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ReeHeld - Long Exposure Camera

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ReeHeld - Long Exposure Camera

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Reeflex GmbH
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User Reviews for ReeHeld - Long Exposure Camera

Too good to be true app

I love this app because of the ability and flexibility it gives me to capture long exposures. No tripod, no filters just use this app to capture awesome photos. Definitely recommended for all phot enthusiasts

Babui999, Aug 07, 2023
App crashes when trying to take photo

I had high hopes for this app after reading some reviews online and I was ready to pay for the full version if the trial pictures turn out well. However this app crashes every time I try to take a photo and so far I haven’t been able to take a single photo using it.

Callie-H, Oct 11, 2023
Could be better, but Very Good

Need work on ditching Jpeg, and opening the pipeline to the better, Heif format. Light Stack does this and the pictures are much cleaner at the base level. Other than that, really good app that does its job well. Thumbs up!!

chegaro, Jul 16, 2023
Love it!!!

I’ve had the app for a while but just recently had the time to really play with it. I really enjoy using it. It’s simple and user friendly and helps you find new ways to express your creativity. I will absolutely recommend this app!!!

Chris Lotter, Aug 10, 2023

I’m not sure what kind of voodoo is under the hood but this is one of the most useful and cool camera apps I’ve ever used. Also a great FB community of users. I’d give it 6 Stars if I could.

Cris Mitchell, Oct 24, 2023
Reflex Pro Camera

I am fairly new to this camera but very impressed with the both the pro camera and slow image features. Intuitive, easy to use and produces very nice results. Highly recommended as an alternative to the native camera.

Dadbecker, Aug 24, 2023
Blown Away

I went down to the Redondo Pier yesterday and took some handheld shots with this app. Unbelievable. Developers, great work. No tripod. No ND filter. So sweet. Thank you!

Dee3, Apr 09, 2023
Best app I’ve used

This is the best iPhone 14 pro app I’ve used to date for long exposures. The AI is on point!

Deejaydennis1916, Jul 25, 2023
Incredible app

Have no idea how they do long exposure hand held, but they do it well!!A must have for any serious iPhone photographer!!

Jack Kos, Oct 23, 2023
Amazing app

Used this app after seeing it online and it was very easy to use and gave pretty amazing results. More keepers then deletes. I would love to be able to do light trails with the app but that is a big ask I know. I did love the fact that I could get a long exposure shot during the middle of day at the beach without an ND filter that produce wonderful results. Definitely worth trying.

Pslaterza, Apr 11, 2023


Introducing ReeHeld - the revolutionary iPhone photography camera app that lets you capture stunning long exposure photos without the need for a tripod. Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, ReeHeld is the perfect tool for taking stunning long exposure shots on the go. With ReeHeld, you can shoot long exposure photos with a capture duration ranging from 1 second to 30 seconds, producing high-quality images that are sure to amaze your friends and followers.

The app utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence and the neural engine of your iPhone to stabilize the images, resulting in sharp, clear, and stunning long exposure photos. ReeHeld is incredibly easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to quickly adjust your capture time and focus to get the perfect shot. With ReeHeld, you can unleash your creativity and capture incredible long exposure shots of landscapes, cityscapes, waterfalls, and much more. Thanks to its revolutionary AI technology, ReeHeld is the ultimate tool for capturing the perfect long exposure shot on your iPhone. So why wait? Download ReeHeld today. Point, shoot, and KEEP STEADY! — FEATURED — We're excited to share that ReeHeld has been showcased and celebrated by two of the most esteemed publications in the tech and photography world – PetaPixel and Fstoppers! Don't miss out on what the industry's top voices are raving about and learn more about ReeHeld now: PetaPixel: https://petapixel.com/2023/06/08/reeheld-app-uses-ai-to-shoot-sharp-long-exposure-photos-on-iphone/ Fstoppers: https://fstoppers.com/reviews/incredible-hand-held-30-second-exposures-iphone-app-630082 — REMARKS — While ReeHeld's cutting-edge AI technology does an amazing job in stabilizing your long exposure shots, it's still necessary to hold your iPhone as steady as possible. The 6-Axis Stability Indicator will also guide you in keeping your hand stable in position, so to mitigate any unwanted movement and take sharp and clean shots. Keep steady and your photos will be sharp and memorable! — GET IN TOUCH — • We'd love to hear from you! If you do have any ideas on new features or improvements, please email us at: [email protected] • Stay up to date and receive regular updates, subscribe to our newsletter: reeflexstore.com/pages/newsletter • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @ReeflexCamera • Share your photos with us! Tag #ShotWithReeHeld and join our community — TUTORIAL — • Learn tips & tricks, and get the most out of the app: https://reeflexstore.com/pages/reeheld-tutorial • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): https://reeflexstore.com/pages/reeflex-apps-faq — ADMIN — Terms of Use (EULA): https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/ Privacy Policy: https://reeflexstore.com/pages/privacy-policy intellectual property: Each logo used in this listing belongs to their respective owners. We do not claim ownership of these logos, and all IP rights remain with the original owners.

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