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ReeXpose - RAW Long Exposure

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ReeXpose - RAW Long Exposure

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Reeflex GmbH
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User Reviews for ReeXpose - RAW Long Exposure


My old Canon 40D is really on its last leg and I’ve since started using my iPhone for a ton of my pictures these days, however, long exposures are not it’s strong suit. That was until I found THIS app specifically. Being able to stretch the time out into multiples of minutes is truly wonderful and done with ease in this. I cannot wait to pair it with the Reeflex lenses once I can get my hands on some. THANK YOU. If you want to really unlock your iPhones photography possibilities. This is the app for you. Now in RAW glory!

anak0nda, Jul 26, 2022

The app is nice, but it has some shortcomings when compared to EvenLonger, which I had been using before I bought this. Image quality is around the same, and so are the shortcomings of the long exposure method on phones (which stacks and average photos instead of controlling the amount of light coming in). For now, I will stick with the other app, as it offers bracketing and saving intermediate versions, but I will keep looking into further updates for this one.

André Brasil, Oct 15, 2022
Exactly as Advertised

The end product of this app is outstanding. The learning curve is short, and the easy to use interface makes this app a breeze. It really expands the quality and type of photos you can get from an iPhone.

Astronomy Gregg, Nov 05, 2023
Great Start - take further!

I really like this app especially that it creates a RAW file. I think it’s a great start. There are a couple of features that need to be added or improved. In a similar fashion as Slow Shutter App, I would love to see a feature where I can save a capture, but keep it active so I can continue to add to the exposure. This is needed for light painting where exposures can be 30 minutes or longer and you want to keep adding light but at some point you over cook it. That’s where a previous save comes in. Your interim Results feature is good for relatively short exposures, but not workable for very long exposures where the user is using the screen to judge exposure. Also the screen representation of the exposure is not keeping up with the progress fast enough to judge exposure.Also a setting where the phone volume control can trigger the shutter is needed. This is the means by which a Bluetooth shutter remote triggers the shutter. Again most of the other camera apps have this.Thank you for your consideration of these improvements.

Big Bob 615, Apr 19, 2023
Great Customer Support

Haven’t had that much time with the app in capturing co tent yet, but their customer support is excellent! Emailed them with a question on a Saturday evening and had an answer by Sunday morning… Plus they offered up a free upgrade to the pro version at no cost and unsolicited. Top notched support! Thank you.

Compass Photog, Apr 09, 2023
Excellent Customer Service

A few of us downloaded this app and had an orientation issue where when shooting in landscape mode the preview would revert to portrait mode. I mentioned this and got an immediate response. Apparently an issue caused by the lates iOS upgrade. They contacted Apple and came up with an immediate resolution. That is superb customer service. And now the app works great. Thank you.

Dynastesgrantii, Mar 19, 2023
Likely the best camera app for the iPhone

I came across this app a couple days ago. The night I downloaded it there was an epic storm rolling through my city. Put my iPhone 14 Pro Max on a tripod and started shooting. I ended up capturing one of my all time favorite phone pics that night. The app is very easy to use for all skill levels. I highly recommend it if you want greater creative control over the already fantastic iPhone camera.

iNAN3 SOLDi3R, Apr 25, 2023
Nice Photo Application

I really enjoyed the long exposure feature of this app. But one thing annoyed me is showing the error message after taking the picture that it cannot save the picture. But it saves the picture in the files app. Overall it’s a nice photo app.

Mrkerala, Aug 08, 2022
Very Impressed. I love this App.

This app adds to my iPhone camera bag, enabling me to obtain long exposure RAW captures. I like how straightforward the layout is while using the app. The focus peaking is so useful when I’m tweaking the Manual focus in low light environments. I’m having fun using ReeXpose, my iPhone 13pro, and a lightweight tripod, day or night. Thank you to the team responsible.

ronphotosf, Oct 25, 2022
Super easy to create long exposure

ReeHeld app is a photography app that has made my long exposure photos easier and more enjoyable. Usually a complex process for people that are not familiar with long exposure photography.Well worth paying for, one of the standout features of the ReeHeld app is its s simplicity. It is easy to use and has a straightforward interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. The app offers a variety of exposure times, ranging from 5 second to 30 seconds, allowing users to capture stunning long exposure shots of a range of subjects. Another great feature of the this app is its ability to save the shot straight into the photos app after taking it.Overall, the Long Exposure app is a great tool for anyone interested in long exposure photography. Its simplicity, ease of use, and range of features make it a great choice for both beginners and more experienced photographers alike.

summit productions, Apr 24, 2023


ReeXpose is the best app for long exposure photography on the App Store. Designed by professionals for professionals, ReeXpose closes the gap between your iPhone and a DSLR camera, allowing you to shoot long exposure photos in RAW. All without the need for additional ND filters!

Select your capture mode, adjust your exposure, chose your capture duration and ReeXpose will do the rest. The result will be a single, 12-bit DNG file editable in your favorite editing software. Use the “motion blur” mode to make people disappear, smooth the movement of clouds, or give running water a characteristic silky appearance. Use the “light trails mode” for stunning star trails or to transform moving cars into gorgeous rivers of light. Enjoy the flexibility of full manual controls and the extended dynamic range given by RAW files. ReeXpose is brought to you by REEFLEX, the small studio behind the development of Reeflex Pro Camera and ReeHeld. — MAIN FEATURES — • RAW capabilities for long exposure*/**/*** • Motion blur & Light trails modes • Extended capture time ranging from seconds to minutes, hours, and Bulb (unlimited) • Full manual controls for ISO, shutter speed, focus, and white balance • Live preview: watch the RAW photo developing on the screen • Interims results: allows taking intermediate photos during a long capture • Parallel bracketing: allows capturing 2 photos at different selected exposures for HDR bracketing in post-production • Exposure guides like histogram and zebra stripes • Focus peaking • Apple Watch integration for remote shutter • Photo backup in the File app • Gyroscopic tiltmeter and Grid (rule of thirds) • GPS location in the photo’s metadata • Multi-Language support • Blazing fast processing & saving time (1ms) • Lock Screen Widget for quick access • Tap-to-focus (Auto-focus) — ACCESSIBILITY — • Color-blind users can tune the app to suit their needs best, customizing the UI and color coding. — IMPORTANT REMARKS — • Note #1: *The RAW format is not supported for the ultra-wide camera on devices older than the iPhone 12 series (this is a limitation given by the manufacturer - Apple) • Note #2: **As usual for long exposure, you must use a tripod and keep the phone as steady as possible. The app does NOT stabilize the images automatically. If this is what you're looking for, then please have a look at our other app (ReeHeld) • Note #3: ***Bayer RAW images, which are the standard in professional photography, necessarily require editing in post-production in order for you to obtain a properly elaborated photo. The RAW image captured differs from what you see in the live-preview when shooting, as the live preview is based on the elaborated live output which is in JPG. Hence you might notice differences in what you see on the screen when shooting vs the final DNG image (Bayer RAW). We, therefore, suggest fine-tuning your exposure by manually adjusting SS and ISO, and taking several shots in order to find the best settings for your desired shot. — GET IN TOUCH — • We'd love to hear from you! If you do have any ideas on new features or improvements, please email us at: [email protected] • Stay up to date and receive regular updates, subscribe to our newsletter: reeflexstore.com/pages/newsletter • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @ReeflexCamera • Share your photos with us! Tag #ShotWithReeXpose and join our community — TUTORIAL — • Learn tips & tricks, and get the most out of the app: https://reeflexstore.com/pages/reexpose-tutorial • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): https://reeflexstore.com/pages/faq-reexpose — ADMIN — Terms of Use (EULA): https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/ Privacy Policy: https://reeflexstore.com/pages/privacy-policy intellectual property: Each logo used in this listing belongs to their respective owners. We do not claim ownership of these logos, and all IP rights remain with the original owners.

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