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User Reviews for NovelCat-Novels and Books

To say I’m irritated would be an understatement

Don’t even bother! Save your money and buy a real completed book. The first few chapters pull you right into this intriguing story line. Then right as your on the edge of your seat..turn the page Just to find out the rest of the chapters are locked. You need to pay to unlock them. Which can be extremely pricy given that they usually have 100s of chapters. I only fell for this once.. purchased all 178 chapters get to the final page just for it to end unfinished. Apparently they released chapters weekly! Now this story has already started to drag on and they want me to keep waiting for it to update with new chapters spend more money for it to keep dragging on? I’ve already spent $20. I’m done. I just spent 2 days reading a book that’s unfinished. Never again

aaammmkkk04, Aug 20, 2020

I’ve written for this company…and it’s not been the experience I’ve wanted. First, my editor deleted most of my chapters and told me she would add them daily. (It’s been over a week). She changed my cover without asking saying it’s for better reviews. I found later that the picture being used is copyrighted…I believe the editors are untrained and inexperienced. I’ve found my book to be not as edited as I would have expected from an editor. I had to break my chapters up because you only allow so many words per chapter. You way overcharge for books!!! Oh, and I’ve not received anything for writing you a book. This has been a waste of time.

Dumb Molasses, Jan 30, 2022
My Husband Warm The Bed!

So far so good! In two days I read 55 chapters I was fascinated with the book, then I had to wait for them to update the next chapter and they update one per day. I would like to read more and more of this book, the only thing is that I feel that the husband changed a little of his way of being in the last chapters that have been updated, waiting for more chapters of this book to download, I am curious how it will end. The last craters. The last chapters that they have updated are shorts I wish they were longer. I really would like to read more chapters of this book. I recommend it.

elena1069, Feb 29, 2020
Gets you hooked to leave you hanging!

First, I would like to stress that reading these books are extremely expensive. The chapters are extremely short...about 2-4 pages per chapter. A book would probably cost you 60+ dollars. With that being said, I decided to pay anyway because I found something I liked and I was willing to pay for it. My thing is these books are usually not completed and I’ve been waiting for weeks and weeks for updates. When I contacted them to see if the book I’m reading will update soon all they said was just wait because the author needs time for great ideas. But in their advertisements it stated that books are updated weekly. If I knew these were incomplete books that probably would never finish...I would had bought a different book and not had started that one at all. Plus all negative reviews about them aren’t posted because they filter them out. So beware readers!

fukyou703, Sep 17, 2020
Poor Customer service

App requested an updated. After allowing the update the app would not open. When I finally got it open my reading history and purchase history with remaining coins was deleted as if I had just opened a new account. I reached out to customer service through the app. After sending proof they said they would restore my reading history but it has not been restored. I spent money a lot of money with them and now customer service won’t even respond to my concerns as a paying customer. They insist that I signed in with the wrong account but it’s something wrong with the app. The novel I’m reading is awesome but it’s like the app reset my account. I’ve read 748 chapters of a novel and now I have to start back at the 1st chapter because of this? No! POOR Customer Service

Lina-8, Jun 07, 2020

All your stories are similar. You do not respond back to the customers when suggestions are made. You don’t compete the books and take too much money. You more or less scam the readers from their money This is wrong. Why wait for a chapter to be released everyday when you can release the whole book? Arrrrhhhhhh. Scaaaassaaaaammmmmmmmmm. You need to cater to your customers. The stories are too long sometimes and the chapters drag for new reason. All to get more money from the customers. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? This is not right. There’s dramatical errors gender errors and even names mixed up. And yet the customers are not listened to. What is that? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

nabullie, Apr 03, 2021
I Am Not Her

I am very much hooked with the story. I don’t wanna stop, the story gets more interesting as the free chapters come to end.Hopefully, i could continue all throughout.It’s a typical story of a romance between a poor girl and a super wealthy man but it brings back memories of my high school days when i read mills and boons romance pocketbooks, where i used to continue reading in one seating. Never mind the grammar, i can get to understand who is being refer to like when the writer mistakenly used “his” instead of “her”. I don’t know i just get hooked into the story even if the plot is typical i hope i can finish til the end. So far so good.

Rea kdrama addict, May 13, 2020
Love this App

The books are excellent and can keep your imagination going the only and it is only one drawback for me I am a fast reader and I am eager for more speed in releasing new chapters! It is too slow for me causing me to have multiple books open at once! I am now sitting with 5 books open waiting for New chapters!!!! The translation is lost at times as well. The author refers to females as he and males as her. One of my books the names changed so you have to be diligent about translating the book again yourself but it can be done and I am still enjoying my books it just takes time 😌

scorpiolmv, Aug 07, 2021
Beware of Update

I was asked a couple of days ago to perform the newest update for NovelCat. As soon as it was completed, the app shut itself down and refuses to open up. I’ve spent a lot of money and time reading using this app! Even though it is quite difficult trying to figure out who the author is referring to at times, due to them not understanding English pronouns, or because they change the names of the characters for some reason, if you have a good understanding of our language you can follow along. However, it’s not worth the hassle if you spend all of that time and effort trying to figure out “who,”or “what,” the author is talking about if the app shuts down on you and makes you lose everything! I certainly hope YOU, at NovelCat fix this problem and restore everyone back to where they were, because it’s clearly your update, and therefore your fault!

truthoverlies, Jun 07, 2020
Updated Review

******please read the update!*******App not opening after update. Please fix it!!!! I have had this happen before, and I uninstalled the app. I lost all my coins and vouchers AND had to buy the WHOLE story all over again. It was very disappointing and expensive, and I really dont want this to happen again.UPDATE: customer service was super helpful. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Everything was right there after I logged in. The first time I used the app, I’m not sure how I logged in. I honestly don’t remember. But this second time was totally fine. Everything was right where I’d left it. Coins/vouchers, reading history, library, all of it. Customer service is actually very good. It’s on Asian time, so you may not get an immediate response from a real person, but you will get one. They have been very cool to me both times I messaged them. All this said, I’m really enjoying the app and the story I’m reading. Sure a paper back would be cheaper, but this is my personal little splurge that I do for myself. I hope my experience is helpful to someone.

vernaequinox, Jun 09, 2020


NovelCat-- a high quality reading APP, you can enjoy massive popular novels and comfortable reading experience here. App Description [Numerous Addictive Novels] NovelCat contains various kinds of book genres, Romance, History, Modern, Billionaire... You can choose the genres that you are interested in.

Different rankings also help you to pick your favorite novels. [Quick Update Speed] Serialized novels are updated in real time, readers catch up with the novels in a fast speed without missing highlight. [Personalized Settings] You can change the theme, text size, font style and page flip animation according to your preference. Many settings can be adjusted to create a comfortable reading experience for you. [Offline Reading] Batch unlock and download chapters, you can read anytime and anywhere without a limited on network. [Plenty of Benefits] Continuous check-in and daily missions bring you numerous vouchers. Various activities are waiting for you to participate! [Create Your Own Story] Share your story to get high rewards and attract lots of fans! Writer Center: https://author.novel-cat.com Particular and fleshy plots of novels on NovelCat deserves your focus! [Read more novels] Website:https://www.novel-cat.com/ Wap:https://m.novel-cat.com/ Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/c/NovelCat About Prime Membership: 1. Renewal: iTunes account will be deducted within 24 hours before expiration. As deduction is successful, the subscription period will be extended. 2. Cancel renewal: Apple Device [Settings]→Tap[Subscriptions]→Select NovelCat to cancel subscription Reminder: If you need to cancel NovelCat’s automatic renewal, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel within 24 hours before expiration, the subscription fee will be incurred. 3. Once the prime is activated, the paid part does not support refunds. You can cancel automatic renewal according to the above related operations, and there will be no deduction again after cancellation. 4. Prime Service Agreement: https://novelcath5.novelfox.net/v1/agreement/vip

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