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User Reviews for Shopify Inbox

Great app

To the developers, when you archive messages, they reappear. There’s several glitches similar to this. The app does a great job allowing you to search your store for products and allowing it to have canned responses. I would like improvement to the AI functions where it doesn’t require an order number if you can look up the customers first and last name, or their email address, or their phone number. This would help when they are looking for a tracking Information, so a live agent does not have to get involved. It would also be great if you can add some other intuitive AI features that would suggest resolutions for the customer.

A135.123, Dec 23, 2020
Great concept, poor execution

Ping is a great concept for small business owners to be able to provide live customer service via chat, but the app itself is clunky.When you’re having a chat with a customer, in Ping it gets broken out to different chat records (8+), so you don’t have the whole chat thread in one chat record. How was it built this poorly to function like this?Search is completely useless. So if you’ve chatted with a customer a few weeks ago, and you want to find that chat to look at the history, it’s impossible. All searches always come up empty.The welcome and away messages are nice, but they appear EVERY TIME a customer sends a message in a thread. So on the rare occasion that the chat is contained in a single thread, the welcome and away messages should only show once, after the first customer message.No desktop or web app? Luckily I use a keyboard with my iPad, otherwise I would have deleted it s a long time ago. Of course it’s nice to be able to respond to customers on your phone, if you’re away from your home office, but it shouldn’t be the only way to use if.Shopify is a phenomenal platform with excellent customer service. This app feels like it was thrown together as an afterthought.

Applover1236836, Apr 29, 2020
Helpful but needs work

It’s really convenient and helpful to have a messenger chat to talk with customers, but it needs some work! First off sometimes it won’t load the messages, I will get a notification and when I Open Ping that message thread doesn’t show up, and never loads later either. Second, would be VERY helpful if it was possible to edit/select multiple message threads at once to delete/hide them, swiping right and clicking “done” is very very slow and annoying to do. Third and worst flaw, you can’t see who is messaging you, it just says “shop visitor 001”, that’s understandable if it’s a new customer that’s never been on the site and never made a purchase/input customer info, but they really need to make it automatically identify customers who have an account or have placed an order before, so many people message about their order and You can’t see who it is unless they say their email/phone#/name themselves, it would be very helpful to be able to respond to answer a customers question right away instead of having to ask questions to identify them and their orders.. other than these few flaws the messenger is great and very helpful!

BrianDedmi94, Jul 26, 2020
New integration is losing my company money

I absolutely appreciate the app being free. But!!!! the whole point when it was Ping was for a customer to be able to reach you in real-time if they had a question by clicking the ‘Chat With Us Button’. The speed of being able to reply to a customer while they were in the store was invaluable and converted to sales. This new Shopify Inbox….absolutely no notification. I’ve had to add a Quick Reply message to compensate that says we are helping other customers and we will answer their question as soon as we can because we are not being notified. The Ping was amazing because even if I was sleep that distinctive sound would alert me a customer had a question and I could respond before they left the store with items still in their cart. Lastly when I tested the Inbox the delay from me acting as a customer and sending a question was an intensive amount of time. I know change and bugs need to be worked out. But I would literally PAY to have PING. The inbox leaves a lot to be desired. The premise was that this was to make it easier to manage customer conversations but if we are not receiving notification that a customer needs assistance in real time this is actually doing more harm.

california2244821, Jul 26, 2021
First Time Using Shopify Inbox

Hello! So last week I’ve have been informed by Shopify that they have came up with a new invention to help customers get all their questions answered as they are shopping in stores called Shopify Inbox. I’ve taken the time to download it just to see what all the hype is about and so far so good, i like it. .It gives me the options to add my own Most Commonly Asked Questions that customers would typically ask when it came down to it.The other thing I like is when it keeps track of all the conversations from each customer to pick up where they last left off. .Another great feature i thought was interesting is when they have space for the store owner to write down notes that other staff members can’t see unless they have permission..Lastly the customization was my favorite part of the app I had the option to choose Let’s Chat or the typical message buttonI’m still learning the app since I haven’t had it very long so more updates on the way!

Drogo's Woman, Feb 22, 2022
No customization

It’s drives me nuts that I can’t set my availability hours. I’m getting chat requests when I’m in bed at 1 am because my store shows I’m online and available to chat. I reach out to customer service and they confirmed there is no way to set hours. What? On top of that, I don’t always get a notification when someone chats. I opened the app today to see a message that was 4 hours old. It would be nice to set hours and let people submit their question for a later reply. Also, it would be nice to have a text sent to me when I have a chat request, and even that I could just reply to that request via text (using a masked number). This is all standard functionality that was included in most apps when I was using woocommerce. I will upgrade my review when some changes are made.

Joseph Condon, Jul 23, 2021
Great overall, but needs availability schedule

I love this chat box. It is super easy to use. It stores all of a customers chap history. The notifications work great for me. I love how easy it is to link a product from you site into the chat. I’m honestly surprised it is a free option from Shopify. It is a great value add to my websiteThis is a 5 star app EXCEPT, they need to install an availability schedule. The only way I can figure out how to do it currently is to manually switch it to “away”. First, it’s annoying this has to be done manually. And secondly, the customer still thinks your chat is active until they send you a message. This is a bad customer experience. The ability to schedule when the chat is active on the website would make this chat box perfect!

O-Town69, Apr 16, 2022
Okay, still needs work

Customers use this quite a bit, so that’s both a plus and a challenge. However, notifications seem sporadic, so I often miss messages. Supposedly you can set a message to auto-respond to customers , but when I try to do that on iPhone, I get an error saying I must pick a time zone from the picker below. There is NO place in the app to do that, and clicking okay to close the error results on losing the entire message I had set up. It ought to pull a time zone right from our site….. And, since you can’t actually choose away hours (big issue) it really doesn’t need a time zone anyway.

Skyclad the Love Fool, Aug 17, 2021

I like that the app is free and has some built in features like automated FAQs and integrations with Apple / FB / Shopify Chat. I don’t like that you’re only able to set an away message for your unavailable times and that the app doesn’t respect those times you set and notifies you “a customer needs a response or they may leave your store” when I’m trying to set some boundaries for work / life balance on my weekends. Ideally I wish there was a way that you could set those availability times to disable the chat option on your site. I understand the thought process that it’s a potentially lost lead, but having a chat feature display when the chat isn’t actually available is a worse customer experience. I sometimes go through the hassle of enabling and disabling the chat manually, but more often just finding myself leaving it disabled.

Someknight, Jun 20, 2021
Great Tool, Couple Annoying Things

Ping is a game changer for being able to help our customers immediately and effectively! It’s wonderful to have a tool that makes that communication possible.There are two annoying things: 1) there is a constant “new/unread” message prompting you to begin advertising with Kit. Imagine an ad that never leaves your inbox—especially if you don’t require the services it’s offering. Annoying. 2) The other has probably been laid out a thousand times, but there’s no desktop application for Ping. So you can look forward to running all your online chats from your phone. Not really the way we like to spend our days! Nor is it very scalable — even with setting up shortcuts.

wavesdept, Apr 24, 2020


About Shopify Inbox Use Shopify Inbox to talk with customers and sell over chat. With Shopify Inbox, you can close sales faster, build strong customer relationships, and spend less time on support all from a free business chat app. USE CHAT TO SELL MORE AND BUILD STRONG RELATIONSHIPS Shopify Inbox is so much more than support.

In fact, 70% of Shopify Inbox conversations are with customers making a purchasing decision. Use Shopify Inbox to: • Save time managing customer conversations from online store chat and social media all within a single business chat app • Send products, discounts, and new orders from your Shopify store directly inside chats with just a few taps to turn more conversations into checkouts • Send automated messages and continue chats over email so you don’t need to respond in real time • Know when customers add or remove items from their shopping cart • Assign chats to your staff and team to scale customer conversations Shopify Inbox connects with popular messaging platforms so you can manage your customer and team conversations from one place with Inbox: INSTAGRAM Let customers contact you through your Instagram profile, shop, and stories. MESSENGER Let customers contact you from your Facebook Page and Facebook Shop. ----------- FEEDBACK & SUPPORT For 24/7 support visit the Shopify Help Center: help.shopify.com Thank you for using Shopify Inbox on iOS. We love hearing your feedback. Please let us know what you think of Shopify Inbox by leaving a review.

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