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User Reviews for Blue Yonder Workforce


A hassle to login because it always asked for a security question or a verification. And never recognizes my password even tho it is correct every time! Crashes every time I try to login, or does not update. Takes forever for it to load. And doesn’t send notifications if there are changes to the schedule. Terrible to have to take 5-10 mins or longer to delete and re download just login each day to look at your schedule. Glad I can screen shot it although it’s not reliable when your manager changes your schedule the night before. Don’t like this app and would not recommend.

ceh48974897, Jan 16, 2020
It was a pain

When we started using the app it had all kinds of problems mostly problems where logging in but with the new update the app works like a charm it’s easy convenient and I love the push notifications i can see any changes to my schedule without having to open the app.

Cluckent45, Aug 11, 2020
Won’t work

Well first this is the only app my job uses but it wasn’t too bad but now it only shows my shifts in military time and then looking at this page I realized I can’t even see my schedule for the whole month like it shows in the pictures and for everyone saying they wish they could see everyone who is working on the app it’s actually your job blocking that because I could see it at the beginning when I chose swap shift but now it’s gone! If they just did small updates this app would be great

Girly girl5, Dec 03, 2019
App not working

I have emailed and got some email back stating that is due to the provider but multiple people that i work with are having the same problem. I have tried calling the support line phone number that it gives me in the error message and it tells me that it is an incorrect phone number. This app is important for my job and our whole company uses this app can someone please get this fixed…..super frustrating…..going to contact my home office about switching this app to something that works…..

hotheaded....., Jul 20, 2021
Must be free

This is a terrible app, my employer must be getting it free. I cannot imagine anyone paying for this app. There is no way to reset a password via the app. Does not support Touch ID. Many times I cannot see my next week schedule until the day before. Trust me, I log in over and over trying to find it. I’d love to know before Saturday if I need to work Sunday. Every once in awhile I can see ahead but usually not. My employer changes apps at least once a year, looking forward to when they drop this one too.

Iamamover, Jan 24, 2021

It’s organized but it really needs Face ID to log in. Most apps have that. And I’d rather use the Face ID than type my numbers and password in every time we have to log in. It’d possibly help more people to be more apt to log in (if they’re package handlers). I guess we have issues people logging in at our location because they always just shoot us a text every day with what time to be at work.

Kirstine69, Dec 12, 2021
Is this a joke?

I’m not one to leave negative reviews but honestly I’m not finding any positives to this app. Frankly the company I work for is dumb to want to use this and rely on such a bug filled app. I have been having to constantly call a 1-800 number for a new password every time I want to log on, (because y’all haven’t made it to where I can’t pick my own password), currently I’m getting an error and then the screen goes white. When I could log on I couldn’t change information about myself. Monday of this week ppl who logged on thought we started at 3:30, we started at 3, but not what the app said. Frankly I give this app an F and recommend that Fortune 500 companies stop being cheap idiots. Don’t try to switch over to unreliable apps for ppl to know their work schedule and vacation days, (which always get rejected).

LynnMandy, Jan 21, 2022
Getting better !

I been using the app for a year and it was a little upsetting due the small bugs it had BUT still used because the schedule was layout in organize way and easy access . ** I’m so happy with the new 2020 update after so many crashes in the past , I’m looking forward for more :)

Periwinkle Lee, Oct 29, 2020
Have to uninstall and reinstall daily!

Most times I log in I get a page stating the page has expired, or it’s just a blank white screen. I have had to uninstall and reinstall for a week now, please get this fixed. Developer response was to install new version, did so and still experiencing the same thing, wish I could add this screenshot.I’m still experiencing this issue! This app is crucial for my work now, we no longer have the call in line they no longer post the start times in the hub we must rely on this app! I realize part of the issue may have to do with my cell service, however the entire issue does not! If I log in with one or two bars the app does not load. I can leave it and reopen it doesn’t require me to log in again, I can see the reader and request website settings, etc… Other than that it is a blank white screen with “done” at the top left corner. When I tap done I have just a blank white screen, absolutely no options, I still have to uninstall and reinstall! Add a logout option at least!Also, I wonder if it’s this app that can keep you logged in for days that is the culprit draining the battery of my brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max so fast?

SeriouslySonya, Nov 09, 2021
Won’t let me log in with correct info

It will no longer let me log in despite my password being correct. It locked my account and I couldn’t even log in at my job’s computer. I changed my password with my manager and when I log in at work it works, but not when I try the app. I can’t see my work schedule cause this is pretty much the only thing they use. It was working before then randomly stopped. After I changed my password it worked a few times, now it’s no longer working and just says wrong username/password.

shkaksn, Jun 08, 2022


Blue Yonder Workforce is a new mobile offering intended to provide Employee Self Service (ESS) Desktop parity and includes: * Schedule * Shift Offer * Swap Shift * Time Off * Available Shifts * My Availability * Edited Punches * Unpaired Punches * Pay Summary * Profile Note: Must hold a Blue Yonder enterprise license in order to use the application.