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User Reviews for Goodreads: Book Reviews

Great, but could use a little tweaks

I love this app. I use it every day. (Scroll to bottom to see reason for 4 star rating.) I love to new track of books I’ve read and what I’ve thought of them, in case a friend asks for a recommendation. I like to update what I’m currently reading as I go to see how far along I am in percentages. I also like to see what my friends have read/are reading, and what they thought of those books. I LOVE being able to make a list of books I want to read, instead of slowly typing them all out in my notes app, I can just check my list here while at the library or bookstore. However, I WISH there was a feedback submission area of the app. I’d like to be able to point out when I notice a problem. For example, I must’ve accidentally followed someone recently, but it won’t let me unfollow them. Another example, I was reading “The Help” recently and was updating it as I went. It told me I was 100% complete when I was only 90% through the book. I wish there was a feedback area so I could tell the app makers about these little problems that are probably easily fixable.

Aaron19726, May 09, 2019
Old but gold but could use a design update

Love Goodreads and have been using it since high school on an off. It’s a good platform for readers and a good app for logging and tracking progress. There’s a ton of plus sides to this app. A downfall if it now tho is that it’s design is outdated. It works and looks like an old Internet forum or the old original Facebook platform. On top of that it also has a max friend limit? I think if the developers change a few things regarding looks and functions it would be more appealing to new users and more rewarding to old users. Maybe change the style and location of the “groups”. Making it more like a groups chat than a weird map of Q&As. The friend limit I’m not sure is necessary. Maybe make it a little less blocky. Idk just a few things I would change if it were mine to do so. But like I said. Love the app and it still has the same potential that it did 5 years ago. Just want ever you do. Do not make it a subscription service. That’s the one thing that you have on other apps is that Goodreads is 100% free and no we’re in the app does it try to sell you anything.

b00kw0rmBr3tt, Jun 03, 2022
Time AND Money saver

Good reads is amazing. Whether its the upcoming books in a certain genre updated daily, the recommendations from people with similar taste. A favorite feature of mine is the Preview feature, which allows the reader to read a few chapters (depending the the chapters lengths and books itself). With the different versions and and publications -and languages- that has saved me money. Something I wish I discovered before to save money from previous book that I ended up disliking.The slight problem I have with Goodreads is that my other bookshelves have combined with my want to read. As a reader, I will take note of upcoming and eye catching books that I might enjoy. Putting my "airballs if you will" shelf automatically in the want to read section is tiring and annoying. I can see the airball shelf itself separately, I cannot do the same with my want to reads as they combine automatically.Overall, this app is amazing has been a saving grace, and enjoyable books and reviews. Which are incredibly helpful when you find people with similar interests. My slight problem can be easily solved with a separate list of permissions in the settings to combine bookshelves.

Cutiemarie1738, Mar 02, 2022
Mind blowing!

This book will challenge your paradigm of the world. Really. It will expand your understanding of psychology, human emotion, spirituality, civil society, personal faith, history, and international politics. It will affirm the existence of supernatural intelligent evil and the God of the Bible, as well as His trinitarian reality. You will be amazed at how much we don't know about what is going on right under our noses. Even where you live.I believe this personal account to be 100% true. Anyone who says otherwise is either not familiar with the depth and breadth of corroborating material from very trustworthy sources, or they are too afraid of the implications for their personal belief systems. Suffice to say, we are on the precipice of some very difficult times and the biggest challenges we will face in the upcoming months will be from things we cannot even begin to comprehend. This book is a warning. A shot over the bow, a call to spiritual arms. We as as society had better get prepared and supernaturally armed. We are woefully outgunned and undertrained. The Holy Spirit of the Living God is the only force that can help. Orient your heart toward HIM and join in the good fight!God Bless!

Dar Holt, Jul 13, 2022

This app is wonderful. It is almost perfect. BUT every person I’ve talked to who uses Goodreads have all been in agreement it would be a GAME CHANGER if these were added: 1) A 0.5 star option. It sounds silly but it can be so frustrating deciding if a book it 4 or 5 stars. If there was a 4.5 option for example, I think all my life problems would be solved. 2) Private ratings. I’m sure if you’re an app developer you know of Letterboxd, and for me personally, if some similar features could be added to Goodreads that would make it just *chefs kiss*. For example: one of my favorite things about Letterboxd is how your ratings don’t account to a larger average rating for a movie (but in this case it would be a book). You can rate a movie and write your OWN review describing how that movie fit into your personal taste. I would love to see this on Goodreads in a way in which I could do a private review (almost like a personal diary) rather than a public rating. Sometimes i’ll read a book and recognize it’s objectively a great book, but I might give it two starts because maybe that sub-genre of fantasy romance wasn’t up my alley, so maybe that review would be nice to have in a personal journal rather than a public one because my review is sort of niche. I hope this makes sense. :))) I LOVE THIS APP!!!

donaldtrumpslefttoe, May 15, 2021
This is a privacy SCAM!

As I sit here listening to 60 Minutes report on the abuse of private data by online social media and others. In the US we have almost zero privacy. While Europeans have total control over their own data. This app might have been good. First the forced noting a rating for at least 20 books before they will give you personal recommendations. The books are thrown on the screen with no way to tell if a member has read a book or not. Now I see where the huge numbers of people who like a book are from. It’s a time consuming process and at the end, with 60 Minutes warnings in my ear, they try to forceyou to allow them to share your ratings with Facebook. Facebook of all the worst sites to share any info! When I declined, the app stopped until I looked at my contacts which they also want access to. THIS IS THE WORST INVASION OF PRIVACY IVE EVER SEEN. I said no to the first batch of contacts they wanted to send ads to. What horrible people these folks are. So now I am stuck with all that work and nothing more to do with the app. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ACCESS TO YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT OR YOUR CONTACTS. THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW WHAT THIS SNEAKY APP WILL DO WITH IT. BUT YOU SHOULD PICTURE A TIME WHEN YOU APPLY FOT A JOB AND THE POTENTIAL EMPLOYER DISLIKES YOUR BOOKS READ! Be careful and stay away from this intrusive app.

Excellent714, Nov 12, 2018
Other than porn spam, this app is amazing

I absolutely love goodreads! There are so many features and I love being able to see what friends are reading, and also looking back on the books I’ve read. Additionally, the want to read list is really helpful so I can just look on it when I want to check out a book at the library. For the first year of using this app, I encountered zero problems. However, I have recently started getting random likes and follows on my account and their profiles have links to porn websites. I keep getting more and more every week and it have come to the point where I get at least one per day. Every time I make an update, it gets celebrated with sometimes up to 6 likes from these spam accounts. I’m getting tired of constantly getting notifications and then having to block and flag them. I’ve reached out to goodreads and it seems like this is a common problem, but all they told me to do is to flag it. I’m really hoping an update is made so I don’t have to deal with this spam anymore. It is getting really annoying.

green bean66b, Jun 05, 2021

I don't have room in my house for a bookcase nor do I have enough money to buy all the books I love and display them in my house. Therefore, when I found goodreads I found the perfect way to create a digital bookcase with reviews and all! I simply adore it :)My only wish would be a DNF category aside from the usual ones (i.e.- "Currently Reading", "To Read", "Read"). Right now I have a handful of books on my "Read" list even though I didn't finish them. I hate taking credit for reading a book when I didn't but if I take it off my list I'll forget I tried it and try to read it later. In addition, I read many books via audiobooks and I want to update my progress under “currently reading” but I have no way of knowing what page I’m on and typing in the percentage is a pure guess. In order for this to be more accurate to where I am in the book, it might be nice to have a category that tracks what chapter or minute you’re on. If this was the case I would have a more comprehensive view of my progress throughout the read. Other than these two small tweaks I love it!

Klsy303, Feb 08, 2018
Perfect for book lovers or casual readers.

I usually never write reviews, but my life as a reader was totally changed after finding this app. I love books and always have, but life keeps you busy and you end up putting things aside. Well, this app has helped me find so many books I NEED to read, and it has helped me rediscover my love for reading! I really can’t think of anything to improve. I love the layout. I love the ability to make “shelves” to save books. It even lets you track the progress of books you’re reading. You can read your friends reviews or any reviews in general. I also love that they have a vote at the end of the year (or beginning, I can’t remember) for best books in SEVERAL genres and also have best of the best and whatnot. Browsing books by categories is also great because it’s helping me find different kinds of books so my reading list can be more diverse. The only complaint I have (which actually isn’t a real complaint) is that every time I click on this app, I find a million more books I want to read and there’s no way I can read them all in my lifetime.

Momma Flan, May 08, 2019
needs a revamp

i use this app religiously but it needs an revamp BAD. the UI looks like it hasnt changed since day 1 and itd be nice if i could see my friends activity more often than i see ads on my feed 😑. would be nice if we could personalize our profiles, but not necessary. also recommendations or searching through genres could be greatly enhanced by further filtering of intended audiences—i dont want to scroll through twenty 20 childrens fantasy books before even finding one mediocre adult fantasy book im not interested in. ABSOLUTELY would benefit from half star rating system or even 10 star rating system im tired of seeing a 3 star review with “3.5 stars …” or a 1 star review with “0.5 stars…” in the actual review. the app is also not super user friendly and is generally clunky. lots of unnecessary tapping needed and idk what it is but the searching function is super clunky too. i feel like the search option should first search our shelves for matches before searching the rest of the database for matches. definitely need a multi-select option to make shelving multiple books easier. i have over 300 books in my read im not reshelving each individual book, jeffrey. add tags in reviews so we can filter by tags. basically more filtering options for everything. add private reviews only your friends can see so that they dont affect the overall review of the book (sometimes you can acknowledge a book is well-written and still hate it).

raema00, Nov 29, 2021


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