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User Reviews for Monitor+

I deserve to be punched in the face for not buying this sooner.

I’ve known about this program for a while, but waited a long time before I finally bought it. This program is amazing. The feed is fluid, some of the features while not 100% accurate, are good enough to trust, specially once you’ve done testing with your camera and understand how this program translates them. The false color feature alone is worth more than the asking price for me. Again, not 100% accurate, but comparing against a real monitor you see how this monitor interprets the feed, and then you’re good. For gimbal use, this is freaking sweet. No wires, and just the weight of your phone.

Atr0c1ty, Jun 13, 2022
It’s great, however…

This app is awesome and is well worth the money you spend on it. Like, totally worth the buy. The only issue I have is with the slight delay between the app and the phone when recording, and I am shooting with a7iv and have the app set to low quality playback, to minimize lag. I even have camera set to 5gHz Wi-Fi. Even then there is about 20ms of lag between the two devices, and the frames sometimes tend to drop on the app, which makes me refer to the camera screen again. Other than this, the app is awesome. The fact we can load LUTs is amazing. I would love for there to be a future update where I could connect my phone via cable direct to the camera for instant lag-free playback and viewing. I’m sure it can be done!

E3FIJI, Jan 19, 2022
I like it one suggestion

It works, set ur camera to 5ghz and no issues, however I have a suggestion. Have the app, auto change shutter option to 180 angle. So whenever I change the frame rate it auto changes the shutter to appropriate 180 shutter angle speed, if it’s turned on.

fiberteck, Mar 22, 2022
Needs a wired mode on iOS

This would be an instant buy for me if this worked when wired with a usb cable. Wireless connectivity is far too unreliable (it’s probably not the app’s fault).FYI, Apple and third party sell usb to lightning adaptors. I use these to transfer photos directly to my iPhone. It’s unclear though if a video feed can travel through that.

Flo-con, Mar 13, 2022
It’s okay but still needs work

I have the paid version…. You can’t view camera audio levels. (We should be able to see this) camera connections don’t work with VPN active. VPN has to be disabled first. S-cinetone profile isn’t added in when trying to select different picture profiles. Touch focus functions are abysmal and just plain terrible and needs work it’s very u responsive or just doesn’t work.

GoCrazy Studios, Apr 01, 2022
Works Well but

Hi,I just purchased this app and I gotta say WOW! A lot of time and effort went into this app, especially with reverse engineering the communication protocols! Nice job!I have a question though for the developer: it has a setting in preferences to save to the camera roll in your phone. I have it set but it does not work (I have no photo saved to my iPhone). I am testing with an A7Siii. I haven’t tried with my A7RM4 or A9M2. Is there something I’m missing, any prerequisites or tricks? I’d give it a five star if I could get everything working. Really is a fine piece of software! Coming from IT and dev, this certainly isn’t an easy task. I wish you much success! This app is really needed, please continue! Thanks for your time!

iphoneTWS, Sep 23, 2021
Laughably bad

Tried this out with my Sony a7rIV. Followed the instructions and was able to connect. The program worked well for approximately 12 seconds, then list the connection. Tried repeatedly to use this , but it would either fail to connect or lose the connection in a few seconds. Way too much work and frustration to use while you’re trying to focus on photography or shooting a movie. Just removed from my phone.

red.planet, Nov 22, 2021
Excellent but need help with also using in conjunction with the DJI Ronin S

Hi Monitor+ team,Please can you assist with a technical issue I'm having with your app. I managed to get the app running(which is excellent btw) however if I also want to use it with my Ronin S. The settings seems that one can’t use both at the same time unless I'm missing something? So in order to use the Ronin S, the camera settings needs to be on “pc remote on”, where as for Monitor+ it needs to be off in order to activate “smartphone connection on”. Unfortunately both can’t be on at the same time. Please can you let me know what the solution is as I really want to buy the full version to work with my Sony a1 on my DJI Ronin S gimbal. Thank you kindly :)

Shawn3D, Apr 03, 2022
Replaced My Monitor

I no longer use a monitor for my A7SIII on my gimbal rig. This app gives me all the monitor controls I need, plus touch to track autofocus! I can use my custom LUTS and can control almost all of my camera functions. The only camera control notably absent is image stabilization. I hate having to use my phone as a monitor, but now that I have done it I can see what the next generation of monitors needs to do. My only wish is that I could connect multiple devices running Monitor+ to the same camera at the same time. Hopefully the FX6 can also become supported too?

Tvpat202, Jan 28, 2022
A Jewel in monitor app

It literally replace my field monitor for my Sony system, it can even do “Pull Focus” with this app on my Sony A7Siii, usually such function need another couple hundred dollar for image transmitter and receiver. Cannot believe this app can do it all. But I wish they can have update for some of the bugs which causing the crash. It’s more then “good enough” for non professional user like me.

wclinus, Oct 21, 2021


Currently only Sony a7R IV, A9 II, a7C, a7S III, A1, FX3, ZV-1, ZV-E10, a7 IV and newer models are supported. Monitor+ turns your phone into a professional camera monitor instantly! Key Features: - Live View - Remote Control (Shutter Speed, Iris, ISO, WB...) - Touch AF and display focus point* - Record and playback live view signals* - Assist Functions* (False Color, Zebra, Waveform, Histogram, Vectorscope, Guide, Focus Peaking, Desqueeze, LUTs...) - Chroma Keying and Overlay* - Focus Pulling* - Apple Watch Extension* - Screen Lock* * Available on Pro version Disclaimer: Monitor+ is not affiliated with Sony Corporation in any way and is not a Sony product. “SONY”, “Sony” are trademarks of Sony Corporation.

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