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User Reviews for Imaging Edge Mobile

This app is a joke

This thing is terrible. It's clunky, bug-ridden, and lacks basic functionality like the ability to transfer RAW files. Even some of the things it's supposed to be able to do don't work—I can't even transfer a full-res JPEG with this, although there's a setting to do that. This is why smartphones are eating the traditional camera industry's lunch—the workflow on a smartphone is so much smoother and more polished, compared to this barely-even-an-afterthought garbage that we get with "real" cameras. Seriously, this kind of trash software wouldn't even pass as a sophomore CS student's term project.Sony, you can do better. You make incredible cameras that push the boundaries of what technology can do. You lead the camera industry in multiple areas, from sensor design to machine learning. You even make some pretty decent smartphones. Please devote just a tiny, tiny fraction of your immense resources to making this app what it should be. If you can create a seamless interface between your cameras and your customers' phones and tablets, your cameras will gain much greater appeal to a generation of photographers who are currently turning their backs on the traditional camera industry en masse. This app could be the bridge that brings an effortless mobile workflow to photography enthusiasts and professionals, which would be immensely powerful and advantageous. You can do it!

AOANLA, Dec 31, 2019
Creates HUNDREDS of empty albums in your photos app

First off, as a remote for my Sony DSLR and a photo transfer method, this app is pretty fast. That said, there should be more controls (like mode, focus, etc). Also, when you’re connected to the camera, there’s no way to switch between taking a photo and looking at the photos on your camera. It’s not user friendly at all. The worst part, however, is that the app will automatically create BLANK, EMPTY albums in your photos app. It looks to me like it creates one album for every photo you download, but it’s just an empty album. Scrolling through my photos app, I have hundreds of blank albums labeled “Imagine Edge Mobile” with no way to delete them outside of one at a time. Horrible design. Those albums will be stuck in my photos app unless I decide to spend an hour or two scrolling through to delete them one-by-one, and will continue to build up every time I take a photo. Developers, if you care about your customers, please find a way to fix this.

Bewar3, Sep 30, 2019
Good camera with a heavy app features baggage.

I’ve been shooting with the a7riii since its released after upgrading from the a7rii. After learning that the remote function is barely usable with its connectivity issues, along with the fact that the tap to focus not being supported on the a7riii, I stopped using this app. Which is perplexing because the a7rii worked fine with it even when the app was called PlayMemories or something to that effect. It’s 2021 and I thought I’d try it again. The a7riii is at its latest firmware and lo and behold, it’s still just as I remembered. I guess it’s fine as an external monitor for a quick reference (if you can get a good connection) but without the tap to focus, there’s hardly a reason for me to have this app. This really sounds like I’m ranting about the a7riii rather than this app but I’d argue that the features of the app is part of the package and it’s severely lacking. Imagine all the money invested on this camera system only to be burdened by a feature that cameras costing fractions of its asking price does perfectly. And I heard that all of this also applies to the a7riv. Embarrassing.

Chaeb1i, May 12, 2021
This app gets worse as time goes on

Used it on a professional shoot today. Just so frustrating. Trying to use remote camera trigger via the Sony app is so close to useless. You can’t really change settings without minutes of lag and having to close app restart reconnect fiddle with camera which is 15 feet in the air. Pull it down, up down, up down, up down on busy city streets in 30 degree windy weather. What should take 5 minutes, take 1/2 hour. When it does trigger it won’t stop taking photos. Then because it took 100 it takes forever to process in camera. Wouldn’t stop when in mid burst, which is new. Switched to low burst still no effective control over shutter. Then needed different exposure. Because of this zero way to bracket. Even though I paid for bracket app, it’s not integrated into remote Sony app. Crazy that after years it’s not available. Always hate using Sony, much prefer Nikon shooting blindly, but needed wider Rokinon 10mm (35mm equivalent to 14ish) lens. Awful. Don’t get your app teams act together. Geez! Worked better 2 years ago. Put bracketing in app if people paid for it, I’d pay more, JUST FIX IT!

Commonwealth, Mar 06, 2020
This is Sony’s weakest link. Updated

I’m a professional photographer who switched over to Sony after shooting with another brand for 16 years. I love all the features of my Sony mirrorless cameras, but sometimes I need to be in the photos. My old camera brand had a great iPhone app where I could set the ISO, F-stop, shutter speed and focus point manually on any camera in the family. Imagine my surprise that when paring my top of the line 42MP camera to play memories mobile, I found it to be next to useless. No adjustment of anything except for being able to put it in the timer mode. You can’t change any other manual function and if you leave your camera in auto focus, it might even grab the wrong spot. Sony gets an F on this one at least with the iPhone.Update. After looking at another app that prompted me to upgrade the app in my camera, everything magically started to work as it should. I wish my phone app would have alerted me to this miss match. New grade B+

DanA206, May 23, 2018

When I was trying to use this app with my Sony A6000 I found It functionally useless. However, I recently purchased a Sony RX10M4 and now find it quite useful. I can operate my Camera remotely while seeing through the viewfinder on my phone. I can trigger HFR shooting, and high speed drive multiple stills. Sure there are lots of things you cannot do but those are two important ones to me. Connecting is much better with the RX10 than the A6000. One significant irritation is that the WIFI link disconnects if you goto the camera and press the playback button to see a recording. On the iPhone, if you go to another app or even the main display, you have to restart your Imaging Edge session. It does not keep it active in the background. The session is still active but you have to push start for your camera. The disconnect when press camera playback is a significant irritation. Do not understand this limitation. Remote control of a camera is extremely valuable, I hope Sony will continue to expand hardware and software options in this area.Well, just found out that you cannot start a recording with this app. It does support single and multiple shot drive, and you can trigger HFR sooting but only offers the shoot trigger otherwise. How can this be? How can Sony build such great Cameras and develop such crappy remote control apps. Thus has been going on for years. Had to buy a non Sony remote system to do things I cannot do wit Sony apps and remotes. How silly is this?

Dcssteve, May 11, 2020
Try reinstalling the app!

The location link feature broke after I updated to the latest version. I saw one review saying to reinstall, but I brushed it off because I thought the location settings would always show in settings > privacy > location. It turns out I was wrong and a reinstall was necessary.Once you’ve reinstalled you’ll need to re-pair with Bluetooth. Also, when it firsts asks for access to your location it will only request “while using the app”. The app later complains it’s not “always” and will request you change that in the settings. After that you should be set.For those of you struggling to get the NFC to scan, the reader is on the very top (not on the back) of the iPhone 8. With that said, once it scans there’s a 90% chance it’ll fail to connect 👎 (or at least that was my experience with the old version)

GrahamWalters_, Apr 02, 2019
The app works, but not clear on setup

I see that a lot of people were having trouble connecting to the camera. I finally got it to work after a few tries. Follow these steps below: 1)Turn off your Wi-Fi to your Apple device so it doesn’t automatically connect to your camera when you turn on your camera’s Wi-Fi. 2) Click the Wi-Fi icon on your Sony camera device to show the name of the camera and password. 3) Open the app on your Apple device and click on your camera’s model or “Connect to new camera” option. 4) Click on the enter SSID option. 5) Enter the name of your camera’s name. On the app, it only says “DIRECT-“. You have to fill in the rest of the camera name. 6) Enter the password that is on your Sony device, but do not click “Connect” yet. 7) Turn the Wi-Fi back on to your Apple device. 8) Go back to your app and click connect. 9)Double check that your Apple device is connected to the Sony device’s Wi-Fi. This should fix the issue. I was able to get it to work on both IPad Pro 11 and the IPhone XS. Hopefully this works for you since I had the same frustration of not being able to connect. Entering the rest of your Sony camera’s Wi-Fi name should fix the issue! Good Luck!

Ishoy2000, Dec 26, 2019
Works amazingly well

When I first bought my Sony RX100 V1 I could not for the life of me get this app and my camera to synchronize. After watching every video I finally complied a quality list of exactly the steps to get things working. The KEY to the whole procedure is to get the camera and the app to communicate with each other. Once you open your settings on your iPhone and click on WiFi you will see your regular home etc. WiFi Settings. Make sure your camera is on. It might take awhile but your camera WiFi setting will be entered into your list. Click on it and make sure once it takes over for your home WiFi it has to have a check on it. Immediately go to your app and make sure it’s opened. You will see what’s on your camera screen. You can then use your iPhone as a great remote. The procedure to get photos from your camera to your iPhone or iPod is different but the key is to make sure both are paired via WiFi. IT WORKS SEAMLESSLY except for videos. That’s another whole story. You must change specific settings in your camera menu and purchase a unit that can attach via usb to your camera’s charging cord and then into this new usb cord and that cord into your iPad via lightning connector.

Lagrive333, Oct 07, 2019
Unstable App Connection to Sony AX53 ?

I can fully connect and maintain High broadcast level WiFi from iPhone to Sony AX53. However this Application looses it? Takes many attempt to even connect to camera. When it finally connects you can use it for only 15 sec after executing a command then spinner starts and Then it times out and looses connection. However at the same time the WiFi connection at high level and is up and stable so I can only deduce that this application is unstable? This situation has happened consistently for dozens of times. Literally have spent hours trying everything with marginal results! I have read all the FAQ and reset my network connection on my phone. Results are exactly the same -marginal connection by App?I have a iPhone 7Plus running 13.2.3 (latest IOS)At this point I give up as there is no way to work with anyone directly to solve this continuous problem. I hope someone at the App recognizes this problems and gets it stabilized soon ?!?

skr815, Dec 06, 2019


Imaging Edge Mobile allows images/videos to be transferred to a smartphone/tablet, enables remote shooting, and provides location information to images captured by a camera. ■ Transfer images from a camera to a smartphone - You can transfer images/videos. - The selection and transfer of images after shooting are no longer needed as the automatic background transfer function allows images to be transferred to a smartphone as they are captured. *1 - High bit rate video files including 4K can be transferred. *2 - You can view and transfer images in your camera from your smartphone even when the camera is turned off. *2 - After transferring, you can immediately share your high quality images on social networks or through email. *1 See here for supported cameras. Files are imported in 2MP size when using this function. https://www.sony.net/dics/iem12/ *2 See here for supported cameras.

Availability of video transfer and playback varies depending on smartphone in use. https://www.sony.net/dics/iem12/ ■ Remote shooting of a camera using a smartphone - You can capture photos/videos remotely while checking the live view of a camera on a smartphone. *3 This is convenient for capturing night views or water flowing scenes which need long-exposure, or macro shooting in which you need to avoid to directly touch the camera. *3 Models that support PlayMemories Camera Apps can use this feature by installing "Smart Remote Control" (in-camera app) on your camera in advance. http://www.sony.net/pmca/ ■ Record location information - With cameras that have a location information linkage function, the location information acquired by the smartphone can be added to the captured image in your camera. For supported models and detailed operation methods, see the support page below. https://www.sony.net/dics/iem12/ - Even with cameras that do not have a location information linkage function, it is possible to add location information acquired by your smartphone to the photos saved on your smartphone during remote shooting. ■Save and Apply Settings - You can save up to 20 camera settings in Imaging Edge Mobile. You can also apply a saved setting to a camera. *4 *4 See here for supported cameras. Save and Apply Settings are supported only for cameras with the same model name. https://www.sony.net/dics/iem12/ ■ Notes - Supported operating systems: iOS14.8-15.5 - This app is not guaranteed to work with all smartphones/tablets. - Features/Functions available for this app vary depending on the camera you are using. - For supported models and information on features/functions, see the support page below. https://sony.net/iem/

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