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User Reviews for eHub

Pretty good app.

I wish when you open it up today’s schedule would be on top (updated daily)It just an additional step but at a red light or being busy who needs another step. Plus if it was on top I wouldn’t need to find my glasses a search for today’s schedule down a list. But I do like the app overall.

FinallyI'manartist!, Mar 23, 2019
Need it for my job .

If I didn’t need this app . I would delete it and never come back to it . I’ve been having problems for about a month . With it freezing & crashing . Plain freezing , constant no network error messages and just kicks me out . Updated my phone hoping it would make it better and nada ; I read through the apps description and it says it was updated a month ago .. we need another !

GMama01, Apr 30, 2022
Real Review

I used this my first day at my new job with my iPhone that has unlimited 4G and that app constantly crashes and freezes and my company told me they would work on the app and fix the flaws and never did. They told me to delete the app since it wouldn’t let me punch in or out for lunch and use a telephone number to punch in

Honesty310, Jul 19, 2018
Works for some things not for others.

I work for Allied Universal Security. I have the following request of the development team. 1. Dark mode is needed. Lots of guards have over night shifts and We would like to better interact with the app at night.2. Documents arrows need to be changed at the top to another color other than white. More than one training team member has had trouble with this.3. Ability to clock on and off shift doesn’t work. Here in New Orleans we have been calling on the phones which doesn’t have the added gps signal to ensure workers/ guards are where they are supposed to be. This has led to people calling in from home and collecting a check for doing nothing. This needs to be fixed. 4. Calendar needs more view modes. This is more a request but if we can read out and print out our schedule then we can better do our jobs. Not all of us have access to a desk top or lab top computer to go on. Some of us just have this app and a phone.

L T 357, Nov 14, 2021
I don’t normally do these!

So this is basically the first review I’m going to give an app. I just recently started using this for my job, and I have to say I love it. It tells me when I work, where I work, and shows me what I’m getting paid days before I get a pay check. I do wish it had finger print reader, but I’m sure that will be in a future update. Thanks for all your hard work!

RandyW1984, May 01, 2018
Great app for the most part

The reason I gave it four stars is The app does not have a notification sound it’s kind of hard for me to get overtime i’m not always looking at my phone so I rely on my notifications sound that I have shifts availableAll in all the app is awesome it’s just a couple things need to be added to it i’ll give an update later once e hub update the app

Ronshrine Ex, Sep 01, 2020

I really like this app. Makes real easy to clock in and out of my job, but was wondering that it just start having a small problem. When I try to clock in and out it tells me in the building that’s out of range, but when im outside or near the window it works. Please help

tvalld50, Jun 04, 2022
just bad

tries to claim they’re a friendly app and you can track your hours but if that was the case you would be able to look at days prior and see what hours you already worked. it would also show you your total amount of hours worked per paycheck so you can easily see if there were any problems. it also sometimes takes over 20 tries to simply log into the app because it will not allow me to press the accept button no matter how many times i click on it, however if i press decline one time it tells me i cannot proceed without clicking accept. not user friendly, bad UI, promotes a false sense of security in compensation… overall just a bad app

whatisliterallywrongwithapple, Jan 08, 2022
Used to work but not anymore

I’ve been using this app for work and it truly bugs me how there’s no notification sound for it, I thought that would’ve been the only issue but now it doesn’t even give me notifications for when shifts open and it’s so frustrating I’ve tried turning allow notifications off and then back on but that doesn’t work at all, I truly hope this developers get on top of this like seriously.Why is allied universal such a big company and can’t even get a proper app for their employees

Whatyhefudge, Jun 08, 2021
Such a breeze

Honestly this is such a well designed app. Easy to follow, essential information, and not bulky. Straight to the point. My only reason for a 4 star rating is because the calendar does not allow you to go back and look at your prior schedule. So if you don’t have set days or need to look if your overtime was put in- you’re stuck going off of hope and memory. If they would let you look back it would be perfect !!

Yasmihng, May 06, 2020


eHub by TEAM Software eHub Mobile is an employee and customer self-service app for the building service and security industries. eHub Mobile gives you instant access to critical information you need on site, any time. From schedules, work tickets and timekeeping for employees to job site and billing information for customers, eHub Mobile puts workforce and customer management tools right in your pocket.

This app is available for employees/supervisors and customers of TEAM Software clients who have licensed eHub. Permission to access any of the employee self-service features listed below is granted by your employer. Access to customer self-service features is determined by your eHub contractor. Employee Self-Service features: • Manage jobs: See job information and location; access, sign and complete work tickets; submit and review work requests; complete surveys and inspections and sign off; view customer invoices and requests; monitor job budgets and profitability; see time and attendance information in real-time; find schedule replacements; create billable work tickets on the fly. • Manage people: View and modify schedules and timekeeping information; review compliance information; leverage targeted communication tools. • Manage personal information: View pay stubs, W-2s, hourly benefit balances (PTO/sick); update contact information; clock in and out of jobs. Customer Self-Service features: • View electronic invoices, job information, time and attendance information, schedules, scheduled job site work and targeted communication items. • Request additional work, coverage or other items and see up-to-date request statuses. • Perform inspections or complete surveys and see results and deficiency status. • Sign off on inspections and work tickets.

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