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User Reviews for DJI GO 4

Was once broken - Now seems fine

I recently purchased a Spark. Super awesome drone, especially since it’s so small. It is precise and hovers. A large upgrade from the $80 Walmart drone I had before.The app was nice, I had experience with it and the Inspire 2. But it kept crashing over and over. Just as people mention in the reviews. But after a recent update, it has worked flawlessly. It even seems to drain less battery on my phone than usual. I would give it five stars, but because this crashing problem lasted about a month, it’s somewhat crushing to that fifth star. The Spark costs a few hundred dollars. Our Inspire two after all cameras and batteries is about 6K. Not to mention that we use two Inspires for most shoots. Bad for having problems. Good for fixing it quickly.I love the fun options on the drone. It makes taking simple and fun shots so easy. And their is also so much available maneuvering, so that one can do their own thing if they want. It goes fast, and is very quiet.

AndersenEthanG, Jan 17, 2018
Works well in flight, auto editing is useful

Never had any problem in understanding the app and its functions. It’s really clear even when you have to deal with stressful situations in flight. The store needs more variety, there is no accessories I can find, only flagship products. Really don't care about the social media part of it. Most complaints I see here and in forums are about HARDWARE limitations or misuse.Despite being a movie industry professional for 20 years, I really like the auto editing features even though half the automatic scene choices I have to fine tune. I wish there are longer clips to choose from in this function, an ample selection of filters and more styles/music to select. Most of my flights are not supposed to be masterpieces of cinematography, I just want to escape from the ground a little while and toy around and this autonomous features make these flights more likely to be documented. Another suggestion: The interface does well its job, but lets face it - its really boring! How about something like “skins” to choose from? Something more aggressive like from a jet plane, or minimalistic and uncluttered for better viewing experiences or even “fantasy” like an alien ship? You can sell these, people will pay for it because not everyone takes itself too seriously.Anyway, keep the good work, guys. Looking forward for the next generation of DJI products.

FrostyJudas, Aug 13, 2018
Reliable After Over a Year but one hugeee issue.....

I bought a DJI spark in august of 2019 and ever since I’ve never really had any bug issues with the app. Maybe crashed once or twice ever but other than that, with my iPhone XR, it has worked quite well. But no fly zones, don’t get me started. You see rants about them everywhere and I can understand why. Hate to bash DJI but in what right mind should a drone be able to take off with GPS connected, be seemingly no where near an NFZ on any map, then be flying out over a lake around 100 yards away from takeoff and suddenly claim I’m flying in an NFZ. I Almsot lost my drone that day, completely lost GPS and live camera feed, barely made it back using just line of sight. I just don’t get it man. It’s one thing if No Fly Zones are announced prior to take off but you really think practically disabling my drone out of nowhere is going to prevent the catastrophic event of my aircraft hitting a plane 100 feet off the ground? Lol you gotta to be crazy if this is the only alternative DJI and the FAA can think of. THERE MUST BE A MIDDLE GROUND. Some NFZ are so ridiculous, I lived nearly 35 miles away from Newark airport when this event took place, shouldn’t there be a hight limit or some sort of compromise where we can fly freely in reasonable areas? Please DJI if you see this, do something about it, it’s a serious issue faced by a majority of DJI product users and I hate to practically see my money go to waste. Thanks,Jerry

Jerry Oconnor, Jan 19, 2021
App Won’t Work on my iPhone 6S

I got a Mavic Pro Platinum a couple of weeks ago. I tried to connect it to my personal iPhone 6S. The app constantly said it was “Disconnected” with the drone. I then tried my wife’s iPhone 6 and my work phone (iPhone 6S+) and they both worked just fine. I was able to update the firmware and fly the drone with both of those phones. I called support the next day and was told to “use the other phones that work”. When I explained that I didn’t want to have to use my wife’s phone or my work phone all the time, all I got from the tech was, “just wait until the new app update comes out.” Well, it’s been 4 weeks now since an update, and I have not been able to fly my drone with my personal phone. I talked to my work and they don’t want me using it to fly the drone and my wife isn’t around all the time.I’m giving this app 1 star for the crappy support, poor ability to work with all phones, and its ability to make so many others, just like me, as mad as I am. I am very disappointed in you DJI. If only you could create software as good as your hardware.

Johnny101Boy010, Dec 17, 2017
Two years of successful flights

It seems as though pilots are either all-in or all-out on this app. I’ve found it to work quite well! I’ve been flying my DJI Mavic Pro 1 for over two years, and we’ve safely landed each time so far.There have been some situations in terms of communication interference with the remote and the drone, or with the drone’s camera flipping in weird directions (even though it was still fully in control). Those issues were circumstantial and not app related.When I first started flying, there were a few occasions where I lost connection to the app. That was scary as visual would drop out, but that has not been an issue in quite sometime. “Return to Home” on the remote is a savior at that point, and it’s important to maintain safe flying practices, like visual line of sight, to bring the drone home safely.

JT Stally, Jul 05, 2020
Dji go 4 crashes all day long

First. For such of expensive product Mavic pro or pro 2, this application should work flawless, no hiccups one so ever, I purchased the drone with the best desire to have on the air right away, i downloaded the app and as soon as I started the new account process on the app, the app crashed, I though it was a faulty download, so I deleted it, reset my mobile and started downloading it again, I did this 4 times with no successful registration due to the annoying crashes of the add. Then I look for information on the dji forum and I found comments about this crashing app from months ago, like what the heck? For a unit that cost over $1000, this company can’t deliver an app that work and enhance the drone experience. So now I’m so disappointed, can’t fly the unit above 16-18 feet high, as it shows limitations that need to be completed or set using the app. If I use another app to fly the unit , it will void my warranty. What it the deal with this ??? With some many people working remotely, can’t dji put a team of app developers together and have this working properly.....!!!!!. I can’t even review the app itself because i can’t even do the registration.

LightweightC3, Sep 29, 2020
Not reliable

The DJI go 4 app is hit and miss if I’m not having a problem updating my flight record then I’m having problems with my transmission.I attempted to fly my dji spark 4/3/19 with my iPad & my iPhone 6s+ and both kept saying bad transmission signal to weak turn off nearby Bluetooth; the Bluetooth on my phone, iPod, my wife’s iPhone, my surround sound bar inside etc. with no luck I just gave use and it’s crazy because I jus was flying long distance 4/1/19 from my helipad in my front yard. I was so frustrated I didn’t not attempt to launch my dji Mavic air into the sky. I didn’t contact dji today I hate having to speak with the most times I cannot understand them and it seems most knows nothing about the products they look up the information online while you are on hold forever. I’m going to attempt to call them tomorrow if the problem persists I’m really dreading it because I’ve had to return the remote before only for them to not be able to replace the broken charger port, thank god I placed insurance on the drone when I purchased it the insurance company wrote a check for the price of a new remote. I know my insurance is up but it worth attempting to get it checked it’s in perfect visual condition I’ve had her over 2 years with no accidents.

MoneyBagDave, Apr 03, 2019
Love the drone, hate the app

The spark is amazing. Best drone ever. App for spark? The textbook definition of buggy. This app is really cool I love the editing options and skypixel, but the bugs make it unbearable. Examples? Can’t watch random videos on Skypixel. When I download the vid I made with my phone it runs at basically 5 frames a second. Then when I exit the app to see if it’s my phone’s issue, it restarts the app and doesn’t save my 2 hours worth of work. I saved and exited the vid I just made, then reopened it to see if it saved. And of course it didn’t. I made the same vid over and over again 5 times. And each time, when I reopened the app after trying different things to get the vid to not run so terribly, it erased all my work. I’ve had my spark for 3 years and the app hasn’t done the vid bugs until now. The skypixel thing has always been a minor annoyance, but loosing 2 hours work not once, but 5 times??. Please fix DJI.Update: Just purchased a new iPhone XS thinking my old 6s was the problem. Turns out that nope, it is the app.

MythicalDonut117, Aug 21, 2021
Definitely happy

I’ve had my drone for a few months now and have had zero issues with the app. My only problem is with the simulation mode. I’d like to be able to practice without having to turn on the actual drone. I mean, what’s the point? Other drone apps have very different controls, so that makes them irrelevant for me. But they have great courses and game play. I’d like to see DJI give us different flight modes and obstacles so that we can practice navigating around virtual things, instead of subjecting my new drone to real damage. After all, one battery lasts for a whopping 15 minutes, when in reality you need multiple hours to get comfortable. Anyway, I’m otherwise super happy with the app, haven’t had any crashes or glitches of any kind yet. I flew it out of range once(didn’t have controller yet), but that was my own problem. Connectivity hasn’t been an issue, despite flying in a densely populated city with plenty of interference.

Sean and Shelley, Jan 16, 2019
Liked their products hate their software

The biggest problem with DJI is that their software game makes it incredibly difficult to use their products. You have pretty much have bought a fancy brick, unless you sign in, and agree to their terms and update, their software and firmware, pair the devices again, and the calibrate, every time you try to use your device and now oh no! your battery is dying already, never mind the fact that you missed the magical shot you had just gotten an opportunity to take 15 minutes ago when you grabbed your gear! Also of not is the fact that the majority of these tasks require a signal, so if you’ve got a dedicated device as a monitor or camera (like an old iPhone) that doesn’t have cellular connection, or you’re out in the woods, on location, or just somewhere without a WiFi connection capability, you’re equipment is dead weight. I’m not really exaggerating, their software is such a hassle to use that it goes beyond frustrating and hinders your ability to actually use their devices. Whether it be the Osmo series, the drones, the ronins, you end up with the same experience, you’re spending more time trying to set it up every time you want to use it than you will actually using it.

Viva la MAB, May 06, 2019


Capture the world from above. DJI GO 4 has been optimized for all of DJI's latest products. These include the Mavic Series, Phantom 4 Series, and Inspire 2.

It provides near real-time image transmission and camera settings adjustment, as well as editing and sharing of aerial imagery. Features: All-new Homepage and UI Near Real-time HD Image Transmission Camera Settings Adjustment Updated playback interface Updated Editor with improved UI More templates and music tracks in Editor Convenient video downloading, editing and sharing Integrated live streaming Near real-time flight data recording

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