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User Reviews for iReader

Best reading app

This app is… just amazing! You can download the books and by doing this they can be read without using WiFi at all. I love how they are right there on your phone, tablet, laptop, and etc… You are also able to read the books if you’re on an airplane (I already tested this out a few days ago). You can also use it if you’re on a road trip to keep yourself busy. This app is just truly one of the best reading apps there is. There’s also so many different genres you can choose from. I highly recommend downloading this app.

Aaliyah0926, Jul 16, 2021
Very Good

I really love this app, so far everything is free also it is really easy to install a book. I am pretty sure( Idk if this is true but I think) that once you download it, you can read them book even without internet or WiFi (I haven’t tried though).I also really like how the pages flip lol. I really love this app and pretty young student I 100% recommend this app. 😄so yeah it’s very easy to install and it’s so far free

Calili_Panini, Oct 23, 2020
One thing pls read

Ok so I love love love love book and reading and u came across this and I was like awesome super cool and I download it here’s the thing I kind a want them to add a romance section in the search bar so you can search up the books you want and add more books definitely a romance section that’s all overall amazing app I love it so good definitely download it

calm5467, Mar 12, 2021
The attraction is the free books;

the app is painfully limited. It mostly looks nice, and the page turn animation is good. But it isn't really user-friendly. Every other ereader I have used allows the user to choose landscape or portrait orientation and font size. Most of them provide some choice in fonts and spacing, and provide for bookmarking and annotating.I do most of my reading (a lot) on my iPad. Portrait orientation is very uncomfortable, so much so that I tend to avoid apps that are stuck in portrait orientation. Adjusting font size on the device is better and easier than carrying or finding my reading glasses. When available I do use the other things, but none is a deal breaker. Being stuck in portrait orientation might be.

Can I go back, Aug 01, 2022

I must say. Simply elegant and beautiful. If you could just keep on adding new books, this can really become something great. It’s just so minimalistic and pleasing to read . Literally something i was really searching for a long and just happen to find it now. Really, if you could keep expanding the library , this really is something great.Love your work :)

Cizhuu, Apr 23, 2020
Use only if you mind missing the last sentence of every other chapter

So far I have read 2 George McDonald books, and both books had the same flaw. I was not able to read the concluding line of a chapter that was ill-formatted in the app. In one book it was the name of the sequel that was in the last line! You can’t search favorite authors or titles. The organization is definitely in need of improvement. I still am grateful for the opportunity to read a few books that I can’t purchase right now and the fact that the app is absolutely free without any annoying ad interruptions is noteworthy! Thanks so much for the app and I hope my review helps it improve.

Crisagirl, Oct 30, 2021
Very Disappointed

I was so excited to get this app after reading all the reviews but it is not good. I have multiple problems with it. 1. the selection of books is tiny and i mean TINY. I am a huge book reader but i prefer fantasy, there is not a single fantasy book on there that i recognize or have even heard of! 2. there's no search bar! like what the heck!? you can't search for any books so you'll never know for sure if a book is on there or not. I'm extremely disappointed cause i thought this was gonna be an amazing app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

DaddysBabyGirl10101, Aug 07, 2021

This book app lets me read a lot of books that I really like and is so cool because is pops up like short stories and stuff like that. And it even saves the page that your on when you want to read a new book or you want to exit the app to go on a different app

hehe123👀, Dec 30, 2021
Very good app

I like it is easy to read and click books in this app when we have to search through everything in the other apps. It also contained my favorite classic,”The picture of Dorian Gray” which I loved and wanted to read its original book. And there also many other good books and you can even read offline it only takes a while to download.

illistrator, Jun 27, 2020
If this is a bug; Please fix it at once.

This app is amazing. But one thing that really exasperates me, is that when i’m about to finish a chapter. and when i get to the end of the last page and find out that there seems to be more pages to the chapter than shown in the app. I flip the page and it immediatly goes to the next chapter without finishing the telling of the former. For example, check out 'The Works of Edgard Allan Poe'. At (near) the end of chapter one it immediatly cuts to the start of chapter two. And there are many more books that situations akin to this one occur in. Like; ('The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes', and also 'Common Sense' by Thomas Paine).

laweenatroshy, Jun 10, 2022


iReader is the new way to access classic and new books on your iPhone or iPad. Providing completely free access to a huge, expanding library of books, iReader is a beautiful, minimalist experience with gorgeous page turn animation and zero delay text layout. Also featuring night mode for beautiful, stress-free reading pleasure in low-light conditions.

Each book is hand-picked and edited by a real human, guaranteeing a perfect reading session every time. Many new books are being added on a continuous basis, so check back for updates.

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