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DoubleTake by Filmic Pro

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User Reviews for DoubleTake by Filmic Pro

Stopped working after 1-2 weeks.

I used this app 2x to record. The first time, after about 20 minutes, I received “operation error” and the app stopped recording and my video was not saved. I had 5gb of space. I freed up to 15gb and tried to record again. It gave me the same error at about 50 minutes. Maybe storage, but again, it stopped recording and deleted my video AND NOW I can’t do anything with the app. Can’t change camera views, record, see past videos, nothing. The app is completely frozen. Power cycled the phone, nothing is working. Will be asking for a refund.

_mcgee_, Feb 07, 2022
This is the start of something GREAT!

My personal video recordings will be forever changed. This app brings a multi-perspective feel to the videos unlike anything we have had before. The app is basic, but very very intuitive. I don’t think having to confirm videos is needed, because I am using this app for the multi video, making it redundant to have to confirm each change.

1/3rdRotWilr, Jan 28, 2020
Powerful, simple, dope.

This app has very powerful settings in one of the most streamlined interfaces I’ve used. I have an iPhone 11 and am very impressed with the abilities this app has given in its release. Soooooo many excellent features done VERY well. I haven’t found an issue to concern anyone about, so happy shooting!>>> Head’s up, the description mentions you are able to shoot and capture video with two lenses at the same time in the same video. If you’re needing more than two for a project (download and enjoy this anyway) hang tight for the Pro version of this app to release the ability to record more than one stream at a time.

BenWx, Jan 28, 2020
Error Message, then EVERYTHING IS GONE!!

I used this app three times and it worked flawlessly. I was so excited. Started promoting. Then three times in a row I got the error message which then lost all of my recording 40 minutes in. I’m so ANNOYED. Also, it should be noted I used three different iPhones thinking maybe it’s me... nope still crashes and my time and the person that I was recorded withs time was wasted. This is stupid. What is the point!? This is a huge issue a lot of people face using this app and it’s not fixed. I am disappointed, frustrated, and it’s a waste of time. Unless someone can fix this issue, don’t waste your time or your effort. Reached out to support and they gave me no help or answer of why it happens. Don’t waste the energy.

DaBull, Feb 23, 2021
Telephoto setting broken, dev not responsive

I want to use this app for one thing, and that is to capture the telephoto and the normal lens on an iPhone 13 Pro for quick interviews so I have an A and B roll to edit with. Unfortunately, the telephoto mode goes into a 2X crop effect (but looks just fine in Preview mode), which of course throws off the focal lengths of the lenses and makes shooting with it difficult. I filed a report with the dev via their website and even sent them screenshots, demo footage, and a description of the issue, and never received a response. Disappointing, to say the least. The premise of this app is sound, although basic and lacking many features. It seems pretty clear they are putting all their development time into their main app, but this ONE THING I need to use this app for doesn’t exist in that app yet, either. I would love to be able to use this app but as it stands now it’s not possible.

FloatWagen, Nov 19, 2021
Truly Wonderful for Storytelling in Video

I love this app! I use it to tell stories of my video adventures for visiting lighthouses on the west coast of the US. It worked great on my past iPhone 11 Pro and now on my 13 Pro, it’s even better. I wish it would shoot in a higher res, I’d pay for that, but I worry that it will be changing soon. It seems the Filmic app has sold to a horrible company that is making it a super expensive subscription service, pricing out the amateur videographers, like myself. I am hoping that they leave this app alone and not include it, but I am sure that their greed will eventually charge for it. I’ve downloaded all of my files as it said to use it I had to update it, and on 12/1, the new terms of service go into effect, so I don’t want to lose access to what I’ve filmed. PLEASE DON’T CHANGE THIS APP!

Gi Gi 28, Nov 28, 2022
Frustrating and disappointing

The interface is not only frustrating but the most disappointing aspect of this app is that the videos front and back are not embedded together. The fact that I have to export 2 videos to a video editing software and manually have to embed them is ridiculous which makes this app completely useless to me. Please take notes from instagrams new dual cam feature where you can immediately save the video to your phone and the Picture in Picture mode is built into the recording. I actually know how to use video editing software but people need practical apps that are easy to use!

Killyang, Dec 31, 2022
Not reliable

The most important aspect of pro audio is reliability. Without it your product isn’t usable. Two fatal errors after getting 5 minutes and then 10 minutes into discrete videos. Lost everything. Wasted my clients time. I’ll pay whatever price but this needs to be reliable and I need to be able to record 45 minutes. And when there is an error you can’t then lose the whole recording or else your product simply isn’t usable gave professionals. I gave two stars because otherwise this is good, but anything that isn’t reliable isn’t worth more than two stars. I’ll pay a high cost but I need reliability and you can’t lose everything if there is an error.

notsgot, Dec 25, 2020

This app was previously unlocked with a one time charge to purchase outright. With a recent update, all functionality was removed, and the app is now subscription based.Imagine being the brainless moron in charge who thought this would be a good idea.What any competent company would have done would be to remove this version from the App Store and grandfather it in for those who already purchased it. Then add a new app with more features that would be subscription based, while informing their user base this change was necessary for their current bozo in charge to feel better when they put their red nose and clown shoes on in the morning. Previous purchases would be downloadable only by those who purchased it before the switch while STILL retaining its full functionality, AND the user base wouldn’t be alienated against the committee of drooling fools who approved this!You would think this would be so easy! So self evident! But no. Not for these slapheads. They decided to throw themselves into the abyss of abandoned apps because they lunged for money instead of pivoted toward it.

R.Edd, Apr 11, 2023
Good features, but unreliable & needs polish

I love the ability to record from multiple cameras on my iPhone 13 at 4K 60. However, the app is quite buggy and lost a few recordings. Sometimes the screen will go black - this is not recoverable. All I can do is force quit and lose the recording.Also, it would be great to remember settings and make the video recording orientation independent of iOS orientation lock. Very easy to accidentally record a mix of resolutions if you’re not paying attention to the settings getting reset. Overall, this app a fun toy in low stakes scenarios. But I can not recommend this app in a production environment. It’s too easy to make mistakes and lose data.

sandbox32, Aug 14, 2023


DoubleTake by Filmic transforms your iPhone into a multi-cam studio allowing you to capture video from two cameras at the same time on recent devices* *NOTE: Per iOS 15 capabilities, multi-cam video is restricted to the following devices only: iPhone 13 series devices, iPhone 12 series devices, iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, Xs Max, Xs, Xr, SE 2. iPad Pro 2018 and newer. While this app will install and function on all devices supported by iOS 15, all devices outside of this list will be restricted to recording video from on a single camera.

Use DoubleTake to record video in new ways: - Camera Visualization: Better than a director’s viewfinder! Use DoubleTake’s camera picker view to visualize all available cameras for your device. Use this view to help decide how to frame your shot and which cameras you will select. - Shot/Reverse shot: To capture all the organic and intimate interaction between two actors or interviewer and interviewee. Traditionally, filmmakers would need to employ two cameras and place these in cumbersome ‘over the shoulder’ locations. With DoubleTake you can place one device in between your actors and place the audience right in the middle of the conversation. - Multi-cam: Capture two different focal lengths of the same subject at the same time. Use DoubleTake with the Ultra Wide lens (iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro and 11 only) and the Tele to capture both an establishing shot and a punch-in on your subject simultaneously. Or use any other combination of front and rear lenses for unrivaled multi-cam capture. - PiP or Discreet: The DoubleTake interface allows you to see both cameras of your video capture at the same time through the use of a Picture in Picture (PiP) window. You can move this PiP around the screen, tap to zoom in, or swipe it away if it’s distracting (the second video will continue to record). With DoubleTake you can decide if you want to record your videos as separate discrete files or if you want the video recorded as a composite video that includes the PiP window animated as you see it on the screen. - Split-screen: Doubletake also allows you to use any two cameras to create a 50/50 split-screen effect that is saved as a single video. This is great for capturing engaging interviews, or any scenario where two sides of the story need equal weighting on screen. - Focus & Exposure Controls: DoubleTake allows you to set and lock your focus and exposure on both cameras during multi-cam capture with our unified reticle. Just tap anywhere to set an area of interest with the reticle, then tap again to lock or unlock. Our easy to use camera switcher lets you effortlessly move between your A and B cams during a recording to adjust the focus and exposure for each independently of one another. Video Specs: - Full frame focus and exposure for smooth and easy automated focus and exposure adjustments. - Selectable broadcast frame rates: 24fps, 25fps, and 30fps depending on your project requirements. - 1080p video at high bitrate encoding for maximum quality. (note: 1080p video is the maximum resolution supported by the Apple API for multi-cam capture). - Composited PiP or separate discreet video files recorded as .h264 .mov files are saved to DoubleTake’s internal library which supports batch export to the Camera Roll. Terms of Use: https://support.bendingspoons.com/tos.html?app=436577167

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