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Distressed FX : Plus

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User Reviews for Distressed FX : Plus

Once upon a time, I loved this app…

Update:04-May-2022Finally gave up and deleted the app. It became frustrating not being able to use it. Buy with caution. Once upon a time, I loved this app… I’ve owned it since its inception and for years it was a part of my editing protocol. Then another app became my go to, and for a year or two I stopped using this. Recently, I opened the app and saw what appeared to be some lovely updates. Unfortunately not one will download onto my iPhone without error messages telling me they’ve corrupted and to remove and reinstall the app. I’ve done this more than a dozen times, as well as written for customer support l, all to no avail. I guess she’s no longer supporting DistressedFx+ and it’s sad. This time, when I delete it, I won’t try again. I assume it’s a dead app. Sadly. Don’t waste your time and money. I hope I hear to the contrary, but I won’t hold me breath.

fulload, May 04, 2022

There isn’t any real difference between the new and the old version. The images here give you the impression there is a cut and paste feature. The only difference I can see between the two apps is the free packs add-ons. Not really worth $12.

J_Pearl, Apr 05, 2022
App does NOT work and developer doesn’t fix

I select one of my images from the camera roll, OR, take a photo. To no avail. The screen is not responsive to selections. The stock photo that comes with the app (of a cow) works to modify with the effects, but not when I use one of my own photos.I paid $9.99 for this app and want a refund. Not happy. If I could give zero stars I would.Developer does not respond to emails

[email protected], Nov 24, 2019
Love love love this app

I’m hooked!! Most fun I’ve ever had turning my mediocre photos into dark and mysterious, or bright and shining attempts at artistic photos. Of course, my not being artistic at all, proves that DistressedFX cannot work miracles but you can have a great time trying!! I highly recommend buying this app. But watch out!!! It’s highly addictive!

nanamorana, Nov 22, 2021
Absolutely A Must For Editing and Texture Lovers

I have been using this app for several years now. It was wonderful with the first release but now with the second edition of FX plus I am absolutely loving all the options that have been added. I have been doing and creating mobile photography for quite a few years now and there are not many apps that I am absolutely thrilled with but this would be my top three and this would be absolutely number one. Thanks so much for making a top notch app for creators!

Ronnica44, Jun 12, 2020
This is good

I’ve been using the first release of Distressed for two years and found it to be hit and miss because the overlays were all or nothing, meaning it covered the entire photo. This new release of Distressed FX is far superior with its ability to erase it from areas you don't want to affect in your photos. After a month of experimenting with it, the flood gates of enhancing my photos flew open for me. I use it to enhance/replace a boring sky with clouds, color and drama by using an overlay for that portion of the photo only. I can then save that edition of the photo to my phone, then import it back into Distressed FX, add a different overlay to be used for a different part of the photo. Another favorite use of the app is to erase most of an overlay, but keep the edges visible for hand-drawn vignettes. When using the erase function, I've learned that hard pressing the screen eliminates the effect, but soft pressing leaves some of it slightly opaque, and that can be used to enhance the areas you need it for just a touch extra. I could write several more paragraphs about this app but I think you get the idea. Get it, play and experiment with it and have fun

Root Beer Float -PCT, CDT, Apr 28, 2021
Great App but dying for erase option

Really love this app as it has elevated some of my abstract botanical artwork easily with a quick and intuitive interface. My wish list to make this 5 star, would be to add the ability to erase portions of my layered photos and possibly even the fX layers. This would allow me to accentuate / reveal portions of the underlying photo that currently end up with unwanted shadows or glare after just the right amount of blending / dissolving. Thank you for your time and efforts.

ShaneScott1968, Oct 30, 2020
The Best

Absolutely the best app out there for adding textures to your images! Really love the custom option to add your own textures. Having the ability to mask and options of blending modes are perfect.

Smile4camera, Apr 14, 2021
Just excellent!

Love this app... wish it had better instructions so i could learn the process faster but then experimenting is working, just taking me longer to get the effect i want. If there is a way to add more than one overlay i am not seeing it yet... when i try it takes away the first one i added and starts me over. If there is not a way to do that... i wish there were! It is a really fun and creative app well worth the 9.99 price!

Susea624, Feb 14, 2019
Love this app

Been using DistressedFX+ since it first came out and it’s predecessor for before that. The filters are perfect and there are lots of them.

Yogiabb, Aug 07, 2021


Distressed FX Plus is a special edition of the highly acclaimed original. For a small single payment, you will get access to all current and future filters, as well as exclusive access to all new effects and features ahead of release on the original app. This is an extraordinary opportunity to harness all the amazing effects from Distressed FX.

If you are ready to take your photos to the next level, this is the ideal investment at a bargain price. Creating gorgeous artwork from your photos has never been easier. With Distressed FX, simply take a photo and choose from a wide range of textured images and overlays. Transform even the most mundane photo into a work of art. See our hashtag #distressedFX on Instagram to see 100k+ examples! ** Featured by Mac Format and Black + White Photography Magazine Join us at: www.facebook.com/DistressedFX www.instagram.com/distressedfxapp/ • Particularly suited to still life and landscape photography - this app will perfectly compliment your existing collection of photo apps. Distressed FX is powered by the textures of Cheryl Tarrant, a texture artist from Tennessee. Her popular and unique style is now available in your pocket, wherever you go. • Follow Cheryl on Instagram http://instagram.com/distressedfxapp • Be our friend on Facebook www.facebook.com/DistressedFX • Follow us on Twitter : @distressedfx See examples of the Cheryl's distinctive work here: www.flickr.com/photos/jewellofdistressed/ ** Find out more about Distressed Textures at www.distressedfx.com & www.distressedtextures.com Distressed FX (tm) is a trademark of Cheryl Tarrant in the United States of America.

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