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User Reviews for Amazon Cloud Cam

Great Start

I have switched from Nest to Cloud Cam, as it appears many have, due to the competitive pricing. Camera is good. No issues there. My concern is with the app itself. Sure there are some features the Nest app has that Amazon’s doesn’t, but I’m sure some will follow soon. My biggest concern is that the live feed only lasts for 15-20 minutes and will then disconnect. Then you have to touch the screen and it will reconnect. Normally, it’s probably not an issue. However, we use ours as a baby monitor and would like to have it running all night while we sleep but becomes useless after 15-20 minutes. I hope this is fixed soon because the lack of some features is worth the price difference of Nest.

C.wmorris, Jan 23, 2018
Used to be great...

The setup was super easy, and for a few months it worked great. But now it takes forever to load the live view, and I constantly get an error message that connection is taking too long. I use it as my baby monitor, and if I’m in a room without the Echo device with a screen, I can’t get the app to load a live view. We’ve already tried every troubleshooting available for the camera, and it still doesn’t work. I also have an Echo device on my nightstand to use as my overnight monitor, but I’ll wake up to find out that it just shut down and stopped the feed. I was super excited about this when we first got it, but honestly it’s been quite a nuisance. If I wanted just a security camera, I would look somewhere else.

DianaBreeze, Mar 31, 2021
Camera is great!

Love this camera. I use it for dog surveillance while at work. When they are being naughty I can talk to them through the camera. Voice quality is clear because they stop and look right at me. The phone and ipad app are great. Pictures are very clear in the daytime. Night vision is sometimes hazy but it does the job. The app saves videos for the whole day and if you want to save them for longer than the time that amazon’s free subscription allows, you can download the videos. The camera and iphone app would get 5/5 stars. I’m giving the app 2 stars because with recent updates it’s not available on my watch. It was nice to get the notification on my watch so I don’t need to constantly check my phone for the updates. Even though I couldn’t watch the live stream it was a great feature. Please bring back the watch app.

Funtime182, Nov 29, 2018
Great idea, terrible execution

The app has a few great things, such as easily view and download motion-detected video, but the entire audio/microphone feature is completely broken. DO NOT rely on this cameras speaker to speak to people or hear what they say the majority of the time. 70% of the time the cameras microphone doesn’t work and rarely half of the time the speaker will audibly relay what you’re saying in the app. An update is badly needed. But as far as everything else is considered, the app has a great live view function and the app’s organization of controls, settings, and views is top-notch. My favorite ability is to save videos so easily. I would love to see a feature to change the amount of time to start and stop recording before and after motion is detected, just so I can see what’s going on a little earlier in advanced and a little later. But again, the two-way audio feature is completely broken in-app.

GusBus51, Sep 30, 2018
Extremely frustrating

Multiple issues with this cam. On an IPhone 7 Plus and 6S Plus you cant hear background noise. If a baby is in their crib and a sound machine is going, you can’t hear the sound machine. If the baby moves or makes a noise, that is loud and clear, but it’s odd that it cancels out the other sounds. It is NOT optimized nor ready for the IPhone XS MAX. You have a 3/4 gap from the edge of the video on 3 sides of the devices screen. If you try to zoom in at all, the app crashes YOUR PHONE, not just the app, your Phone. Playback video on the Max has a multicolored bar across the top of the screen and honestly looks bad. Currently looking at just buying another Lollipop can to be honest. Double the price, but never an issue on any device and it’s ready for the Max.

Je_tn, Oct 20, 2018
Your phone will go to sleep during extended buffering

I use my camera and app to watch my children sleeping at night. It is VITAL that the app remain open and functioning while I sleep, so that I might hear any crying. I’ve been using this product for the last month and unfortunately, on several occasions I wake in the morning to discover that my phone is asleep and the camera feed is off. Once, I was horrified to discover that my child had been crying for quite some time!!! After close observation, I’ve discovered that occasionally the feed will take too long to buffer (maybe due to my internet slowing down), and my phone goes to sleep during this buffering. Wake lock seems to be disabled during buffering. Please update your app ASAP to fix this problem. My other baby camera apps did not have this problem.

JKelty, Nov 07, 2019
Needs a louder/ different alert sent to phone when motion is detected!

Good video and audio. Quality night vision and fast/responsive alert of motion sent to iphone. The reason I bought the camera is to detect motion if someone opens the front door or walks near the steps after I go to sleep. The alert that is sent should be louder and be able to be changed so it will wake you up when motion is detected. If I’m in a deep sleep a quick alert sound similar to receiving an email does not wake me up.. luckily it was only a family member staying up later than usual tripping the camera the times I haven’t woken up or I’d possibly be robbed or in trouble.. *please add different alert sounds that would be effective in waking me up mid sleep, like an alarm where you have to physically turn it off or it will continue to alert you. If this feature is not added the camera will only serve the purpose of recording intruders when I’m not home, but not protecting me from a possible burglary when asleep..

M-Mittens, Aug 28, 2018
works well, but battery usage ruins it

First, the good. The camera works quite well, and within the constraints of what the hardware can do, the app does a good job letting me see it and play back recordings. Now the bad - this app will eat your battery to the point that it is unusable. I used to end my day and still have 70% battery left. As soon as I installed this, I find I have to charge 4-5 times a day. Its not from having it in the foreground (I never look at it) and I set notification to only go off once per day. But that's just how often the app notifies me. In the background, it's still constantly talking to the server and consuming massive amounts of power. it's always the leading consumer of power in my device by a very wide margine. I have to uninstall it to make my phone usable, but uninstalling it makes my camera setup useless. Please fix this!

plxc9, Dec 05, 2018
Using cellular data when connected to WiFi

This app used to work fine for monitoring our cameras at work, until this past month I went way over my data limit on my phone. After my service was throttled and I couldn’t get the live feed to load, even when connected to WiFi, i did some extensive testing and figured out that this app was using cellular data even when I’m connected to WiFi. I had to do a work around and turn cellular data completely off to just this app, and now it uses the wifi, but that’ll mean when I’m not connected to a network and need to check the cameras I need to go in and turn the data off and on again. Please fix this issue! It’s really annoying to have my data throttled on my phone just because of this app!

Thecarleesi, Mar 06, 2019
Affordable security cam system

I love the amazing cloud system. I have since bought 3 cameras and use them for the front door, the back door and in the house. The 24 hr recording time frame works great. The quality is consistent with the price. I like to use the 2 way talk feature, it’s very helpful with baby sitters. Somthing that could improve the product is a little strong IR when in night mode. It’s great for objects that are within 12 feet, but further out than that, the IR gets weak. I would love to see an Apple TV app, so I can check on the cameras when I’m watching TV. Hope there are plans for that!

TK421rocks, Aug 27, 2018


With the Cloud Cam app, you can access your Cloud Cam feed, anywhere you go. Use the Cloud Cam app to check in 24/7 and catch every activity. Replay important activities that were captured throughout the day.

Name your cameras to easily differentiate monitoring views, like the kitchen vs. the living room. Listen in or let your kids know when it’s time for bed with two-way audio. You can even customize alerts by highlighting zones that are most important. Catch every moment Amazon’s indoor security camera features everything you need to help keep your home safe. With Cloud Cam, you get only the alerts that matter. As soon as activity is detected you’ll be notified through real-time notifications, allowing you to keep a tab on your home from anywhere. 24/7 monitoring Stay connected 24/7 to your home, family, and pets in crisp 1080p HD, and catch activities as they happen. Cloud Cam captures up to 30 frames per second, ensuring every moment is secured. Use the Cloud Cam app to drop in on your home anytime by viewing live video streams, replay motion alert videos, and more. See clearly in the dark Cloud Cam features eight infrared LEDs that let you see clearly in the dark. Cloud Cam’s computer vision algorithms automatically activates night vision when lighting is dim. See the entire room throughout the night—not just a spotlight. Two-way audio Cloud Cam’s built-in mic and speaker lets you stay in touch with your household. Check in with the kids after school, tell your dog to stop barking, or say hello through the Cloud Cam app. Intelligent alerts Cloud Cam’s computer vision algorithms analyze video clips in real time. Unlock additional features such as person alerts to get notified when someone’s actually there. Zones lets you set areas that Cloud Cam should ignore, like a fish tank or a tree outside a window, so Cloud Cam can focus on activities you care about. And since Cloud Cam’s intelligence lives in the cloud so it automatically adds new features and functionality.

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