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User Reviews for Insta360

App is crap - still without preview for the 4K module

Since I purchased this item, I, along with countless others, expected to be able to have the live view feature to work on the iOS devices. Updated app, phone and still doesn’t display a live view. ‘Preview is compressed’ displays on the screen when you again should be able to see what you are filming. With or with out the one inch mod, or the 360 mod, there is still no option to see what you are filming on your phone. Unless you wish to damage your eye sight and try to look at a small 1 inch square this camera is a waste of money. I am hoping to return this item soon as it’s only another company making false promises and under delivery of the product. Again so, do NOT purchase this camera. And If you did, return it as fast as possible. They are unlikely to fix a problem that is a main essential feature.

Ambition Fashion Magazine, Oct 13, 2021
Great app but needs some fine tuning still

The app is great but there are little corks that throw me off, as others I expect. I have chosen United States and my phone is in the English language and still parts of the app are in different languages. For example the achievements badges and let of the gold store. Also I would love the ability to close out of a video on the shots lab without having to watch the video all the way through once I enter full screen mode. Other than that the app is well polished and works great with the camera I bought. So other wants would were we could connect it with cloud storage servers to easily backup and or transfer files. The ability to duplicate video files would be nice as well as we will always have a unedited backup. Great work one the app!

Cholschuh, Dec 28, 2021
A confusing app in several respects.

This app has good core functionality for shooting and editing, but it has problems in a few areas.When you download images and videos from the camera to your device, they don’t show up in Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage as part of the app - they show up at the bottom under “System Storage”, which is confusing if you’re trying to free up space. It also makes me wonder if the app is writing temporarily files on export which will clutter up my phone.Also, when exporting videos to Google Street View, there’s no indication or list of what videos have been previously uploaded, either in this app or Google Street View app. It seems to work as Google Maps updates a few days later - but at first I thought it was broken and silently failed.

Chroko, Jul 25, 2022
Cool concept, just so many bugs

This app is great on paper but has so many unpolished features! I feel as if they just didn’t pay close attention to the smaller things like being able to actually cut and delete segments rather then having to trim down one long recording to get one clip! When you do trim multiple clips it cuts in and out! I also wish the software had all the features the app does but the software on pc us even worse! I’d honestly pay money for this app if it worked just like how and editing app/software should be! It’s not user friendly when you record a 30 minute video and have multiple parts you want to save! The exporting is also 1080p why even shoot in 5K then! I just really feel like this app has so much potential but it’s just lacking the easiest things ever! INSTA 360 PLEASE FIX UP AND ADD FEATURES THAT WILL MAKE IT user friendly Id hate to use Adobe primer and loose out on the app!

Dhcncbsjxbz, Jul 13, 2022
Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken

Rule number 1 of engineering is don’t fix what isn’t broken. The One X could use the One R app and its many software advantages just fine, now you restrict the best features to One R users only and give canned responses that it’s due to incompatibility with the One X. Be honest, this was a Steve Jobs power move to try to sell One R’s and everyone sees right through it. Aside from the outrageous ONEX lockout from shot lab, you are forcing the One R’s dynamic stitching to be on with no option to turn off. This feature is nice but prone to stitching errors on the one X and should be able to be turned off. We lost the ability to toggle audio improvements on or off, and we lost the ability to turn chromatic calibration on, which in my experience should always be on because it worked flawlessly. Do the right thing and give us a true power app that gives everyone all the features that are truly compatible which is most of them. Aside from the complaints, it is nice to have the superior keyframable FOV and no download editing available with the proper ONEX stitching profiles (now for waterproof cases!), aside from the fact that dynamic stitching doesn’t work right and can’t be turned off.

ERAUdarouze, Aug 21, 2020
Why such poor iPad support?

Love the camera, the app works very well and I’m certain I haven’t even made full use of it yet.. But I have to say I am incredibly disappointed with the iPad version of this app. It’s the exact same as the phone, just scaled to a larger screen. As someone that does 90% of their editing from an iPad, it is so frustrating that I have to work off my phone to make edits to my videos. At the very least there needs to be a horizontal mode because as it stands I have to disconnect my keyboard and work with the naked iPad to do any editing. Why not make use of the extra power? I will absolutely come back and update this to a five start if this issue is resolved. I don’t know how I can take this seriously as a professional level action camera if I am forced to edit off a phone.Edit:The Developer has updated to include much, much better iPad support. This app is fantastic and an appropriate companion to a phenomenal camera.

Gggghjk, Nov 27, 2021
Potential to be a great app, but frustrating..

This app could be great, but I find it frustrating in a few ways which interferes with my workflow.The thing that I find frustrating is the automatic video playing and pop ups. When I open the app, I want to quickly connect to my camera, take video, download the footage and start editing. Especially in the field. I find that the app experience is very distracting - there are always videos playing and often a pop up screen appears which I have to close before being able to proceed (often not obvious where to close - especially in the field when it is sunny). I find this distracting and interferes with my workflow. It would be good if the workflow was streamlined, obvious/intuitive and less distracting.Landscape mode on Ipad. I normally use my Ipad in landscape mode on the magic keyboard. Given that the app only really works in portrait, I have to remove the Ipad from the keyboard to edit footage.Finally, I have experienced some bugs which have interfered with my workflow. Fortunately, they have been fixed by a recent update. One in particular caused my camera to crash.

GXJPDX, Sep 21, 2021
This app is a joke

This app is a joke and certainly not for creators, be them entry level or professional. The app corrupts any semblance of GPS coordinates for the metadata (cams don’t have GPS like the pro-level competition). The video editor is difficult to use and often locks up simply trimming one video - don’t even think about combining multiple videos. Insta360 comprehensively has obtained zero audio rights for absolutely any in-app music. What that means is two things; 1.) Often the provided audio music to use in the editor simply won’t work in the US (they confirmed this with me via “Developer Response” in my last review), so at best you may edit a small video and add music from another app like iMovie; 2.) The social media platforms will start taking all of your videos down, for those times when you were able to create a video in the app, because they don’t have the necessary legal audio rights. You can ONLY post to the Insta360 platform…which, what is the point there. At the end of the day, stick with a trusted and well-established brand that actually has engineers and a staff that can pull this off. Don’t get caught in the marketing hype.

HeavenHillHammock, Jun 20, 2022
Upgraded Original Go to Go 2!

I used to have the original Go but I ended up losing it because it was so tiny it slipped out of my pocket. Before I lost the Go, I cracked the lens and that was also because it slipped out of pocket. Now the Go 2 has much more user friendly experience than the original. First of all, the image quality is so much better. It no longer blurry, stability is on point. I no longer have to worry about cracking the lens because it has a cover. The best feature is the case. It transforms into a tripod, you can film and use it as a stick while the camera is attack to the case. Will we see a 4k version of this camera? That’ll be so wow….

Kiyosuko, Sep 23, 2022
0 stars

The company is a scam. I bought the camera for my wife for Christmas, and she asked that I return it because the quality of the camera/technology was not reflective of the price. But when I tried to return it (16 days after purchase) they told me their return policy was 15 days and tried to sell me other accessories. When I complained, they tried to sell me more accessories and didn’t even acknowledge my complaint. I’m almost positive the messages I received back were from bots. Now onto the app. The app is confusing and the opposite of user friendly. And when you export photos onto your phone, it says “shot by Insta360” in the bottom right corner. This company is all marketing. The camera is terrible. The app is a joke. And the customer service is non existent. They just want your money and don’t care about anything else. I will never buy another product from this company.

Mercus101, Feb 18, 2023


Insta360 cameras and handheld gimbals give creators, athletes and adventurers tools to create like they’ve never created. Whether you’re upping your shooting game with an Insta360 GO 3/GO 2, Flow, ONE X3/X2 or ONE RS/R , the Insta360 app is a creative powerhouse in your pocket that acts as your camera’s sidekick. Let AI do the work with auto editing tools and templates, or dial in on your edit with a host of manual controls.

Editing on your phone has never been easier. AUTO FRAME Not sure what to focus on? Auto Frame finds the best parts of your 360° videos for you, giving you a range of reframed clips to choose from. Reframing The creative possibilities are endless with easy 360 reframing tools in the Insta360 app. Tap to add a keyframe and change the perspective of your footage. Deep Track Select a person, animal or moving object with a tap. The AI-powered tracking algorithm keeps it locked in center-frame, even when obstacles get in the way. Snap Wizard Reframe your videos by turning your phone. All your edits are saved instantly. Export and share with just a tap. Shot Lab Shot Lab is home to tons of AI-powered editing templates that help you create viral clips in just a few taps. Discover over 25 templates, including Nose Mode, Sky Swap and Clone Trail! Hyperlapses Speed up your videos to create a stabilized hyperlapse in just a few taps. Adjust the speed of your clip on a whim—you have full control over time and perspective. Download-Free Editing Edit and share your clips to social media without downloading them to your phone first! Save your phone’s storage space and edit clips while you’re on the go. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time! Official website: www.insta360.com (you can also download the Studio desktop software and the latest firmware updates) Official customer service email: [email protected] Official app community email: [email protected] Plus, discover the best content from creators around the world in the Insta360 app! Find new video ideas, learn from tutorials, share content, interact with your favorite creators, and more. Download now and start exploring! If you would like to share feedback about our app, please search for the "Insta360 Official" account in the app private message system, and send us a private message after following.

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