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User Reviews for DJI Mimo

Mostly good but a few important issues to work out

App is ok, but i have a couple of issues that wish would get resolved. 1) story mode sounds great. But still lacks functionality because you can’t customize the music or the words that appear on the screen. Also, i’ve followed the steps to remove the watermark at it does not work. This alone is a no go for me with using story mode. This is not a “trial version”, I paid money for the DJI device. 2) desperately needs an iPad version. It would be much more useful if we can choose to either use the iPhone for some quick edits, but also use the iPad to take advantage of the larger screen. 3) is it possible to add story mode (once those issues in #1 are fixed) to the osmo action as well? Once those other issues get fixed, i’d love to use the feature with my osmo mobile 3 and my osmo action

ABAT1023, May 03, 2020
UPDATE ADDED to Buggy, keeps crashing, causes a click with mounted microphone

The DJI OSMO MOBILE 3 came highly recommended, and isn’t cheap. It’s great in theory. But the app keeps closing on me! Constantly! I’ve tried all the workarounds, still happens. Worse yet, I bought a pricey microphone that mounts in the lightning port. There is a click at the beginning of any video, very distracting when stringing them together. This does not happen when using the camera app on the iPhone, but then you can’t use all of the features of the Mobile 3. I’m not happy!UPDATE-after hours of experimenting, it turns out that the Shure MV88 microphone does not play well with the DJI app. When the microphone was attached, app crashed constantly, and had a popping sound at the beginning of each video. Remove the microphone and VOILA! Works like a charm. I’m happy with DJI OSMO MOBILE 3, returning the $150 microphone and using Apple earbuds instead.

Back to life!, Jun 04, 2020
Disappointed and confused, such is 2020

I bought an OSMO Mobile 3 to use with my then iPhone XS Max. MIMO is the software that comes with the gimbal. Fast forward to December 25th 2020. I set up my OSMO to use as a tripod and fire up the MIMO to record my daughters opening their presents. I’m now using an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The recording starts and runs for 5-10 minutes. The girls finish opening their gifts and I stop the recording. THEN comes the disappointment. The recording is gone. It’s missing. Not in the app or the camera roll. I could cry because I had one job, record Christmas morning and the app failed me.The confusion is that when I contacted DJI support in the app they forwarded a list of phones support and it stopped at XS Max. This is confusing to me because MIMO is updated to use the latest iOS 14. The OSMO is just a gimbal. I wasn’t trying to use an of the features of MIMO outside of recording. So what exactly isn’t supported? Are all iPhones after XS Max using OSMO and the MIMO software unsupported? Before chatting with support I attempted to record summary videos. Those attempts were produced varying results. Some of the videos were lost. I ended up using the OSMO and the iPhone’s native video app because I knew that worked. Just a real disappointment.

blues5150, Dec 26, 2020

They advertise that the DJI OM4 can track pets with active track 3.0. That’s a lie. All the active track will do is actively loose your subject. The dog can walk around, towards you or past you. The camera with twitch around quickly instead of get a steady follow and often just loose the subject pretty much every time. Doesn’t matter if the gimbal is being held or on a tripod and stationary. If your dog is sitting still and looking around the room the gimbal will twitch the camera back and forth so you won’t get a steady shot. I’ve set the gimbal on a table with the tripod and it still bounces around. Worse yet, if you try to go to the forum and ask for help you can’t even post until you “earn points”! This is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. Eventually I was able to contact customer support to ask for help after digging around their website for ever because they don’t make it easy to contact anyone or ask any questions in a timely manner. I had already made sure the firmware was up to date and did a configuration. The advice of the support team was to return the product and get a new one because it was faulty. So I did. This one has the SAME ISSUE! I don’t know if it’s a bug, or a mechanical failure on the device. Either way, I’ll be returning it today and never buying any product from this company ever again.

caliise b, Aug 01, 2021
Great product, not so great software.

I really love the DJI OM 4, it does its job really well for what a gimbal should do. However, if you want to use any of the "cool" gimbal features, you need to use this app. Don't get me wrong, most of these features work well, but I found the app to be a bit limiting. For starters, EIS is disabled when recording 4k 60 FPS with the MIMO app, so the video ends up not as smooth as using the native camera app+the gimbal. However, you do lose features only possible through the mimo app, like active track. This brings me to my next issue, the active track. It works really well, but doesn't allow you to tweak any characteristics of the auto track. I would like to use this feature to record my workouts/skatebord videos from a tripod, but the active track is just a bit too sensitive and I wish we could lock the tilt while using active track. I noticed even if I set the gimbal to tilt locked mode, active track overrides that setting. I will still use the product for other things, but I'd use it so much more if we could have some more expansive customization. The software and hardware are more than capable.

Johnjo Riguera, Dec 08, 2020
Limitations in Story Mode

Despite the DJI Mimo main page advertising several “Story” mode videos created with an Osmo 3 Mobile, which are over a minute long, I am only able to create stories with 4 short videos - about 11-19s for most of them. This seems silly. Can’t I make a longer story?! It’s arguably one of the most fun features with so much potential but it’s so limiting right now. I would also like to be able to customize the text on the templates. I don’t need Chinese print and would like to add my own words... can’t do it in the Custom mode either. I want to be excited about Story mode but have a feeling I’m gonna get real bored with making 11s videos over and over. Also, I’d love to be able to make stories with EXISTING photos/videos. Right now it requires that I launch into story mode and film from there. Why can’t I use videos from my album (in the app even) and make a story from them?!

kkkkkkkkait, Jan 11, 2020
Osmo 4 & Mimo

I just started using my Osmo 4 and I love it. The one thing I don’t like is the app I have to use to get all its features to work.1 out of every 10 or 15 videos will not save when recorded on this app. I have been extremely disappointed at times because of this. It’s has lead to me losing a 20 minute priceless family video. I sat there completely helpless, frustrated and sad that I’ll never be able to replay that again.The home screen of the app is cluttered. When I open the app I want to get straight to shooting so I don’t miss a beat. I don’t want to open the app and have to navigate to record a video each time. If I want to see other creator’s videos I would much rather have it on an explorer tab or some thing. I don’t want it on the homepage. I also don’t care for the fact that it looks like they’re advertising their other products at the top of the homepage either. If my experience with the platform was entirely positive that would incentivize me to purchase another one of their products more than an advertisement taking up the top half of an app ever would.I get it, they’re trying to make this into a more social/sharing app than the Nikon SnapBridge’s of the world. But it just ruins the experience to me. I want more more streamlined app.I love the product which is why the review isn’t a one star. If I had the option to use another app I would never use this one.

Marco!!!!, Dec 04, 2020

Spent $500 on this device and it hasn’t worked since day 1. At first it was just getting really hot when I would turn it on, customer service said it was because it was new. It was so complicated to set up that I kept walking away… by the time I figured out you need to update it before you even start my 15 day return limit was up. Customer support just sends you screenshots of the troubleshooting they’re given and links to updates to weird third party sites (who end up saying access is denied anyway). I’ve been advised I can put in a work order (for a product that never worked). I would definitely go with a different company, what’s there point on buying an expensive product that doesn’t work. Summary: it was expensive and I haven’t even been able to use to because of so many steps and updates that won’t go through and no one actually able to help…I just finished filing the work order and it says I may be responsible to pay $65/hr to repair it

Rebecca De Foreest, Jun 30, 2021
Meh, sorta good.

Had to download to use with the Dji Osmo 3 Gimbal. The app can only be used when connected to the phone and gimbal. The “Story Mode” is extremely limited with poor music selections that sound canned & outdated. Zero aftermarket support is offered so you are forced to use this app if you plan on using the internal features. The double trigger tap that redirects the gimbal moves at one speed only. So if you have pan/tilt/etc. set to slow and you want to recenter the end of your shot will be out of sync. Please fix this. All in all, using the gimbal with the iPhone 11 Pro Max the experience is very “meh”. Despite having balanced my phone often times the app will tell me that my phone is off balance with a pop up screen that blocks my shot view. Time lapse is limited to a condensed 40 seconds, why? The gimbal is decent but definitely built for a Vlogger and not someone hoping to capture cinematic shots. I hope to see improvements and integration from other apps in the near future. Will update review as the Dji Osmo 3 experience grows. Also, please remove the words from the canned story options.

set fire to everything, Aug 08, 2020
Needs some refinement

Several things I think that could make this better. 1. Allow user to set defaults. It seems like every time I go start shooting I need to reset the settings. Like the one press active track. Don’t know why but every time I start shooting, I need to reset this setting. And stuff like being able to set it to automatically start in landscape mode vs portrait. The last thing this world needs is more video shot in portrait mode. Why should I have to have it start in portrait mode by default? All of the main settings the user should be allowed to set defaults for. Right now it seems like it starts up with random settings. Ones I wasn’t even using during my last session. 2. Make the camera app the main part of the app vs starting in advertisement mode. The videos and informational stuff should be in the background or something people can go to for reference and the camera app should be at the forefront of the app itself.3. Last but not least, DJI needs to be quicker to offer updates to support the latest phone models. Shooting with an iPhone Pro Max currently. Phone was released September 20th. It’s December. The update to support the wide angle lens should’ve been release months ago. Right now if I want to use the wide angle lens I need to switch to the iPhone camera app. This should’ve been addressed by now.

Wrxified, Dec 09, 2019


As the all-in-one app made specifically for the DJI Osmo Pocket handheld gimbal, Osmo Action camera, Osmo Mobile 3, DJI OM4 and DJI Pocket2, Mimo offers HD live view during recording, intelligent features such as My Story for quick editing, and other tools not available with a handheld stabilizer alone. Mimo lets you capture, edit, and share the best of your moments, right from your fingertips. Highlights: 

Supports HD live view and 4K video recording. 2. Controls Osmo Pocket, Osmo Action or Osmo Mobile 3 via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 
3. My Story video templates designed by professionals allow you to edit your videos in a single tap. 
4. Precise face identification and real-time Beautify mode enhances photos and videos instantly. 5. Upload and share videos with just a tap. 
6. Advanced video editing functions: Trim and split clips, adjust playback speed, reverse, and more. 
7. Tune image quality to meet your needs: Brightness, saturation, contrast, color temperature, vignette, and sharpness. 
8. Multiple filters, music templates, and watermark stickers finish your videos with a unique flair.

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