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User Reviews for Reeflex Pro Camera

Godsend Photography App

My old Canon 40D is really on its last leg and I’ve since started using my iPhone for a ton of my pictures these days, however, long exposures are not it’s strong suit. That was until I found THIS app specifically. Being able to stretch the time out into multiples of minutes is truly wonderful and done with ease in this. I cannot wait to pair it with the Reeflex lenses once I can get my hands on some. THANK YOU. If you want to really unlock your iPhones photography possibilities. This is the app for you.

anak0nda, Jul 26, 2022
Good Camera App, Awesome Company

After using this app and enjoying it, I wanted to upgrade my photo taking abilities and purchase some of the company’s lenses. I ordered a case and the Pro Series Photo Bundle. There was a mix up with my order and I ended up receiving the Fish Eye lens. I emailed customer support and had the problem resolved within one day. Josh in customer support told me to keep the lens I received and he was sending me my original order. Reeflex makes a wonderful camera app and they have awesome customer service. That is a company I like to support.

fencepost200, Jul 22, 2022
Solid App…Solid Features

I’ve been using the app for a couple of weeks now and have been pleased so far. There are tweaks needed that the developers plan to implement such as: integration with Darkroom+; adding a camera icon for one tap return to the viewfinder from the camera roll; better camera roll management; and Reeflex Lens selection in the viewfinder for metadata. Overall a solid app. I’m looking forward to the future updates.

Lindsay.C.Martin, Feb 16, 2022
Good camera app

I like this camera app. I’ve been using it for over a month. There a lot of features to play with. It has the capability of shooting like a DSLR. The focus peaking, zebra stripes and histogram are helpful when capturing images. However, I do find that images that I thought were in focus, sometimes aren’t, even when using the focus peaking feature. I also find that the images sometimes are either too dark or blown out even though they look fine on the screen. Also, sometimes the images aren’t as crisp as the native camera app either. They tend to have a softer appearance. It doesn’t seem to take macro photos like the native camera app. You could, if you had an external lens kit. I’m going to continue to use this app to see if I can get it to work better for me. I would love for this to be my go to app for photography. I think there’s potential for this app to keep improving and adding options, like video taking and an external shutter button support. I was assured the external shutter button support was coming when I reached out to the reeflex team.

Mhutchi, May 15, 2022
Needs GPS metadata [Edit: Added in an update]

This is a necessary manual camera app for iPhone users. It allows the user to explicitly choose a lens while the built-in camera app does not. It would be better if the app optionally uses GPS and save it in metadata. Thanks.[Edit: The ability to add location has been added in an update.]

Nathan Whoa, Aug 20, 2021
Waste of $4 - UPDATED

Tried the app again after the latest update, but it’s still not saving photos. Not going to waste anymore time on it.___I’m updating my review to give the developers the benefit of the doubt. They reached out to me, I sent them a video of what’s happening, and they offered me a refund. I appreciate the developer’s response. Since it’s a fairly new app, I’m going to stick with it to see if updates fix it. —- None of the shots I’ve taken have saved. Access to all photos is allowed, but nothing saved. Switching lenses is molasses slow. The marketing was well done, but not the app engineering.

otterman, Feb 05, 2022
Got it. It’s ok! Missing basics features

A worthy contender, albeit missing some basic requirement such as on iPad, where orientation is wrong. For instance In landscape mode , getting portrait display. Also not using the full iPad screen estate. On iphone13pro can’t seem to use remote Bluetooth shutter, although on other Canera Apps the Bluetooth remote shutter works fine. I hope these can be fixed soon.Also it will be nice to be able to move the histogram when you need it on, but in the way of the shot. This is not a deal breaker as you can also toggle it off.

Redhat_man, Mar 16, 2022
Just use the native app on iPad…

Bottom line, the native iPad Camera app pretty much does what it needs to do, so it seems senseless to mule ones way through an app that doesn’t really add much usable or valuable functionality, yes a few bells and whistles but they don’t add benefit to the native ability of the physical lens built into the devices being used. And besides, simple adjustments like landscape mode? Can’t find it and this is one adjustment that should be easily found as so many picture takers would use landscape mode. I’d be stuck taking pics in portrait mode? I tried to compare picture quality output of this app to the native app and, yup surprisingly, no difference in resolution, or overall picture quality, this assuming exposure and focus are correct in the app(s) being used.

RonDycks, Feb 03, 2022
Fantastic full camera control!

What a great camera app! I normally don’t do reviews, but this app needs one. Fantastic full control of you iPhone camera. Can completely control your exposure triangle. From setting iso, to control of your shutter speed, it is in here. Focus peaking to get what you want as your depth of field. The best part I am having the most fun with is full control of shutter drag, from not only the 1-10 seconds the iPhone app does, but now you can go up to hours and beyond to full bulb mode. In bulb mode you have your choice of M mode for motion blur of cloud trails and smoothing water and L mode for light trails, star trails and light painting. I have not found another app that gives you as much as this one does to get you the most out of your iPhone camera. A MUST BUY for iPhone camera users.

Sweetwood Arts, Feb 23, 2022
The Best Camera App in the store!!!

With the native app you can snap great photos and Apple has added some manual controls which is nice. BUT it’s got nothing on the Reeflex app, you have full manual control, oh and 98% of the app is FREE! The ONLY in-app purchase is $5-6 to unlock the long exposure feature. The UI is very easy to use and translatable to a DSLR. I picked up my sisters camera and was able to clack off a few nice pics. So if you’re like me and using your phone until you can purchase a real dedicated camera, Reeflex is the only photo capture app you need. Right off the rip you get focus peaking, zebra stripes and histogram. Pick which lens you want to use and select HEIF, Raw or ProRaw. Different grid options to compose your shots in creative ways. Flash and timer controls. I’m still blown away that all of that is free! Don’t feel silly and purchase other apps and then get sucked into more in app purchases. Download Reeflex and if you want to get creative with long exposure then spend the extra few bucks. But this is the only photo capture app I use!

Tickle my tebow, Apr 23, 2022


Reeflex is the best photography app on the App Store designed for enthusiasts, creatives, and professional photographers! The app provides pro-level DSLR features directly on your iPhone while being intuitive and easy to use in every situation. --- Professional Tools for Everyone --- Reeflex offers a rich set of professional tools for full manual control over focus, exposure, and white balance. The live histograms combined with the zebra stripes allow you to precisely monitor your exposure.

The focus peaking is a powerful guide for adjusting the focus over your subject. By a simple two-finger tap on the viewfinder, Reeflex also offers the possibility to independently adjust focus and exposure, moving two convenient reticles across the scene. Reeflex allows shooting in HEIF, JPG, TIFF, or RAW on all iPhone models. For compatible devices, you can also shoot in the Apple ProRAW format. --- Slow Shutter Mode --- Reeflex offers the best long exposure tools on the App Store. Enjoy the flexibility of manual controls and watch the picture forming on the screen. Select either motion blur or light trails to make people disappear, give moving water a smooth silky appearance, or capture the movement of the night sky for stunning star trails. It has never been easier, the only limit is your creativity. Only a few days after its launch, Reeflex was listed as “Must Have APPS - You Never Heard About!” by the highly popular iReviews YouTube channel. Check out the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M2PjNFbIjM --- MAIN FEATURES --- • Motion blur • Light trails • Wide range of selectable exposure duration, from 0.5 s to 2 hours. • Bulb mode for custom exposure duration • Full manual controls over ISO, shutter speed, focus, and white balance • Focus and exposure reticles • Luma and RGB zebra stripes • Live RGB and luma histograms • Advanced focus peaking • Support for multiple cameras • Apple’s ProRAW* and RAW** support • JPEG, HEIF, or TIFF as processed formats • GPS location in photos’ metadata • Gyroscopic tiltmeter --- ADDITIONAL FEATURES --- • Extended digital zoom up to 10x. • Integrated camera roll. • Customization of focus peaking color • Tutorials, tips, and detailed explanations in the settings section. --- WHAT'S COMING NEXT --- We are working hard to include more advanced features such as: • RAW long exposures • Hand-held long exposures • Time-lapse, intervalometer, and bracketing --- REMARKS --- *ProRAW is only supported on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 pro max. On other devices, when RAW mode is selected, photos will be saved in the Bayer RAW format. RAW mode requires an iPhone 6s or later. **On devices older than the iPhone 12, the RAW format is not supported on the ultrawide camera. Stay tuned for new updates! We'd love to hear from you and get your feedback. If you have any ideas on new features or improvements, please email us at [email protected]

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