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User Reviews for ProMovie Recorder


I love this app. I’ve worked in tv production , with experience in live broadcasting, and a lot more . So when I was looking for an app that offered the control that I wanted while recording video with my phones camera. I found a lot of great reviews, and after using it for the last few years. I have to say this app is by far the best that I’ve seen, used, or heard about. Yes there are some free apps similar to this one and offer great features. They just can’t beat this one. Hands down one of my top favorites of all apps . Do yourself a favor and spend the couple bucks for the app. You won’t regret it! At least not if you know what you are doing and trying to accomplish

Cowboy1424, Jan 22, 2021

Let me start with this: this is in general a good app for filming videos, but if you are looking for something with FULL manual, which this app claims to have, then you are not in the right place. It has manual control, but everything starts out in auto, and there is no setting to turn it into manual. It labels the aperture as exposure, and whenever you adjust it, it immediately adjusts the iso and the shutter speed in order to amplify the change. If you set one setting to a specific value, no matter what you do, you will always find it wandering back to whatever the app's crappy AI system thinks is best. It will not let you follow the 180 shutter rule, and you cannot adjust the aperture for depth of field without ruining previously set settings. The anamorphic setting doesn't crop the image, it stretches it, resulting in displaced gnarly images, and lastly, this app that claims to be free, in reality costs $2.99 to remove a watermark. Lies.

goodboy1607, Apr 04, 2020
Missing Developers

First of all I want to say that I really do like this app. There’s functions on it that you can’t find on FiLMiC Pro or some of the other apps I have use like a Moment. I wish that it had the ability to record footage in log for flat but it doesn’t and that is a minus. But the one thing that really gets me is if you buy pro movie or pro movie plus you have to pay two separate charges but they are exactly the same app. I have message the developers in the message box inside of the app several times asking them what is the difference between pro movie and pro movie plus and they have never replied, even though when you send the message it says that they will reply within one or two business days. So I’m guessing that they just don’t want to respond to my question or there are no developers that still maintain the message box and respond to questions.

hatched1220, Jul 21, 2019
My first video app I’ve bought. Love it.

I am a professional filmmaker. I wanted to use my cell phone to shoot a brand new series that I am producing and editing and hopefully selling to a production company or network. I wanted to use my cell phone as opposed to fussing with my Canon camera and lenses. So I was researching, watching videos and reading reviews for weeks and everyone was saying that Filmic Pro was the app to use. At $15 for the app or $20 for the app plus the remote app, I didn’t want to spend that money for an application. So kept digging and found Pro Movie. The morning of my shoot, I found a video where a guy did a side-by-side comparison with filmic pro and pro movie. I watched it while showering and getting dressed. Lol. He went to each feature and then shot video in the exact same location to compare apples with apples. He said he preferred pro movie over filmic pro. I love how the footage looked and decided to get Pro Movie. And at $2.99, it was right up my alley. I downloaded it while I was on set and learned it before I did my first shot. It is super easy to use, the footage is dynamic and it is user-friendly. I do recommend having an external microphone because the audio may not be to the level that you want. This Is definitely for those who want achieve professional looking video without the price and burden of buying a $1000 camera plus lenses, who want to use their cell phones and want to use a super easy app.

KcMing, Dec 19, 2017
Better than Filmic Pro

I've used a lot of apps for shooting video for online and sales. This app is my go to app for consistent, high quality shooting. The full manual controls are easily accessible, as if they paid attention to that human interface design element in a big way. The huge issue that made me switch from Filmic pro to this one was that Filmic pro had a problem with making the screen dim dramatically after a few minutes of shooting. I shoot with 2 iPhones and an iPad with add on lenses, and the screen dimming is consistent across all devices regardless the screen or others setting on the devices or in the app. This makes Filmic pro nearly unusable in bright, natural lighting after several minutes. ProMovie doesn't have this problem at all. It even has screen brightness sliders in the app itself. It excels in every way, though I do have one request. The data rate on final shots are not always in the stated range. High quality will get you sometimes 100mbps, sometimes less - though the quality remains high, I would like it to reflect the settings more accurately. Other than that, this is my mainstay shooter now. Quite pleased with it.

Mingcorejkd, Aug 08, 2017
Great App; Poor Service; Needs Work

While this app is awesome in overall functionality indeed, I find it disappointing to say the least that it does not seem to support backing up content directly to iCloud or other cloud services and does not make that clear. This makes it difficult if I have to export videos to another device or manually to a cloud after every use to ensure they’re captured and kept when storage is low. I had to restore my phone recently due to some software issue, and while everything else was backed up to iCloud, this app wasn’t, so I lost a TON of content with little to no hope of recovery. If it’s going to promote being for iOS users, why not fully support iOS functionality? Overall, I have enjoyed using it, but certain features or the lack thereof should be made more clear. In 2021, if I purchase an app on one iOS device and have automatic downloads enabled, I expect the app AND THE CONTENT to be on each of my other devices. This app needs cloud functionality within itself for a better user experience.

Prepsice, Oct 03, 2021
It’s meh

For an app that claims be to be “pro” it doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of full control. For example you can control the shutter speed but if you try to change the change the exposure the app undoes your settings in order for you control it. Compared to Filmic Pro which gives you full control over the camera’s exposure settings. Also, unlike Filmic Pro, this app doesn’t have false color or focus peaking, which you would think would come built in into an app carrying the title of “Pro”. Despite my gripes over the lack of full exposure and camera control it does do some things well. I like how easy it is to set your resolution and control the zoom, focus, and shutter of the camera. However, the lack of full control over the camera is what, to me, earns this app a 3/5.

The Wizard 123, Dec 28, 2020
Solid phone video camera app

This app is really solid and allows you to control all the aspects of your phone camera as you would with a film camera. You can control the aperture, shutter speed, white balance, the FOCUS, audio inputs, audio levels. Etc. This app really steps up your game when you’re trying to capture more cinematic qualities to your videos with more control.My only negative tick on this app is every so frequently a notification comes up from the app asking me to make the purchase to remove the watermark. But I’ve already purchased it. I can use the “restore” function to reapply the purchase. But it’s not helpful when you are in an area with no cell coverage or are in airplane mode. That’s my only critique to improve this app is have the purchase be sustained and not have to be renewed so often.

Thom_Boy, May 19, 2022
Overall Well-Rounded App

There is a lot to love about this app - the granularity of control is beyond other apps I’ve tried. I use this app for slow motion capture on my iphone 11, and the results are great, but every time I start the app it has lost all the settings and I have to reselect everything. Perhaps the most annoying part of that is it quietly switches from [email protected] back to 60fps, and so the slow motion capture just doesn’t happen. Also, the control overlay does not fit on the screen correctly - the controls on the left are truncated off the screen, including the indicator for frame-rate. This app has been a long time favorite of mine despite these buggy issues on the iPhone 11. I really hope the developers are able to fix these issues, this app is still my favorite and I still give it five stars because it deserves five stars.

ThunderDick808, Apr 26, 2020
It’s OK

Well it’s really good but it keeps kicking me out so I would recommend to buy a different app but if you really want to make a movie just by the sun not by it meaning by like see it it’s free that’s what I like but the only thing that’s really bad about it it keeps just kicking you out it’s like goodbye and you like trying to see was the problem but I won’t let you get in again because it just keeps kicking you out and kicking you out it just gets really annoying and for some reason I just want to finish this thing I’m making won’t let me because it says not I’m not doing good and didn’t say that but I just said I like kicking me out for some reason you get kicked out many times and it just gets annoying annoying and then you try to leave it and then the next day it’s just does the same thing it’s just super annoying sometimes I just wish it would work better so I just gave it 4 1/2 stars

you my my name, Mar 05, 2022


ProMovie Recorder is a feature-rich yet easy-to-use video camera App for your iPhone and iPad. Take control of exposure, focus, frame rate, and every other aspect of video recording right at your fingertip. Take full advantage of your device's videography capability and create professional clips. • 4K video recording (up to 60FPS) ¹. • 1080p video recording (up to 240FPS) ². • Manual camera control for exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance. • High-quality video recording with up to 120Mbps bitrate. • Switch between Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras ³. ******** An In-App Purchase is required to record videos without the 'ProMovie Recorder' watermark. ******** Audio features: • External microphones (Lightning/3.5 mm headphone jack ⁴/Bluetooth). • Stereo audio recording *. • Audio monitoring through headphones and Bluetooth headphones. • On-screen audio level indicator. • Audio gain control *. • Supported audio formats: 256 Kbps AAC, 16-bit PCM.

Camera control: • Separate Exposure Point and Focus Point. • Exposure compensation. • Manual control/parameter lock for: - Shutter Speed/ISO - Color Temperature - Focus • White balance presets. • White balance calibration with gray cards. Supported accessories: • 2.4:1 anamorphic adapters. • Video rotation/flip for lens accessories. • External displays connected via Lightning-to-HDMI/VGA adapters. • Bluetooth remote ⁵. Other features: • Grids and cropping guides for easier composition. • Full-screen modes. • Level (tilt indicator). • Both HEVC and H.264 encoding *. • Standard and Cinematic stabilization mode. ¹ 4K @30FPS: iPhone 6s/6s Plus/SE and newer, iPad Mini (6th Gen.), iPad Air (4th Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 9.7-in., iPad Pro 10.5-in., iPad Pro 12.9-in. (2nd Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 11-in. (all models). 4K @60FPS: iPhone 8/8 Plus/X and newer, iPad Mini (6th Gen.), iPad Air (4th Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 12.9-in. (3rd Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 11-in. (all models). ² 1080p @30FPS: iPhone 5s and newer, iPad (5th Gen. and newer), iPad Mini (2nd Gen. and newer), iPad Air (all models), iPad Pro (all models). 1080p @60FPS: iPhone 6/6 Plus/SE and newer, iPad Mini (6th Gen.), iPad Air (4th Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 9.7-in., iPad Pro 10.5-in., iPad Pro 12.9-in. (2nd Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 11-in. (all models). 1080p @120FPS: iPhone 6s/6s Plus/SE and newer, iPad Mini (6th Gen.), iPad Air (4th Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 9.7-in., iPad Pro 10.5-in., iPad Pro 12.9-in. (2nd Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 11-in. (all models). 1080p @240FPS: iPhone 8/8 Plus/X and newer, iPad Mini (6th Gen.), iPad Air (4th Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 12.9-in. (3rd Gen. and newer), iPad Pro 11-in. (all models). ³ For iPhone and iPad models with Ultra Wide and/or Telephoto cameras. ⁴ Depending on your iPhone/iPad model and microphone connector, some of the following adapters may be required: • TRS to TRRS adapter • Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter • USB-C to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter ⁵ Compatible devices only. Needs to be enabled in ‘Settings’ -> ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Start/Stop Recording’ -> ‘Use Volume Buttons’. * For supported devices only. Note: Use 'iTunes' or 'Finder' to copy videos to a computer. Instructions: macOS Catalina or Later: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210598 macOS Mojave or Earlier: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201301 Windows PC: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201301 Contact us: [email protected]

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