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User Reviews for eBook Search - download books

Great App

The app let’s me browse through a variety of different free books organized by genre so you can easily find the books you are interested in. This is the best app i have found so far that let’s me download ebooks and save them to my stock Books app. Definitely recommend it 100%

bdjdbehevwg, Nov 08, 2018
Great Resource

I don't write many reviews but this app deserves some input. I didn't really know what to think when I first saw this app because I have run across countless other free eBook search apps that were ultimately pretty lame. This app, however, has been very useful and allows access to tons of eBooks from a large number of reputable resources. I have really enjoyed having it and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy way to find great new/old ebooks from across the web.

Camo_junkie0611, Aug 08, 2017

Just opened the app and I find it very interesting. There are apparently at least almost a million books. Fortunately there are many ways to search for what you're interested in. The only problem is that almost all the books I looked into didn't have any description of what the book is about or even how long it is. Kind of getting on faith. Haven't looked at the books I've downloaded, so I may have to amend my review. If things are good this is a great app.

D Rohlinger, Dec 12, 2017
If I could only have one reading app this would be yet

I love to read. I read I read all of the books in the school library by the time I was in the fifth grade. Then I moved onto the city library and read all of those before I was out of middle school. Fortunately I became obsessed with athletics and devoted the majority of my life to basketball. Now in my senior years, with a seniors income, I found a way to re-ask them offAmazon an apple it cost 6 to 10 bucks for each volume. They are free here. And there are so so many classics that I have in storage somewhere or in fancy bindings that I can read for free here without going nuts trying to dig through boxes

DrTal, Dec 02, 2019
Worthless - and 99-cent upgrade even sworde

Now, all data on free and otherwise e-bools is free to anyone opening a web browser (though Google was caught Sept 2017 slashing any site left of Atilla the Hun) bur bot searches are easy to construct to a build this kind of database.So WHERE ARE THE BOOKS?Could be the writers CHARGE and Proj. Gutenberg doesn't spend cash enriching app writers.It MIGHT be the "family friendly" policy of listing ONLY books acceptable to the most closed-minded who don't think 12-year olds are ready for 1984.This trash doesn't even correctly alphabetize results and attempts to list Pacific Rim demi-pictograph fonts under Roman letter sorts. And a simple sort for books with titles or authors with a SPECIFIC name will toss you a randomized list of books that somewhere use one of the letters in a very specific name/title somewhere in in-book catalog data - which means almost every book on the list.Even the one publishing house providing its own list has its data thoroughly disorganized. DUMP THIS DOG and question Apple's allegedly strict quality standards.

inkstainedwretch ,retd., Sep 28, 2017

My very first search was the book: Saint Odd by Dean Koontz and there were three results. The first two were “Unavailable to Download” and the third was $9.99 to download.By putting the word “Free” in your initial description is deceiving and a scam to get downloads of your app. Want to rectify it? Do what you actually say you can do and make the books available free or take the business out back and shoot it because quite honestly, it’s rather embarrassing for you when I literally downloaded your app 10 minutes ago and you have failed.

jer_noob, Aug 10, 2019
Works Fine

I was wrestled unto reviwing this app after trying it for a few searches, so I have not sampled all it can do. The free version has several sorces to search for free ebooks, but it still does a good in overall performance. However, one is limited to searching one website at a time. Also, if you are into browsing, some sites will not let you use more than category and if you want to eliminate books not in English you will have to wade through ALL the books on that site in no particular order.

MoominLove, May 24, 2017
Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

I wanted to read the book before seeing the 2019 animated movie. I can see why this book has been so well received over the past 300+ years. The truths exposed concerning Christianity and those who chose to follow their own version of how to get to heaven, are represented so vividly.I enjoyed the metamorphic names to all the characters and places. They represented each one correctly.My hope is that you enjoy it as you read, as much as I did.

Rob from Arkansas, Apr 14, 2019
Terrific App

This app has given me a whole new hobby - collecting the classic books I’ve only learned about through listening to old time radio. The app is simple and clean, not a lot of junk or flashy colours on the screen. So far an enjoyable experience. It does what it’s supposed to do and does it quite well.A big thank you to the team at Inkstone.

Techbug, Dec 22, 2018
Way more user friendly then expected

Well I’m not a big fan on books I just want to read what I like and love, and this app at least have some good ideas to help me with the fact that I don’t have one option to go to for my reading and change app every time I try to find what I’m looking for.Well not much for a review but it is my opinion the make it easy for me to come to read.

Yo yoyó to all, Aug 07, 2018


It’s Google meets a top secret, modern card catalogue for eBooks! The best part? You don't even need a library card to access. 2 MILLION+ FREE BOOKS AND COUNTING Classics.

Thrillers. Mysteries. Fantasies. Science Fiction. And more. You name it, we've got it. INSTANT DOWNLOAD TO KINDLE, NOOK, iBOOKS OR MEGAREADER Any title, any device. The world's best books are public domain, and now you can access them from everywhere. The app searches, you choose, and then you tell it where you want it delivered. Voila! MODERN TITLES. ALL GENRES. ZERO REGRETS. SEVERAL FOR FREE. On the train. On the bus. On a plane. On your way to your in-law's barbecue—wherever you go, a good book is only a click away. BONUS: OVER 4,300 5-STAR RATINGS! But this can be our little secret.

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