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User Reviews for Amazon Flex

Slavering people

Well you guys should also look at all these factors that make your program inefficient and in some cases even poorly structured kind of hoping to take advantage from the necessity of a lot of people looking for income. All the staff from customer service to warehouse needs to be trained to make this program more efficient. There are too many delays that add up a great amount of time lost in stuff that can be done quick. Blocks because of warehouse staff unorganized have us waste like 15 to 20 minutes, packages mapped out without really checking if that’s the most efficient route have us to go back and forth to almost the same delivery locations, not paying attention to customers’ notes saying you can deliver packages at gates that are a little far from their houses so we have to call support waste like 10 minutes talking and trying to marked packages as delivered, super far locations very bad roads, a lot of miles, gas, etc. This program is not paying enough or what’s really deserved. Sure you can say look for something else and I am but I feel with the necessity to say what I think so we don’t have or stop having jobs that in some cases feel like slavering people.

adonaldo ramos, Nov 22, 2022
Safety suggestion

Safety suggestion: Create a “dark mode” for the flex app. The bright background of the flex app is very hard on the eyes while driving and delivering after dark. In some cities and counties, it is illegal to drive with a light on at night while in the car because of how hard it is for the eyes to focus on other vehicles, signs, and road hazards. The bright white background of the FLEX app makes it difficult to refocus on the road and on obstacles while driving and delivering in the dark. Please make an effort to change this incredibly dangerous part of the flex app. The bright white background of the FLEX app is dangerous while approaching homes at night; it drowns out surrounding vision making it difficult to see oncoming obstacles, such as steps and curbs. More so, it also makes it very difficult to see potential threats such as a stranger approaching or a dog approaching in the dark while delivering on foot. Please make an effort to change this incredibly dangerous part of the FLEX app.I have tripped and fallen twice while delivering packages at night while using the FLEX app. I have also been approached by strangers at night while using the FLEX app to complete a delivery. Due to the bright white background of the flex app, I was not able to see these hazards or potentially dangerous situations while delivering. Please make an effort to change this incredibly dangerous part of a FLEX app.

AMZN DRVR, Jun 25, 2021
Automated emails and Deactivation

What really bothers me about this app is that they love to deactivate your page in the midst of a work week and then send automated emails in response instead of taking care of the issue then and there. It didn’t take you long to deactivate my account so I shouldn’t take you that long to respond.? It really just shows how disposable some of us drivers are to them. Secondly, they need a reason for cancellation section so you don’t have to go through what when where and why. There are times where drivers will leave on time or leave early and not be able to make it due to traffic or some unforeseen event happening. They don’t care and that’s not right! You have to fight like crazy. They recently deactivated my account for no apparent reason one day and I had to send so many emails to get a response it was ridiculous! Anything and everything can affect your standing with them even if it is out of your control. I do like to drive with them but not at the cost of this headache and they also need to put up more shift and better shifts for newcomers.

AnnoyedWorker, Jul 11, 2022
It’s almost good.

The pay is decent although as many have stated after taxes it doesn’t amount to much. In my area usually bellow 18/hr after tax. This would be fine if they didn’t reserve the furthest most desolate routes for the flex drivers. They’re usually an hour out from the hub, I’m a rural area with no paved roads. Little support is available. They have delivery locations that can’t be reached, or that are outside of the actual delivery location. My most recent trip I had to call multiple times because the drop off location was further from the actual home being delivered to. The number one change that could and should be made is showing the route prior to accepting. I understand it may be because they don’t know the specific load prior to pickup from the depot, but then again they should be specifically assigned once accepted. It would be great if connection in the warehouse was improved. Many times I have to waste time once I am loaded because the app can’t connect and start the route before I leave the hub. Then when I leave it tells me I’m not at the pickup location although I’m all scanned and ready to go.

BeeHail, Mar 21, 2023

I only took this job to make extra pay I’ve come to find out they care nothing about their employees. They send us out to the most desolate areas and unsafe areas to work. I got to the station one particular day and the weather had gotten really bad I told the staff there that I felt unsafe to drive in this weather, their response was well if you don’t take it you will not be able to drive again at which point I was told it’s a refusal if I didn’t take it so I guess the packages were more important than my safety. Now onto the next issue I had to cancel 2 different runs because of all the potholes in Indianapolis of course I didn’t cancel before the 45 minutes because I had no idea I was going to hit potholes so of course that was counted against me. Now here’s where it just really blew me my sister was rushed to the hospital and remained there for over a week she takes care of our 80 year old bedridden mom I missed an assignment due to everything going on of course I had to go take care of her and they TERMINATED me. I’m just totally flabbergasted about their lack of care for their contractors.

Beyond flustered, Mar 14, 2022
Impossible to find work!

It is nearly impossible to get blocks on this app. I spend hours just refreshing only for one to pop up and then say it’s unavailable. It doesn’t matter how fast you click on the block. It will say that someone has taken it. It’s been made clear to me that there are a lot of bots being made that will swipe the blocks within milliseconds leaving nothing for anyone else. When you finally do get a block, the amount of wear and tear put on your car doesn’t seem to be worth it. They will tell you where the warehouse is but they won’t tell you what area you’re going to be delivering in. You could drive 30 minutes to the warehouse to find that you have to drive another 30 to get to the area you are delivering in and then drive your car around delivering packages for 3-5 hours, then make the hour drive back home. If you’re willing to do that then that’s fine but the biggest issue is not getting blocks in the first place. Very frustrating and hard to understand. Good luck.

cmia.a, Dec 01, 2021
It’s a love hate with this

When you go and loook for jobs there is never any slots for hours at a time. Many people are using bots to accept the blocks that are being giving. It’s almost impossible to get blocks when they are also being offered 10mins before the start time of the block…you will need to watch the app for hours at a time before you will have a block show up. I understand it’s about how many people that are on the app but you should be able to see the blocks that will be given in the day. Let people see something other then “sorry come back later” that wouldn’t make people want to work more. Plus for the new comers there should be more slots for us to come up and hit lvl two like everyone else. Everyone else sits at lvl two making it harder for the new comers to get there as well when jobs won’t show up and most of the blocks are given to the people who can pick a schedule. How are you. supposed to get to level two when you can’t even see the jobs lol. You should have the option for everybody not just people for level two. We would like to work just as much but it’s very hard to do so. Plz make a change, this would be an amazing app if you just implemented more for the new comers. Just add more slots!

D34Dhaze, Nov 22, 2021
Please read this.

I did one of the shifts on Monday, the app still says I have no earnings and you are supposed to get paid Tuesday and Fridays. So it’s false advertising because you are supposed to get the money from the shifts you did prior. Also been trying to talk to someone about it and you can only email them about your account. The support team had me feeling like they were getting paid for nothing because some didn’t help me at all. The way you return packages is ridiculous because if it’s closed you have to return the packages before 10am the next day. Overall , the work is pretty easy. I wish the app would find the best way to do the drop offs. I wish you could see the drop offs before you accept. You have to pick up the packages first before you see the actual location. I definitely would recommend if they fixed these issues but right now I would not. I will be also sharing to my 4000 friends on Facebook and all my family members. I need my money to go work , i obviously need gas. Which is okay because since I can’t work until then. They lose out on the extra help.***UPDATE they sent me an email saying you get paid the next business day so You don’t get paid Tuesdays or Fridays . You get paid Mondays and Wednesdays.

Devan313, Jul 01, 2022
Average app Terrible company

The navigation is terrible have to use waze or apple navigation while you are delivering packages I miss a few schedule blocks in which I wasn’t aware of the guidelines to forfeit schedules 45 minutes before start time but after I starting completing blocks I did about 5-7 schedule blocks within a week as flexible part time gig but they love sending flex drivers 25-60 miles away out deep in the country where there no smooth roads and some of the areas in these neighborhoods looks like the 1950’s with the mailbox with address half mile away from actual house in which the navigation will mark you as not in your when your are literally standing on front porch dropping off package but sometimes you can get lucky and get schedule blocks with the city limits from the warehouse but most of times long distance time and mileage will put serious wear and tear on your car money isn’t worth the wear and tear Bezos is a billionaire because he is underpaying flex drivers as independent contractors good for side supplemental income but not good compensation for your car

Dmoney911, Oct 22, 2021

Ya I kept getting taken back to a address that was wrong it said in the notes but wouldn’t let me move on while I’m going in circles I almost got in an accident with a lady that didn’t stop I had no sign but I felt I needed to stop because she was not and she went right threw it so as I’m trying to gather myself and I pull over try to call dispatch twice got no answer this was first day I had no clue what to do so I drive back to see why I was not able to skip it and if I could get help because I was told I would get off at 7 so I planned a babysitter till 8 and the lady at dispatch told me I was abandoning my route and pretty much made me fill like a failure when I wasn’t going to get no help because I drove back and didn’t text her ?? Who doesn’t answer a phone to someone new that had no idea what to do besides what I was trained to call dispatch so I went home upset and then before I was leaving to get my vehicle all the people in delivery part was talking crap like ya she just abandoned her route she left ? There app is horrible has u running in circles back and forth confusing hard to follow and yes drive at same time it’s not possible seen someone today with there door wide open driving we got taught that’s a no no major I thought I did my best and I felt so lost that day hurt fillings

doll-facebritt, Jul 15, 2021


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