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User Reviews for Comixology - Comics & Manga

Needlessly Complicated

First, I want to say, this is a great and easy app to use for reading comics. That being said, I have two major problems with it. 1. What’s the point in paying a subscription service if you ALSO have to pay for the digital comics you’re getting? There are some free ones, but they’re all individual parts of bigger stories, or they’re just not worth reading. The stuff worth reading is always extra. 2. If you’re going to make people buy the comics they want to read as well, you should allow them to do it USING YOUR OWN APP. The fact that I ALSO have to go to the safari window to open Comixology just to buy something, then go to the app to actually read it, is ridiculous. It’s 2021 and you don’t have a “buy now” option in your app? Are you just trying to turn people away or do you just want to make everything needlessly complicated? I’m trying this app on a trial run right now, but so far, none of this is worth it. The only reason I’m even giving a second star is because the reading is actually fluid and nice when you actually get to finally read a comic.

;)1234569789)), Apr 04, 2021
Newest update is biggest downgrade

I’ve been a user of Comixology since 2014 and enjoyed the fact that if something was misprinted then it wouldn’t be long before a book got an update to fix a page. In fact, sometimes whole graphic novels would be updated with better image quality or updated colors. With 4.0 all those updates to all of the Comixology library has been stripped. Lists of what I had downloaded most recently, bought most recently, and was in the middle of reading were all handy feature that were stripped away in the latest update. Since 2014 I downloaded a plethroa of free titles that were usually #1s to see if I liked a book. To clear things up, I would often archive the #1s I didn’t care for or archive a book that I knew I wouldn’t read again. That cleared up my library and allowed me to focus on the unread books. The newest update got rid of the archive and now only lets you permanently delete a book. Those archives books now flood my library with confusion as every book in my collection is marked unread. This update has crushed the app I once loved and had poured $1000+ into over the years. Now the app is just a dumpster fire.

Adam S Messinger, Feb 21, 2022
New Update is Trash

The latest update here from the last couple days is the worst downgrade for an app/company that I’ve ever experienced. The in-app interface and digital comic reader have been overhauled and made infinitely worse. The guided view when reading comics makes the images look borderline grainy, you have to download a whole sample to preview a book rather than just reading it on the book’s page. The comic archive where all the books you’ve purchased is now organized in such a bizarre way and for some reason they’ve added a “permanently delete” option when you select a comic so if you choose that option, you have to purchase the comic a second time…? Not to mention the site where you go to buy the comics to download on to the app has now been fully merged with Amazon’s site so searching for any one issue of a comic is a nightmare bc it’ll pull up results for non-comic items before the comic issues, plus there’s no way to filter it to only search Comixology’s database. The whole update across the board is god-awful and the worst I’ve ever seen, I only continue to use it bc I have no other option…

Arkham154, Feb 20, 2022
New update has removed many key features.

First, the idea of Comixology and digital comics is amazing and I would recommend any one who is curious to try it. My review is coming from a decade long user who is frustrated with the major overhaul of the app. Without ranting for paragraphs, the most important missing feature for me is sorting by purchase date. I also miss the smart lists section. When you have thousands of books the smart lists help you stay organized on one screen with out having to go back and forth between different sorting options. I’m sure the way this all works is fine for books, were you spend a lot of time with one book. But for comics, where you may buy a dozen or two a week and they take 15 minutes to read, and you don’t always get to read them all that week, and often you are reading multiple books that are part of a big crossover where the order matters … so, yeah, organization is vital. When you are finished with a book there isn’t any easy way to go back to the Home Screen without clicking backwards out of the book, or the path it took to get there either. And the entire mechanism for how the app sorts books you open but don’t read …. Uggg. This turned into rant.

Blenderman18, Feb 21, 2022
New Update removed useful features

The removal of the smart list is a big drawback for me. I have become an infrequent reader the last few years and the organization of such rows as “current reading” and “recently purchased” helped to remind me of things to pick back up after long periods of time away. I will occasionally buy something to read later and grouping by recently purchased as opposed to the release date helps for finding older comics I currently bought to read easier . The fact that these synced to the cloud was very convenient when switching devices, as it helped to maintain reading list continuity. The “Library” ( which seem to be what was previously “My Library” ) is not of much use to me, as I have a accumulated a large collection over many years and having everything in one place, for me, can make finding something I was reading but cannot remember the tile of difficult. Making that and “Explore” the only options seems like a huge drawback to me from the previous version. While I still go to my local comic shop monthly to check my pull box for a few series, I mostly read digital for it’s convenience. I hope that at least some of the innovative features like the smart list and others removed can find there way back into was a great comic reader.

dahunnah, Feb 19, 2022
Do NOT subscribe to their “Unlimited” service.

I never read comics digitally but it’s easier than buying the physical copies of them. I prefer not to buy digital because if I’m going to spend the money on a book, I would much rather have it physical. Thought I would try this out while on vacation because I really wanted to read invincible. I signed up for their “Unlimited” service. Which by the name you would assume actually let you read more than just a chunk of a series. This is a terrible business model. If you only want to buy the digital issues it’s a good reader, however this subscription service is an outright lie. Most series with the “Unlimited” tag are misleading. That conveys that the SERIES is available to read in its entirety. I decided to read Invincible, downloaded what I could (up to vol 10 of the collected editions) only to learn after blowing through those 10 volumes that I’ve only read less than half of the series and if I wanted to read the other 15 volumes I would have to shill out even more cash than I am paying. If you want comics to survive in the modern age you need to adapt to modern consumer standards. Especially for big name series that draw massive attention such as Invincible.

eat my shorts Vlad Tenev, May 25, 2021
Great app but should be more customizable

I have enjoyed using the Comixology app for about two years now. Although a lot of reviews appear to be about the Comixology digital comics service itself or the Comixology Unlimited subscription service, which are both great, I think the user experience accessing and interacting with Comixology content through the app could be improved. The core function of simply reading comics is slick. I’ve never had any issues and the “Guided View” option to view each panel sequentially as a separate page really improves the experience for some books. But the inability to organize your books drives me crazy. You can only view your titles alphabetically or you can view individual books in one of a few “Smart Lists” that the app automatically generates (the same lists are also available in your online account). These show books you’re in the middle of reading, most recent purchases, most recent downloads, and unread books. Those are helpful, but once you build a large digital collection and start to take advantage of sales to purchase books you may not read for a long time, they have very little utility and it becomes very difficult to keep track of th books you want to read. Please, Comixology, add a setting for “Custom Smart Lists.” Even if the user has to login to the main app through a desktop to setup a custom list, it would be a major improvement. That would definitely make this a five star app.

iNeeks, Feb 07, 2018
Poorly executed in several ways

There are some really neat features and content in this app. Sadly, many things about this app are poorly designed, poorly engineered, and poorly executed, with the result being a subpar experience for the user. * Attempting to borrow / read new books with Unlimited constantly gets the book stuck in “Borrowing...” state, requiring restarting the app * Confusing UI makes it difficult to navigate in some ways. The guided view can be really nice, but the touch system is sometimes frustrating to use. I hope the devs get rid of the double tap gesture recognizers which would make single taps feel more responsive *The Unlimited service feels like a bait and switch. They make it look like your favorite content is available to read, but only the first few episodes are. After that the unlimited service is not really providing anything and you’re expected to buy each individual book, BUT.... *there is no way to actually BUY books to read. You must buy them from the website etc A lot of potential here and I really hope they continue to work and improve things in the app

ltc26, Jun 16, 2021
Love it!

This has been my favorite and most used app for years now. After updating recently I saw the crazy amounts of negative reviews and had to post my own opinion. As a kid and young adult I collected comics for years and had to deal with the clutter of a physical collection. Now, with this app, I can stay up to date on the few series I still follow and also fill in the blank spaces of series and runs I missed over the years. As far as the reader, its great. It feels like watching a wide screen movie but I can do it on my lunch break in my car or sneak a few pages at work. Some advice: check the sales weekly! I've gotten so many comics for so cheap (sometimes up to 75% off!). This let me experience the costly task of collecting Morrison’s legendary Batman run, as well as huge series like Mignola’s Hellboy and BPRD comics or the Dark Horse Conan for a fraction of the sales price. I still find myself occasionally buying physical books, but they’re purely for collecting purposes. Overall, while there are occasional and rare bugs, they have always been fixable by restarting and are always addressed quickly via updates.

Notopian, Nov 17, 2018
New 4.0 is now Kindle Reader for Comics…and not good.

I definitely understand bugs in a new version that can only come to light when the new version sees the light, but I feel like 4.0’s shortcomings go well beyond that. The fact that less than half of my titles showed up in my library is a big part of my frustration. To add to that same frustration, when I go to borrow a title back into my library it tells me I already have it. I also cannot borrow the title through Kindle Reader due to the same reason, which was supposed to be a big highlight in the update. Also in the description of the new update it promised something akin to “faster/more reliable downloads” which isn’t the case. Let me be clear, some of these books are big files so a longer download time should be expected. However, when your titles keep getting stuck in “download limbo” and you opening them renders a blurry image that doesn’t go away after loading then I think the problem may be bigger than file size. I do not envy the developers in their task (whatever the goal may have been), but I have PAID for this service for a long time and the disruption in that isn’t sitting well with my extraneous income (or lack their of). I recommend don’t spend your money simply because of this new update, I may not be any longer.

robbybowen, Feb 16, 2022


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