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User Reviews for LumaFusion

Amazing app great results two small gripes

I have been using this app for a few years mainly to edit social media stuff but I have edited short films in the past. It’s app absolutely amazing. It allows me to do high-quality edits on the go and basically anywhere. The ability to edit from a drive only intensifies how great this app is. Right now we are limited to six video tracks and six audio tracks. This is where the two things I would change comes into play. I do not mind being limited to six video tracks. However, I would love to have the ability to compound clips onto one video tracks. Secondly, and more important in my opinion, I would ask if we can have more audio tracks.Other than that, it’s one of the most amazing apps and impressive apps I have used. And with the M2 chip there should be more options to upgrade this app. Luma fusion now has competition now that Davinci resolve is on the iPad. I’m not sure what Davinci resolve offers as I have not installed it yet, but it will be competition to say the least.

100%wpcu user, Apr 07, 2023
Glitch Ruined Hours of Work

This is a well designed app, and may deserve 5 stars in the future. However I have been experiencing multiple media issues and errors. For example it may say “missing media, reimport the file”. The file is indeed there, playable, workable, but upon exporting an error is experienced. Optimize and consolidate does not always fix it. I can not simply re-edit this one media file, as I have spent hours on it. For the media to work in the project and then suddenly not upon export is infuriating. Is it corrupt or not? If so, perhaps let me know before I spend 6 hours working with a playable media file that is not “missing”, and very much so exists on the app. And I’m not about to upload 8 gigs to my photos every 10 minutes just to see if something magically became corrupted. I’ve dealt with it multiple times beforehand, but I just lost too much work to be content with this app currently.Update: even after deleting the media file and reimporting it upon export I got the same error. Please let me know how to fix so I can continue to use this app. Until then I’ll use something else that works. Update: why can’t I delete a folder??? I have too many files to delete individually and optimizing reimported them all. Please help.

Alibaba0880, Nov 21, 2018
This app is extremely powerful! One thing I would recommend…

This app is powerful, the amount of stuff you can do on it still surprises me, and I’ve had it for a little over 2 years. I find Luma easy to use and fun to work with, I’ve even done stuff on Luma that you wouldn’t even think of doing on just a video editing app. I have used it for editing photos, compressing videos for faster transferring speeds, I even pared it up with Procreate and made a cool little cartoon animation! It’s truly powerful.If I were to recommend something to the creators of Luma Fusion I would say if you guys can add more editing layers. 6 layers for video plus another 6 for audio is good enough for a high quality edit, but if you figured out a way to add double or even triple the amount for just the video side, you would by far would have the most powerful editing software for iOS and iPad OS. With that many editing layers you can make complex animations with great quality. I understand the limitations of older iPhones and iPads but if you made it a feature for the M1 and M2 lineup of iPads, you would be far ahead of any video editing software on the AppStore platform. Anyways thank you for making a really solid video editing software!

bigfact hard facts, Feb 11, 2023
Slow Export with Stabilizer

This app is fantastic in all that it does but the one feature that I use all the time in any video editing software is the stabilization feature. For some reason the stabilization when applied within this piece of software causes the video preview frame rate to drop significantly. Then when I go to export the video with the stabilization applied, the final export time takes a VERY long time for a roughly 6 minute video. When I turn the stabilizer off, the export time speeds up exponentially. I am not sure if all of this is by design or if it is a limitation of the iPhone hardware OR if it is an issue with the program It’s self. I first tried all of this on my iPhone 13 Pro then tried it on the new iPhone 15 Pro and the results are the exact same on both, stuttering video preview and very slow exports with the stabilization active. I know that export times won’t be anything close to that of my MacBook Pro but it still seems quite slow for the duration of video that I am working with in this case. Could one of the developers chime in on this by chance and give me some insight as to what might be going on?

Blaze600, Sep 24, 2023
Top Drawer App

I always wanted Final Cut Pro. But never got it for my MacBooks. In 2019 I bought my first Iphone. Looking for the best video editing app, LumaFusion keep showing up. After doing much research on it, I finally put it on my Iphone. Knowing nothing about editing and after watching many how to do videos. In one week I was making videos that were very impressive. Green Screen was a must to have. The ease of using it is also Top Drawer. The only negative thing I can say about LumaFusion is ME. In a very short time you will be making superior quality videos expressing your imagination. And you can do that by using just a few of its many features. Don’t stop there like I did. Keep exploring its many features that will turn any of your photography into blockbuster movies if you want that. The only limit to LumaFusion, in my opinion, is you the user. Again. Knowing nothing about editing when I installed LumaFusion on my phone. I now say I am ready for the the big time. But am content with what I use it for now Ron in Los Angeles

Boondockin Ron, Oct 05, 2022
Lost files

On an iPhone, I took 6 videos. I brought all of them into my first LumaFusion project. I started the project and moved two of them to the video timeline. The iPhone was too small a platform to work on. Then I downloaded the app to my iPad with older iOS. My iOS was outdated. So then I bought a new iPad, with iOS 11.2.6 and downloaded my data from the cloud. When I downloaded the app to the new iPad, the 2 videos that I had added to the original video timeline when the project was on my iPhone were still in my photo/video folder, but the other videos were no where to be found! They were not on my iPhone nor in the cloud. Believe me, I checked multiple times! I lost hours of video time. I read after that there is the ability to delete material on your account from LumaFusion, but I don’t know how I did. If they were deleted via the app there should be a huge warning explaining what’s happening. I don’t remember doing anything that would have deleted any videos. I hardly did anything, given I could hardly work the app on the iPhone’s small screen. Anyone else seen this behavior? I like the functionality, but at this point, I’ll only use it after I back up my data separately before dragging any files into LF.

Debohf, Mar 26, 2018
Latest Update Broke the App!!

Great update, guys!....NOT. Now the app keeps immediately crashing, as soon as it opens! I click the icon, to start app. I pull in 2 short videos to edit them together. I try to link them, before editing, and the app appears to just shut down. I restart app. It does it again. I try it again....same thing, but I then notice that it doesn’t completely close. It looks like it’s running in the background, as I see the app screen/window, when I double click home button (on iPad Pro.) I completely close the app out, (there are no other apps open) and click icon to start it again. It does the same thing..appears to close, (My home screen wallpaper is on screen) but I see the app is running in the background, as seen by once again double clicking home button. I completely close app out, again, and this time completely shut down the iPad, and restart it. Try to open app once more..surprise, it does the same thing as before...shuts down to background! The app is now totally unusable! It stays open for about 2 seconds each time I open it, and then crashes/app window disappears, as if it closed, but is running in background, and if I click on the app window to bring it up again, it just keeps doing the same thing! The app had been working fine, before I installed the latest update. What now?????

In-App-Ripoff, Jun 26, 2019
Responsive company, powerful program

Luma-Fusion is great and continues to grow in its capabilities. I appreciate that the company listens to it’s users. I have given, and received feedback regarding the capabilities and limitations of the app. I edit on a 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 and on an iPhone 6s Max for professional (Paid) and hobby (family/friends) video. Power in my pocket, power on my desktop, I am very happy with the app. There are many things I would like to see added to bring up to speed with Adobe Premier Pro on a full on desktop, or with Good old AVID, but considering the platform, and the price, this is remarkable for an editor.Update: I have been editing more complicated work for more demanding clients and for my own enjoyment lately. Yes, LumaFusion is fun to use! The tutorials are fantastic and have gotten me out of some jams. I continue to be impressed with LumaFusion’s response to my technical questions when all else fails me. It has happened more than once.

Ivan Machiz, May 26, 2021
Audio Keeps Clipping

(I use the iPad Pro 2018 and both the iPad and the app's software are up to date)I've been having problems with the audio in my videos.I thought it was just this one song i was trying to use at first but after trying several different songs, sound effects and other types of audio files, I keep having the same problem. The audio sounds fine when I'm editing in the app but every time i save a video to my camera roll I notice clipping in the audio when i listen to it. I've tried downloading the video with the volume turned down lower on every audio file in the video, I've tried downloading the video in different Audio Quality's but nothing to works. The only way I've gotten the audio to sound good is if i save the video with no audio, go into iMovie and edit in the audio in, then save that video. This makes things very difficult and annoying for me considering that most videos i create are music videos and/or videos with lots of sound effects. So if someone's got some advice or knows how to help me that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

jamie the shedder, Feb 28, 2020
Great Video Editing App! Just one thing missing...

First of all, if you’re someone new to video editing, I gotta say, this app is great and straight forward with many things to explore. For everyone like me, who comes from Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro this is the best I’ve seen out there similar to those two power houses. Sure, this can’t beat those two, but for the price you get a lot that you get from AE and PR. I make edits as a hobby using AE, of animes, etc. So the one thing I’m used to using and love to do is have key frame transitions. I know that we have them here, but the one thing lacking is graphs. I typically use the graphs to make the transition, for example zoom in, go fast at the point I’d like to zoom in rather than it be at the same speed zooming in the entire transitions, as it does not look fast and keep the beat of the song up. Over all though, great app if you’re not in my place and are just looking for a good overall video editor that does most of everything you want it to do without the through the roof prices of other software out there. Hope this helps anyone who’s looking into this! 👌🏻

MJT Free Time YT, Apr 10, 2019


Welcome to the App Store’s “App of the Year” for 2021 and the recipient of the Editors’ Choice Award, for video editors and storytellers. LumaFusion is the gold standard for storytellers around the world with a fluid, intuitive, elegant, award-winning touch-screen editing experience. A video editor inspired by, and specifically designed and engineered for touch.

Introducing LumaFusion Multicam Studio! Multicam Editing reimagined for the touch experience. Multicam Studio quickly syncs up to 6 media sources into a single track and makes the switching process almost too enjoyable. You focus on the story and Multicam will take care of the rest. Multicam Studio is now available as an in-app, one-time purchase, integrating seamlessly with LumaFusion. LumaFusion features: EDITING • 6 video/audio or graphic tracks • 6 additional audio tracks • Professional editing with magnetic timeline, insert/overwrite, link/unlink clips + locking, hiding, and muting tracks • Choose from dozens of transitions • Preview on an External Monitor using AirPlay or HDMI • Add markers and notes • Cut, copy, paste clips in your timeline and between timelines EFFECTS • Layered effects; green screen, luma and chroma keys, blurs, distort, styles and color • Lock and Load Video Stabilizer • Powerful color correction tools • Color LUT presets like FiLMiC deLog or import your own .cube or .3dl • Unlimited keyframes to animate effects • Save and share effect presets • Speed FX: Slow motion/fast motion forward and reverse • Edit with time-lapse video or high framerate video AUDIO • Fine tune with Graphic EQ, NEW Parametric EQ, NEW voice isolation and more. • Keyframe audio levels, panning and EQ for perfect mixes • Fill-from-left / right for dual-mono audio captures • Isolate tracks on multiple track files • Duck music during dialog with Auto-ducking • Add third-party audio plugins TITLER • Create multilayer titles with shapes and images • Adjust font, color, face, border and shadow • Import custom fonts • Save and share title presets PROJECT MANAGER • Create endless projects with a variety of aspect ratios (including 16:9 landscape, 9:16 portrait, square, widescreen film, anamorphic and more) • Create projects for editing iPhone and iPad screen recordings • Work in frame rates from 18fps to 240fps • Duplicate, add notes, and color-tag • Archive projects for backup MEDIA LIBRARY • Use media directly from Photos, Frame.io and USB-C drives • Import media: cloud storage and SMB network drives • Enjoy Storyblocks for LumaFusion, a collection of royalty free music, SFX, and clips (subscription available) • View detailed metadata, rename, add notes, and color tag • Sort and search to quickly find media SHARE • Easily share movies and control the resolution, quality, and format • Create still frame snapshots • Send projects to edit on another device • Full ProRes editing and export (on compatible devices) AVAILABLE PURCHASES • NEW: Get Multicam Studio for syncing and cutting multiple angles (one-time purchase) • Subscribe to Storyblocks for LumaFusion to access the full library of music and clips • Export to Final Cut Pro (FCPXML) for further editing on the desktop (one-time purchase) EXCEPTIONAL FREE SUPPORT • Access in-app help and online tutorials • Explore our reference guide at luma-touch.com/lumafusion-reference-guide • Contact our friendly support editing experts at luma-touch.com/support

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