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User Reviews for DJI Ronin

Works with Sony A7 IV but…

I’m able to control my new A7 IV, but not unless you follow procedures in a specific order, much like a NASA Shuttle Launch.I use the MCC cable, and you can’t do some functions, such as AP/Sh/ISO control on the app. This doesn’t kill me.However, a silly but BIG bug using the app and RavenEYE is that the CAMERA REC button and APP do not stay in sync with each other if you use the Camera’s REC button. What’s worse, is when you DO hit record on the camera, then hitting the rec button on the gimbal or app are now OPPOSITE of what’s really shown. I’ve submitted an entire bug report, but have to wade through the usual “did you do this, try that, firmware update, different device” stupid routine.I wish the app was more “English”; as of now, you feel like you’re working through some cheap video tool that’s been translated from Chinese.

Capt. Gizmo, Jan 10, 2022
works flawlessly with ronin-sc

i just recently purchased a dji ronin-sc. i was expecting a troubled experience with this app based on other reviews. to my surprise, it has been one of the more reliable apps that i’ve used. my app version at time of review is 1.6.2. it has worked great. easily connects to the ronin-sc and has all the functionality that i require at this time. the quality of the dji software is one of the reasons i chose a dji gimbal over some other brands. it had better reviews than competitors. i was hoping it would be reliable and easy to use. i have not been disappointed.

ClintWesly, Mar 19, 2023
Garbage app

For a premium product this app is a massive failure . For starters , there’s the cryptic and minimalist error messages we get . The solutions to the errors in the app lead us to a minimalist set of instructional videos designed by idiots for idiots . The internet didn’t lie though, there is force control and you can fine tune various parameters with the app . Now whether those settings are mathematically accurate is another story . DJI doesn’t even have an iPad app for this device so you’re essentially left having to tweak these premium gimbals with their awful app on your phone . This app is gimmicky, at best . Feel free to peruse a Reddit and the DJI forums . The app is nothing to write home about . Massive let down .

Frzzl, Inc., Mar 02, 2021
DJI RONIN RS 3 issues with app

Just bought a DJI RS3 and there is definitely some software bugs that needs to be fixed with the integration of the DJI RS3 and the app. As it doesn’t work smoothly and at the moment RS3 is stuck updating every time I turn it on and the app says update 80% every time… As well as the gimbal instructions are terrible for set up with a Sony a 7iii using the usb c cable to control the camera and trying to use the auto focus motor. I do not understand why DJI can make their fly more app and drone work for kids but not this app or experience as it’s to glitchy.

JIMMYSEMDIT, Jul 09, 2022
It’s.... fine I guess.

Just bought a Ronin-S and focus motor. Saw the update that said it added the ability to control the focus motor from the app but it’s only available for the Ronin-SC and not the SC’s big brother. Don’t half-ass feature rollouts DJI. It leaves a bad taste in the mouths of your customers.The rest of the app is fine. What’s offered mainly works as you’d expect so I can’t say much negatively there.And an iPad version would be nice too. If I have my phone on the Ronin for ActiveTrack, then it’s kind of hard to use the rest of the app.

jZak2k10, May 02, 2020
Sony No Go

It’s 2018...why in the heck is anyone depending upon IR as a remote control solution, especially a tech company like DJI? If you are expecting for your Sony mirrorless cameras to be compatible with the Ronin-S, well...they aren’t compatible...exactly. DJI supplies an IR cable as a half-baked solution to control the shutter and record functions for the Ronin-S. IR has high failure rates in bright sunlight. And, forget about the zoom wheel...it doesn’t work with Sony. There are videos showing how to hack the system by using a Sony IR remote, which is also a half-baked solution. Let’s go, DJI, get your stuff together and get this problem solved in the next firmware update!

one time, Sep 05, 2018
Incomplete functionality and poor connection

The “creative” modes ( track and cam anchor) don’t work on iPhone or in inverted/tripod mode. The camera will always orient towards the sky and the tap feature to position the camera does not work. I’ve spoke with DJI about this and there is no way to trouble shoot, except for just wait with fingers crossed for the next update to fix this issue. Also, connection from phone to ronin 2 drops often, and the only way to get it back is to power cycle the phone and reconnect . I’m hoping these issues are resolved in the next update, as the creative functions would be great tools to have if they worked. One more thing, still waiting for the rumored “roll 360” function to be released... hopefully in the next update as well.

renegadeprowler, Jan 04, 2018
Important features missing to make this work

1. Add a loop function for keyframes - ping pong or repeat. This is critical for interviews and similar scenarios.2. Keyframe mode needs to support focus control. Otherwise it’s pretty useless and not competitive with other motion control systems such as Edelkrone etcThese features seem really small and like oversights of making this a really good solution for secondary cameras without needing an operator.Such a downfall without it.3. Also why is there no video feed visible from the Lidar video feed on RS3 Pro? On RS2 this works fine with Raveneye and one can set the object to focus on that way, but not that the Lidar uses it’s own video feed we can no longer see the video in the app.It’s better for the Lidar to have its own video for improved tracking and less hassle (eg no need for SDI to HDMI conversion), but now one can only set the tracking frames with that little screen on the gimbal :-( ughh….4. The Activate Track does not learn faces really so when a person exits the frame and comes back, all tracking is lost. This is really bad compared to some other systems on the market and really needs to be improved hopefully with some firmware updates.

Share47, Aug 03, 2022
Would be perfect if they add 1 thing

First off the app works great, connects quick and easy, everything works as it should, however it does not allow you to keyframe the focus servo along with the movement in track and timelapse modes, the creative potential would be outstanding if they allowed for it. There is no technical reason they cant do it because you can already adjust focus focus in the app. Once they add this I will change my 2 star to 5 stars

tdubskid, Nov 12, 2020
Keypad for signing in does not work

When I go to sign in the app to connect with device it literally does not allow me to enter letters, only numbers into the entry area. It is impossible for me to enter a password because of this.I have tried this across multiple iPhones and iPads—-this is a app problem. Very poor experience, probably returning because of the software problem. I am unable to even get into the app because the developer does not know how to create the UI interface correctly—-don’t create a password and then create a defective sign in.

Veritasium007, Apr 12, 2019


Personalize your Ronin shooting experience with the latest Ronin app from DJI. You can access and manage gimbal motor parameters, SmoothTrack, remote setup, and Ronin’s unique Axis Modes. 1.Easy, automated motor tuning With Auto Tune, Ronin app can adjust motor parameters automatically based off the payload mounted. With such base line, you can further adjust the Stiffness, Strength, Control and Filter parameters accordingly. 2.Adaptive SmoothTrack When Acceleration is set to be much higher than Speed, the Ronin will handle operator’s movements adaptively.

You can achieve a complicated long take with only one group of settings. 3.Create with ease With the newly added CamAnchor and Track mode, you can plan your shot in advance and execute it by a simple click. 4.Live gimbal data feed Access gimbal operation data in real time and diagnose gimbal status.

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