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User Reviews for Amazon A to Z

8 in on hand half doesn’t another.

App is awesome very helpful. BUT!!!!!!!!! To be owned by the wealthiest man and the worlds largest company presale. Employees associate s should be able to speak to a person not a virtual chat bot to get individual help. Especially when many say they were fired because the chat reps forget sometimes or it doesn’t get threw. I almost lost my position because I follow direction when my wife had covid. Got a message saying I abandoned my last 3 shifts and was terminated. After going to The KWBI center, taking my paper work, they found my case. But person to person seems more respectful.

88@@Grateness, Dec 07, 2020

How the heck am I supposed to clock into work or take the VTO offered (which btw! Love getting offered VTO when it’s not even available when I click on the notification in literal seconds) if I have to wait for an unskippable ad before I can access anything? The ads don’t even have anything to do with employees half the time! This company is ran by one of the richest people on this planet, tap into some of that money instead of exploiting your employees. The fact that this app regresses in quality with every update is sad at this point. Cant wait for the eventual “pay to use this app using the paycheck we give you” feature! Since you’re making extra money off ads I’m forced to look at I’d LOVE to get a raise! <3 Kindly remove the last update no one asked for this lousy change and the layout is trash.

A person. Yay., Oct 20, 2021
About this app

There needs to be more features more options as an employee I’ve been struggling out here trying keep myself from being homeless, as a student I can’t focus on school the way I need to because I’m working a job that refuse to pay me the correct amount of money as an experienced warehouse worker I have more experience then my managers it’s highly disrespectful to put me in a setting making the same amount of money or less then individuals I younger then me also people I worked in a warehouse longer then. I been out with the flu, also have automobile issues and don’t have a way to commute to work everyday I need help from you all and better treatment then I have been receiving. I’m not making a million excuses I do my job to the best of my abilities each day I work, cost of living has increased and the pay I am receiving isn’t nearly what I should be paid doing 10 hours of labor a day with a bunch of lifting and knowledge. This app has to have more options then provided.

A to Z and employee life., Jun 18, 2023
clueless, just the average hierarchy

For my months working here they slowly figure out if you're good at non con to see if they can keep you there, and they will keep sending you back there but you wont know because they radio it (even though they say you can go wherever you want?). The machines jam way too often during 3 hour shifts? But go smoothly during 4-5 hours? Which is more boxes? The app is laggy and the new update has caused VTO to not work but VET spams me daily, thats funny. The safety role is a joke. They are also faking 5 stars to hide REAL reviews. 3 stars because the pay is well - some people there have nice stories to tell - most staff are lenient and nice - they have good time management. If i can update this in the future i will

BOMB0CL4T, Aug 11, 2023
IOS UPDATE hard to navigate

Working on TOM this was the best thing since sliced bread. Being able to be at an outdoor break room and clock in/out for lunch was the best and supporting at a different location without having to wait to talk to HR because your badge won’t recognize you work there not a problem clock in with your phone. Not anymore this geo fencing is set to the smallest location I can’t even be on the other side of the building and use it, let alone out outside TOM break areas, plus all these different screens makes it so hard to navigate to what I want to do. The main point of this was so AAs can have easy access to view their schedules but now i can barely even find it behind all these pages. The tab that is labeled “schedule” brings me to my time off options and trying to find the Hr support or even the ERC number is so confusing. This new update turned a simple app it to something so complicated

Coco👧, Nov 04, 2021
Picking shift locations

I loved this app until you just updated it where I have to keep changing the location on the filter because your putting all the stores and every time you exit out of it it puts all the stores again. Not the location I want. Fix it so I can give y’all a better score. It’s very frustrating because you end up missing the location or picking the wrong location because you guys decide to change it to all n now I have to keep putting what location I need to see. Even when you refresh it it’s giving you all the locations. So now you gotta do the filter 50 million times and I had it set for just one location and it stayed like that. Fix it I don’t want to see all locations especially when I already have my filter set.

Cruzangurl88, Oct 13, 2021
Time Clock Issues

I was never trained on how to use the time clock issues or how to contact anyone if I needed to call in for a sick day or an emergency and was later advised by a co-worker (not a manager) that if I didn’t manually put down for unpaid that it would show up as a ‘no show’ … when there is virtually no number to call in to say my boyfriend is dying the hospital and I had to say my goodbyes - which is a true story … so then I had to back track to that date and I haven’t a clue if I will get a legit non no-show for correcting it after the date. Plus if I have 8 mins less than 8 hours which my manager said to go ahead and leave … shows up in red and makes my attendance record look very bad … I haven’t a clue how to fix or correct that error which reflects bad on me WHEN I WAS AUTHORIZED?? The time clock issues and not being able to contact anyone via phone in an urgent matter or to miss a day for absolutely legit reasons is frustrating beyond belief! Fix your system please and please don’t red flag my days when I’ve taken legit PTO time which later says I have in RED UNPAID TIME OFF and subject to no shows and disciplinary action. Thank you!

Fly On The Windscreen, Nov 02, 2021
clumsy but works

Clumsy user interface but i can grab shifts no problem so im happy. Another one of those "apps" thats just a wrapper for webpages, so expect most tabs to have load times and wonky behavior from the back button. I dont like that you cant see previous shifts more than a few weeks back even tho you can see that part of the calendar, had to talk to HR to make sure my shifts were being counted. Im also bothered by this new trend of red notification dots that cant be disabled. With page loading and long animations, although it doesnt take forever to clear them it takes longer than it should, which is "no time at all". But im glad this app exists and that signing up for shifts is so easy. Makes the job worth.

gatchipatchi, Jan 01, 2021
Security Badge via Apple Watch

I really think this is one of the best made apps for employees I’ve ever used. The app on my iPhone allows me to do a lot of different things without having to go through manager. Just one note: One day I was at the time clock and for some reason I held my Apple Watch up to the time clock to clock in. I guess it’s a force of habit using my Apple Watch but I thought… Has anybody thought of allowing the Apple Watch to clock in and out or even using it to come into the building through the security gates?! I would love that instead of having to use my badge. Why not have the badge in Apple wallet?

kcljamison, Mar 02, 2022
Used to work now...garbage

I don't know what happened, but this app used to work perfectly, now, I need to use my web browser because I can't even log in through the app. I can input my login, but when I select "login" it takes me to a new page (not even in the app) and has me input my password except that half my keyboard is missing. I can't rotate the screen and see it in landscape form and I can't login unless I want to change my password to characters purely on the left side of the keyboard and no characters past r, f & c. Whatever you did to "update" it, reverse it. I'm deleting the app until it actually works as intended.

Kuroiku, Aug 19, 2020


Amazon A to Z gives you access to all the tools to manage your work-life at Amazon. Use the app to manage your profile information, submit time off requests, check your schedule, claim extra shifts, see the latest news, and more. Getting started: As an Amazon hourly Associate, download the A to Z app Login with your Amazon login credentials (not your personal Amazon account) Update your profile if needed with your phone number and emergency contact Verify your direct deposit information Configure your notification preferences to stay in the know After getting the basics out of the way, A to Z will be your portal to everything from schedule management to getting your Amazon.com discount code.

Feature highlights: Time: submit time off requests, check your accrual balances, and claim voluntary extra time or time off Schedule: view in/out times, upcoming shifts, and calendar Compensation: view pay, tax, and direct deposit information News: stay up to date with the latest happenings internal to Amazon Profile: update personal information, emergency contacts, and view your Amazon.com discount code Resources: visit several other employee resources for new jobs, retirement planning, learning management, and more By using this app, you agree to the applicable Amazon Conditions of Use (e.g. www.amazon.com/conditionsofuse) and Privacy Notice (e.g. www.amazon.com/privacy) for your country. Links to these terms and notices can be found in the footer of your local Amazon homepage.

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