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User Reviews for Spectre Camera

Amazing with a critical flaw.

This application gets results that people just don’t believe were taken with a phone. It’s only missing one feature, and it’s ridiculous: no timer! Halide has a 30 second timer, so these programmers know how to add one. The main reason to get this app is to motion blur rivers and waterfalls. These environments introduce lots of ambient noise and if you want to include yourself in the shot, you really can’t because the odds of triggering Siri next to a real raging river or waterfall is zero. And if you hold the phone by hand, talking doesn’t make you more steady. No timer creates so many problems with using this app that it will be a deal breaker for anyone with less patience than myself. Please add one. Even a standard 10 second timer is better than nothing, though the 30 second one from Halide would really set this app above and beyond.

Ceyveron, Jun 01, 2021
Screen Tearing Problem (fixed)

Edit: the particular bug has been fixed and I’ve been playing around with the app. It’s pretty good, and my only complaint now is that it’s running a bit slow on my iPhone 6 Plus and that the photos I take are somewhat blurry than usual. Perhaps you could improve the performance a bit and fix the blurry photos?But other than that, this app is still pretty good and has a good concept to it. I think the concept of this app is really cool and using AI to enhance your photos, so I downloaded it but I couldn’t even use it and take a picture without this weird screen tearing bug. I re-installed the app and tried again and the problem persists. I’m assuming this app was just recently launched, so I understand there’s a lot of bugs to be fixed and I’ll gladly update my review once this particular bug gets fixed, otherwise I’ll be deleting the app and demanding a refund.

ethan2640, Mar 11, 2019
Still parts of the image lose detail.

I bought this app as soon as I heard of it, because the Halide team is excellent. And this does seem to perform better than its competitors from my initial experience. That said, it has a critical weak point that seems completely fixable. I’ve taken several shots with my iPhone stabilized completely still, and then taken the same shot in Halide. Areas where there is no movement at all are not as detailed as they could be. It seems totally fixable, and I expect the Halide team will improve this flaw quickly. Which is why I still give four stars. Halide has been at the cutting edge of iOS camera apps since it was first released, and has set the bar, frankly. I expect Spectre is going to be that, even if it isn’t quite perfect from the start. Oh yeah, and the Live Photos support works beautifully, it looks like a moving slow shutter, which is just lovely.

JoeXGray, Mar 01, 2019
An impressive app that mostly duplicates Apple Live Photo

Very easy to use app to achieve some seriously fun long exposure effects. As long as you can more or less hold steady your iPhone, it will produce very sharp photo with all the minion blurred out.Unfortunately there are also quite serious drawbacks that hold this app from achieving more serious results. There are only three time settings that you can choose: 3, 5 and 9 seconds. For great night photos this sometimes is not enough. I wish time could be extended beyond 9 seconds to 15 and 30. If I can support iPhone or put it on a mini tripod, it should be OK to remove 9 seconds restriction. Also the app has the option to save photo as a Live Photo, but Apple Photo app does not fully recognize it as such and I can not use bounce or loop effect, nor does the app capture sound during exposure to allow to export it as normal video clip. I hope app is going to continue to evolve to become fully functioning long exposure photo tool.

Netscorer, Dec 21, 2019
I Love What You Can Do With This App

I buy a lot of Apps, so I try to come back and write a review when one is especially good or bad. Because the reviews are the only clues I have when I’m trying to decide if I should take a shot on something new. The information you can get from a review, is where you find it. It’s not always what they say, Anyway,here’s what I’ve got on this App. I have a ton of photo apps so I don’t need it for everything. The thing I use it for I love. Light trails. It makes amazing light trail photos and they’re Live Photo’s. Bonus. I see on here people talking about not enough detail in this area or other complaints but honestly when you are making light trail photos with this it’s like painting. You may get one you feel doesn’t have the right look but keep trying different stuff. If you like taking pictures of lights and moving your camera around. Then this app will blow you away. I’ve only been using it for a month and I have already taken over a thousand light trail photos with it. Yeah I know, most people who just read that immediately had a negative thought about me and my choices but that’s just me, I’m used to that. Photography never gets old for me, I’m fascinated by the capturing of light or as it turns out, a numerical approximation of it. If any of this makes sense to you, try making light trails with this App.

NotoriousB.O.B., Nov 21, 2019
Does what it says

You don’t need this app for long exposures, iPhone does have an automatic option if you edit an existing Live Photo or if you use a manual long exposure mode like in Halide. However, this is a very good app for anyone who’d like a hassle free long exposure in a simple to use intuitive app.It’s got a really good design & very good UX. If you’re thinking of buying this, it is completely worth it, in fact I’d suggest looking at the bundle with Halide it’s a complete purchase for getting stunning shots.Note for developer: The way light trails turn out isn’t exactly long exposure since it looks like a ton of shots are stitched together in a weird way; the trails aren’t smooth as you’d see in a true long exposure. Idk if there’s a way to fix that but great app anyway!

rishmalho, May 03, 2020
Buggy - has potential but they need to fix the bugs

Twice now this camera app has crashed my phone and caused it to reboot. No other apps cause my phone to do this. The first time I submitted a ticket they acknowledged the issue and said an update was coming to fix it, so I waited for the update and then eventually tired it again. It again caused my phone to reboot. I reopened the support ticket and now a different person responded and is blaming my phones battery....uh no. My battery health is 93% and no other apps or times my phone has every force rebooted itself until I have tired the Spectre app. I am trying to work with their engineers to debug this but they keep giving me the runaround telling me I should visit an Apple store to get my battery replaced...no! If they continue to refuse support I will be filling a report with Apple because of this behavior and demanding a refund.

Scott👨‍💻, Mar 21, 2019
App does exactly what I wanted.

Occasionally I would like to make a photo in a public place without showing crowds. I considered buying neutral density filters for my Lumix but good ones cost a bunch. The camera is not always handy and then putting a filter on could lose a spontaneous photograph. I am amazed that I tested this app as hand-held for a 5 second exposure. While using the screen guide to keep steady, I was able to produce a very nice picture. Then I tried again using a magnetic mount that I have on my windshield for 9 seconds. My second picture was not as clear but only because it was shot through auto glass as opposed to the hand held. Anytime that I have my tripod with me I should get very nice effects. I also rigged up an identical magnetic mount on my tripod. Guys I am as excited to go shooting as a redneck with a new gun.

wanna buy an ipad?, May 26, 2020
Garbage don’t waste your $

I posted a short review and the developer responded so I try to email the support team regarding this app. The developer said the object had to very still to get a picture that isn’t blurry . But in the app description it says captures “Live Photo’s”. That’s false advertisement. I’ve already screenshot everything for proof on my end . I would like my refund because this app is useless to me . I have a 1 year old and there is no way ima get her to sit completely still for a photo ————————————————————- Regarding the response to my review on App Store , my apologies I was under the impression this camera took Live Photo’s just as the basic camera on iPhone does I didn’t realize . It was limited to taking photos of “still” objects. Maybe you should update the app description since it’s not technically a “LIVE PHOTO” if you’re unable to move . Also I would like a full refund for false advertisement. This camera is useless to me. I have a 1 year old who moves a lot , no way I’m gonna get her to sit perfectly still . Hope to hear back soon 🙂 My email ^^^

Yesterday_i, Dec 21, 2019
Utterly useless

I will feel obliged to write a good review of a underrated photo app (see hydra), but I’ve never felt so strongly that I should do the opposite until now. What this app promises is definitely needed and always has been, on iPhone. THIS DOES NOT DELIVER. NOT AT ALL. None of the modes, none of the settings, not with extensive testing. Any manual camera app can get a longer exposure. Why would you want the result if it’s not stabilized? Literally every part of every picture is blurry regardless of ANY settings and YES this is an XR and YES this is after the latest update. And YES I’m holding the phone very still. I’m well above the average of patience for a specialized camera. But I can’t imagine how any user would use this and get anything but crap as a result! The results are always bad. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. I really can’t understand where the good reviews are coming from, seriously. I rarely impulse buy. But there you go. You got me. Shame on me.

YeuxNoirs, Mar 08, 2019


"Spectre is a new iOS camera app that uses AI to create stunning long exposures” — the Verge Introducing Spectre, from the makers of Halide, one of the top camera apps in the App Store. Spectre uses AI to help you make amazing long exposure photographs. Spectre can remove crowds, turn city streets into rivers of light, make waterfalls look like paintings, and much more.

Until now, it was difficult to take long exposures: from keeping the camera steady to guessing the amount of light you need. Spectre takes care of all of that! WHAT YOU CAN DO • MAKE CROWDS DISAPPEAR: Spectre helps take photos of crowded, touristy places. Simply set a medium or long duration and take a shot to erase the crowd from a location. Capture the those special moments like you remember them. • RIVERS OF LIGHT: At night, AI scene detection automatically switches modes to draw beautiful light trails, for stunning nighttime city photography or light painting. • GORGEOUS WATER: Capture waterfalls, ocean waves, fountains and more with beautiful ghostly water. LIVE PHOTOS AND VIDEO Spectre’s intelligent computational shutter takes hundreds of shots over the span of a few seconds, and saves them in an accompanying live photo. That means you can pick a different frame as your photo, apply live-photo effects, and even use the long exposure as a live-wallpaper! ENDLESS SMARTS Spectre is a packed with powerful technology from by the team that brought you Halide. From machine learning-based scene detection to computer vision aided image stabilization, Spectre is jammed full of impressive technologies to get the best possible image. DESIGNED FOR HUMANS Spectre is meticulously designed. Its dark UI is gentle on the eyes when you shoot at night. Gorgeous glowing highlights infuse it with a unique style. Custom typefaces and iconography combined with unique, smooth controls make it as tactile and delightful as an actual physical camera. Like its sister app Halide, the app is easily usable with one hand, even on the largest iPhones. HIGH-TECH SHOWCASE Build with the latest tech, Spectre isn't just a long exposure camera — it’s the cutting edge technology showcase of one of the App Store’s foremost camera apps, Halide. Here’s just a few of the latest technologies that we use in Spectre: - DCI-P3 Wide Color Pipeline - Live Photos - Metal Graphics Acceleration - Tripod Detection - Siri & Shortcuts - AI Stabilization - Machine Learning & CoreML - Computer Vision COMPATIBILITY: Spectre’s smart Automatic Scene Detection requires iOS 12. AI-based stabilization features are available on iPhone 6S and later.* For the best experience, we recommend iPhone 8 or later. On iPhone 6, Spectre captures in lower resolution. * (Full compatibility device list: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max) ABOUT US We’re Ben and Sebastiaan, two friends living in the San Francisco Bay Area that love building fantastic apps for photography. We hope you love Spectre! We’d love your feedback to make it even better or any reports of bugs you run into. You can always contact us directly via email: [email protected], on our Twitter: @halidecamera or Instagram: @halideapp Don’t forget to share your amazing results by tagging them with #SpectreShot so we can share them on our growing social media accounts!

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