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User Reviews for Workforce Tools

I love this app.

This app helps me out so much I’m checking my schedule and allows me to check my attendance (although it’s always amazing, I’m always on time 😁) it allows me to change my break time and my days off all on my phone. It allows me to check my paystub to take a screenshot or print it out whenever I need them. It keeps me updated if I missed a punch at work and make schedule requests off right at my finger tips. The QR badge to clock in and out with there is another app that allows the badge to be displayed on your phone as a widget to allow it to be easier for clocking and and out. I highly recommend this app for anyone in the work force that can have access to it, USE IT!!!! Thank you to the awesome programmers that made this thank you lots.

#boymom🦸‍♀️, Sep 30, 2021

I like some aspects of WorkForce, especially being able to request days off weeks in advance. This is very helpful due to outside meetings and doctor appointments.I do wish the program would update faster. There are occasions in which I punch out for lunch and forget the time. In the previous program, I could check my 'time card' to see what time I left.Overall, I believe it is a improvement over the previous program.

Capomatic, Sep 24, 2021
Will not keep you logged in

I used to love this app, it made clocking in and checking your schedule so easy. However for over a a week now it will not keep me logged in. It will log me out several times a day, every day. This greatly reduces the convenience the app is meant to provide. Want to quickly check what time you start/end on a day for making other plans? Nope, need to type in store number, user id and password then wait for it to load. Want to clock in quickly? Nope, it’s going to take more time to log into this app then doing it the old fashion way, (digging out a scrap of paper with your id on it included.)When it kept me logged in the app was easily a 4-5 star app. Now it’s only slightly more convenient then printing out my schedule every week on a company printer or taking a picture of a computer screen.

Ember Lux, Dec 02, 2021

As a 12 year associate tools such as workforce are ver beneficial to all associates. I do believe that it can be used as a subliminal training tool without an associate even realizing they’re being trained which increases their knowledge of store operations, builds upon the customers experience within our walls. This in turn causes investors to seek us out because the shopping experience is so amazing our company’s shareholders rejoice with their return on their investment into THE HOME DEPOT. Here’s an example, we have conditioned our associates to use the scanner to clock in, the associate is focused on the scan cube, put a short TEACH at the top or bottom and you have begun a training process that the associate willing learns from !I have many more suggestions, just contact me anytime !Jeffery L Smith #2021 Seymour IN. * Copy On File*

INMTB, Jul 17, 2022

Works well the calendar format is a little clunky. Seems to be written for desktop viewing. Most user a cell phone though. Choppy week view an missing two week view or two month view would be nice built in. Request days off should have a day through option. Login are not consistent. Sometimes touch or face log in fails.

kitchendesigner2, Oct 01, 2021
Pro Associate

This App is amazing it gives you high definition accurate on your schedule and it tells you everything you need to know about your work week. My only question and concerns can you fix it up a bit ? Like adding phone numbers to the application and to the appropriate departments it will make the employee more asset instead of asking her/his supervisor for the numbers about her/his benefits or a human resource questions.

Latinos only club, Nov 09, 2021
Was a decent app that left a bit to desire

Was pretty decent however I feel it left a lot to be desired. I don’t know exactly what but I feel like it needed to have a lot more of the one phone productivity apps so that when an associate was unable to utilize the one phone your personal phone would be a decent back up. And now I say was because as of the latest update I can’t even log info even after deleting several time and resinstalling when signing in I just receive a message stating the website is I longer available. Such a sad day as I’m probably going to be very early or very late tomorrow seeing as I relied solely on the app for my schedule.

Mike M. D-28, Jul 01, 2022
New, unnecessary update broke the app

Prior to the update, the app worked fine. I could log in, check my schedule, get my badge to punch in, etc. now I can’t even log in? I put in my info into a window that pops up, already a bad sign, and hit “sign in” and it tells me the page expired? That the page I’m trying to access is... no longer available? What page? I’m trying to log into an application to check my hours!EDIT: the page says it got an update a week ago but as of October 2021 I still can’t log into this &$&@ app. You’d think that they would fix this issue because they changed the process for when you forget ur myapron password so that you need to use the app to change it according to my store manager… which doesn’t make a lick of sense because you need your password to log into the app?! Good thing I wrote it down. At home. Hope they didn’t expect me to do infocus last month.The only thing I can fathom is this MUST be an issue with MY phone, I see other people logging in just fine as they punch in using their phone. Wish it was that easy for me. I knew getting apple was a mistake.

MrDud3, Oct 02, 2021
Very impressive app.

Honestly, with my experience with Home Depot systems, I didn’t expect much from the app. However, I’ve been thoroughly impressed.While the user-interface can use some refinement in the user-experience area, the app as a whole provides great information along with great usability. I especially love how I can see my new schedule and clocking in via the app. Seeing my vacation and sick time. All quite easy to dine in the app.Well done Home Depot.

RGomezPhotos, Dec 29, 2021
Very functional, very clear, easy to use

Not bad. Decent launch, and many improvements as time as went on. Broke workday. Still haven’t been able to get into that, so thanks (don’t think that was this app that did it). Otherwise, easy to see, easy to use, easy to understand. 5 out of 5 because I’ve never seen an scheduling app for a job I’ve had that has worked so well. Keep up the great work.

snacksterr, Dec 07, 2021


This application will provide mobile capability for users to have a centralized experience to view time cards, review schedules, and submit time off requests across various workforce management platforms. This application will integrate with any user's designated workforce management system and is easily configurable to provide a seamless workforce experience.

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