful this would be an asset to my business after having a client recommend using it to process payment for my services. Upon realizing this future client was fraudulent and after a few google searches realized this has been the case for many other with the phone number they were using. I quickly refunded the credit card amount back to my account and reported it to stripe as FRAUD. However the $98 service charge was still taken out of my account, no questions asked. After several emails attempting to get the fee reimbursed after I was told it was (which is shown on my stripe account) they refused to release the funds to my bank account. They are requesting all sorts of information now in order to release my funds but had no issues with taking it out of my account with such information. As a single mom of two kids $100 is a lot to just throw away and after emails and getting the go around I will no longer be using stripe and will strongly advise others to reconsider going this route. Hope this may help others in the future.

stacyogi, Jul 26, 2018


Run your business from your pocket. With the Stripe dashboard mobile app, you can securely log in to your existing Stripe account to track and manage your payments on the go. Keep track of your business • View your earnings, customers, payments, balances and payouts • Compare current business performance to historical data • Switch between daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views of your data • Investigate disputes and failed payments • See all subscriptions and invoice events Easily take action • Issue full or partial refunds • Search your data for customers, transactions, and more • Email customers • Create new customer subscriptions Get notifications • Subscribe to daily summaries that let you wake up to the latest updates from your business • Customize your notifications with the option to be notified for payments, new customers, or deposits