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Mario Tomiak
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User Reviews for Even Longer

Sad with the results

I’m a DSLR and mirrorless photographer in a love/hate relationship with long exposure. I love this type of photography and I always take many of these while traveling, specially in the blue hour. Despite that, the amount of gear necessary annoys me sometimes. For daylight long exposures, in particular, I carry a Lee big stopper, but that is too cumbersome to use, and I often just miss opportunities because of the trouble to setup. Then came Spectre. It was a great app to get some quick, handheld, “long-ish” exposures (9 seconds max). Not to sharp, but good enough for social media and just saving nice memories quickly. The idea from Even Longer taking that further, allowing daytime long exposures with just a tripod, in RAW, with intermediate saving, was just brilliant. I’ve bought the app, subscribed to pro and bang! Disappointment. There are some small quirks in the app (like reviewing the photos captured and the overall interface) that were not nice, but the real problem is just one: sharpness. Taking long exposures with the Live Photo trick in the iPhone camera app and Spectre lead to nice photos, but Even Longer’s were only nice in the phone screen. If you zoom in, it’s all blurry and shaky, despite using a sturdy tripod and the timer. So I’ve tried moment cam long exposure, for the same durations I would with Even Longer: waaaaay sharper, no shaky vibe. No raw, sure, but what is the good of a high quality format for a bad picture?I’ve tested the app at home and outside in distinct light and weather situations. I’ve used a sturdy tripod and took pictures with my iPhone (13 Pro) using different apps and also with a mirrorless for control. Even Longer produced some of the best iPhone results for water and clouds, but everything static looked blurry and shaky in every single photo taken. So, I’m sad, and not as much because of the money lost, but because the search and the wait for a really useful long exposure app continues. For now, I need to keep carrying a camera around for those.

André Brasil, Jan 30, 2022
Works great, and the pricing model is fair.

Yes, I get it. You pay for the basic features then have to fork over for a subscription. But the basic features do give you a lot. At least enough for you to be able to throughly test the app to see if its good for YOU. I’ve gotten some really nice images with the basic feature set alone, but I do want RAW, so I’ll likely upgrade. At least the one time price is not so much that it’ll force you into a subscription, which I truly hate. I mean, look at Halide. $9.99 for one year, but $50 for lifetime? No thanks! As for how well this app gives you long exposure capability on your phone, I find it way easier, and way more enjoyable, than using my DSLR. And you’ll pay a lot less for this app than you would for just one neutral density filter alone, which is a must-have for any meaningful slow shutter work on an SLR. So look no further. Don’t buy SlowShutter Cam or Spectre, and spend your money on this app. You won’t be disappointed as I have been with those other apps.

arg245, Oct 27, 2021
Great for low-light and night photos!

Being very impressed with its night photography capabilities, I upgraded to Pro. It’s the best in its class I’ve found so far. Can’t wait to see how it does with starry night skies!

BAR112, Aug 02, 2023
problem with app and no support

Just installed app. Strangely prior to activating the shutter the screen is blank. Even more strangely, when I click on app support, l’m taken to a non-existent web site. No tutorial, no FAQ, no nothing. Come on David Addison. You never mentioned this stuff. Anyway, when shutter pressed, an image appears and the app produces a file. It would be nice to see what is going to be in the image in the first place. before shutter activation. Seems like at the moment this app is not ready for prime time.

Big Bob 615, Mar 08, 2023
Thank you for this awesome app.

Best app for long exposure.

Buburuzele, Dec 25, 2021
App crops my photo

Just tried it tonight several times using different settings and every time it cuts off a good chunk of the photo. Support is in another language. Hopefully someone will read this review. Have hopes for this app.

chicahispana, Jul 26, 2022

Ok yes you pay a very modest fee to unlock RAW. The developer makes that clear so don’t complain about it. I just shot numerous photos in dark conditions. These DNG files coming out of Even Longer destroy the Apple Camera DNG using night mode. I am still in disbelief at this point. If anything goes weird I will let you know but so far I am thrilled.

Gguhvffhh, Nov 04, 2021
No support or contact information

Since I cannot find any way to contact the developer I am asking here. I use an iPhone 11 non pro. Many times I tap the shutter button and it becomes square and the last photo taken is black and the “viewfinder” is black. No photo is taken. Sometimes if I continue to tap shutter it will work. Other times it crashes and closes. Happens in both single frame and long exposure. Occasionally in long exposure mode (FA is all I’ve used) it will “catch up” and the shot will begin then end and the next begins until all shutter presses were registered. I have purchased the annual subscription hoping for the best. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. No joy. Having a camera that does not take photos is not what I want to pay for. When it works however, it is awesome. Two stars because of problems and no obvious way to contact support.

greben17512, Mar 04, 2023
Not Saving

App will not save to camera roll. Thanks for your response. I had tested the app and it was saving to camera role, then stopped a couple days later. After the update, it is saving to camera role. Also found the images in the files app. Thanks

harrysonpics, Jul 20, 2021
Thank You.

This one of the most amazing App for photography. The quality of the the images are stunning. Who ever created this app, did an excellent job.Now I can shot a really beautiful long exposure.Thank you again.

iPhone13pro123, Apr 04, 2023


Even Longer brings professional long exposure photography to the iPhone with  4 different capture modes: - Frame Averaging mode for beautiful motion blur - Light Trails mode - Star Trails mode for unmatched quality of star trails. The unique Star Trails mode uses special algorithms to reduce the visibility of disturbing objects like airplanes. - Night Mode (PRO members only) for shutter speeds up 30 times longer than with any other third party camera app to 30 seconds (or 10 seconds on older devices) With the optional PRO membership you get even more: - RAW support for all modes (except some ultra wide cameras) - Intervalometer - Parallel Bracketing for long exposure - Save interim results to select the most pleasing result later or keep some variants - Lossless TIFF support - Night Mode Even Longer allows for a total capture time of up to 24 hours Just use a tripod and you will be able to craft stunning long exposure images with your iPhone. This is way easier than with most DSLRs.

No ND filter required. Set your capture time from 1 second to several hours.

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