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User Reviews for Kobo Books

not great, to be honest

Not terrible, but not great either. - takes a good number of taps and navigating to make notes or to find then- options to change fonts, line spacing and margins is limited (unlike on my h2o, where there are a lot of options) - background color choice is very limited, and text color cannot be changed - bugy: i get notified that i have opened my book on another device when i know i have not. another time my book got marked as read half way through without me intending to do it. and a couple of suggestions: - how about a setting that would allow the reader to keep page numbers regardless of font size. say a particular book is 200 pages in print. i would like the option to have those pages marked on my e reader as well. this 100% system of marking progress is really clumsy. - i would also like the option to read while holding my device in a way that my finger rests on the screen without highlights or notes or other helpful things popping up. there could be a way to activate and deactivate it easily - say by long pressing in one corner of the screen, and while activated, the device would only react to a gesture to turn the page, which would be elaborate enough so it would not be activated by accident... - changing font size would be nicer using buttons to incrementally increase/decrease. the current slider is clumsy and not as effective. doubt this will be read or considered by a human, but on an off chance.. good luck!

29028, May 31, 2019
A Class Action Lawsuit Waiting To Happen

There are three major E-book readers and services in English - Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Kobo is my choice of the three and I've used it for a number years now and have LOTS of experience with it. The biggest problem Kobo is there are many, many, many duplicate entries in its book database, where the exact same edition of the same book is listed two or even more times, frequently with different prices. What if you happen to buy a more expensive instance of a particular book? Well, unless you catch it and demand the difference in price be returned to you, Kobo will happily pocket your extra money. For years and years they have let this go on and on and take no discernible action against this fraudulent practice even though they could and should easily fix the problem quickly. Its like Kobo is just so negligent they won't bother to fix their issues until forced to by a lawsuit. It's a class action lawsuit just waiting to happen.

BrendansFriend, Apr 23, 2021
Great app with a wonderful selection of books!

It works well, has a lot of sort options (including downloaded only for offline). Adjustable displays, and a home page to remind you of what you’ve been reading. Only issue I have is there is no way to sort by ratings that you give to books, genres of books, and it doesn’t recognize the names of authors from books you download from another site (like the authors website or a free giveaway). I love taking advantage of giveaways and buying books (as well as reading them) so I end up with a lot of books and it can be hard to remember and find the ones I liked best. When I am looking for something random or a specific genre my kobo app is too hard to sort through. I also wish you could filter your books by more than one option at a time.

Erik ilia, Aug 04, 2018
I shouldn’t have to work so hard to read.

I am used to scrolling up and down when I read. I read for a couple of hours every evening and I am now, exclusively, a e-reader. The look of the pages and the setting options are all great. They give you an option to mark your book as finished, which I really like. The ONLY thing I don’t like is the page turning process. You tap right or left to turn the page forward or back. The problem is you tap to move forward and you are back at the beginning of the chapter you just read. There’s no fast forward, you have to Tap to turn each page. Even when I pay very close attention, it’s still happening and I can’t figure out why. I’m a fast reader, I can read at almost 500 words a min... if I can get to the correct page. Even though I really like everything else about this application, I won’t be using it again. It very distracting and just way too much work to just read a book. If anyone knows what I am doing wrong, I’d appreciate feedback. If I can get this resolved, I’ll gladly use this e-reader!

GeriG429, Jul 17, 2019
Could use some convenient tools

I absolutely love this app. I’ve been using it for almost 10 years now. I read a lot, before bed especially, and it can be frustrating to have to keep turning the page myself. I would love to be able to prop my phone up while washing dishes and have an in app timer to turn the page after so many seconds. Of course everyone reads at different speeds so there would need to be multiple settings for the the timer. Maybe even a read aloud function too. I know there are probably reasons why there is not one such as audio book rights. However it could possibly be mitigated by only allowing a certain percentage of a book to be read aloud. It would be so convenient to be reading and then click a button the will read the text aloud for 5-10 minutes while you shower or swap laundry. Then you wouldn’t have to put the book down.

Kait_M_, Feb 06, 2022
note taking & high lighter

I am not an avid ebook reader, but with the current times, I have found myself increasingly turning to it. I am starting to use this more for studying various texts, and so, i like to take notes & high light passages often. The very frustrating component is that almost every other time i highlight a passage, the app freezes and, also tries to pop-up the dictionary definition for the word my finger tapped on (to start the highlighting process). So i either have to wait a few minutes, or, more often than not, restart the app. Argh! I really want to love this app (as an alternative to the “other” app(s)) but this may keep me from continuing my use :( Thus 3 instead of more stars.I do enjoy the audiobook set up very much. It’d appreciate if you could let me know if I’m missing on some specific instruction or “fix” issue somehow for use-friendliness. Thank you.

kalikalinko, Jul 31, 2020
Kobo App on my iPhone

First of all- I love Kobo and have a Kobo Glo e-reader too. 😘 I just read that some problems with the App may really be problems between iPhone and the Kobo App..which makes sense. Just to report on the App itself as per my own experience, I have some real difficulties. The most important is that I can't close and set as finished an e-book- not in any of the three supposed ways listed on the App! Also while much less troublesome than years past, I too notice that occasionally the book I tap- is not what opens..and I mean even when I try *very* carefully. Some other parts of the App are dysfunctional too, such as the section entitled "Manage Downloads". I have a great many Kobo e-books-yet only about 6-7 are listed here and I can't seem to do anything with them anyway, except perhaps delete them. Secondly, I've read on the App several times, that we should be able to sync what we're reading from our Kobo E-readers, to Kobo on our desktops, to our Kobo Apps and back exactly- so whatever page we are on in an e-book- will open exactly the same for us on whichever device we choose at a given time. However, at least on this particular update, so far, this piece of the App doesn't work for me. I still love that I have the Kobo App, and I use it. I liked the old "themes" and I like the new ones. It would be *great* though, if it worked fully in all the stated ways.

Little Bear and Gaenga, Apr 08, 2022

I like to listen to books while I fall asleep and I always set a 30 minute sleep timer. One time it turned off and I thought “that couldn’t possibly be 30 minutes already” and when I looked, it was still counting down. It had only been 15 minutes. I tried to press play to start the audiobook again and it would play for a split second then pause again. Over and over I tried it but would only ever play a split second until I fully exited and closed the app and restarted. If that isn’t happening then sometimes it ignores the sleep timer all together. 2 nights in a row it didn’t stop after the 30 minute sleep timer. I woke up hours later and my audiobook was still going. The first time it happened I thought maybe I did forget to set the time but the second night I KNOW it was set. It has happened at least 2 other times since that back-to-back night. I can always scroll back to where I last remember but it’s kind of a pain to be woken up because my audiobook can’t obey a sleep timer.

McPhee-Bell, Nov 15, 2018
Amazing App

I am an avid reader, and love audio books. This app is simple to use, the online list of books is inexhaustible, and to top it all off, they have great, great deals on premium audio books. Ive listened to hundreds of hours at this point, but I have encountered a problem. Randomly, my books have begun to stop playing, and I get this message “something went wrong, please try again”. Which... for an app where I have products that I BOUGHT is very discouraging. So I went to their help line at the site, and did the recommended actions- Clear local history, log out, log back in. Which works, but A) It’s annoying to re-download my books and B) the problem comes back after about 5 hours of listening. Now, again I say that this is an AMAZING app for listening and reading books. Really cant beat the price on their audio books bundle option. But what brought me to write the review was the hopes that the developers see my issue and can fix it! Im changing to 5 stars if an update comes out in the future addressing my issues. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have great adventures in many books to come!

The rightttt Stuff, Apr 20, 2020
Great app with minor flaw

I’ve been using Kobo for a while now in an effort to not give money to some bigger ebook companies. It’s definitely the best reading app alternative that I’ve found. You can change the text colors and size, you can bookmark, and you can adjust the brightness of the screen without changing the brightness for your whole phone. Also if you are reading a preview and buy the whole book, it saves your place and all of you bookmarks and highlights, which is something even the biggest guy doesn’t do. I would give this app 5 stars if the improved the highlighting. When you are trying to highlight something it’s always ends the highlight like two or three letters before you stopped dragging. I wish it would just default to the end of the word. Also highlighting from one page to the next is just impossible. I also hear that it’s hard to get your highlights out if you wanted to import them to another app for doing research.

TheTif, Aug 01, 2021


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