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Average Camera Pro

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User Reviews for Average Camera Pro

Constant crashing on iPhone 6 plus

Nice app when it works. I can take one set of averaged photos, then the app crashes, I restart it and repeat. Not a great workflow right there. Produces cool results otherwise. Not sure what the issue is, this is a fast phone. Please fix.

Atanguay, Aug 29, 2015
Awesome app

Considering I use an actual camera for my long exposures I decided to try this app out for when I only have my phone on me for whatever reason. Someone on IG mentioned it. Very fun app. I like the intervals and the combo of the photos so you can achieve a decent long exposure look from a phone. Really cool.

Britb7, Dec 14, 2015
Good App Needs more instructions on use

I have used the app to take low light pictures that are not grainy. One other uses is during the day in a busy location with lists of people walking by that you want to look like no one is there. I set up a tripod, choose 32 or more frames with a few seconds between frames and let it go. When it's done you can't see any people unless they stayed in one location for a long time.

Calamari 838, Aug 07, 2016
Better than most

AVG CAM is one of the best camera apps I can think of and I’ve bought a lot it’s my go to app when I need. A slow shutter shot or want some creative aspect to my photography. Well done I hope to see more from this developer...See shots on ig instagram/Briancurnel

CurnelB, Jun 18, 2018
Almost there

This app is great for reducing noise on low light photography but it needs to be updated to work well with iPhone 7 with its two lenses and ability to trip the shutter with volume control on earphones. Overall it does what it claims, it just needs upgrading.

FrankHerzog, May 05, 2018
Only of its kind, easy to use, great results

As expected, you'll need to use a tripod or lean your phone against something to achieve any result. The results are great with my iPhone 5, giving the camera an effective daytime bulb shutter function, with the benefits of low noise and not needing an ND filter.

Hepiza, Oct 17, 2015
Quick Bug Fix

I have great praise for the maker of this app for his quick 24-hour turn around for fixing a bug.This is a fun program to use.

Pinholemaster, Jun 13, 2019
Still crashing with slow-shutter

I've rebooted & reinstalled on my iOS7.1.2 iPhone 5, and it still crashes. Also program could be so much more with dark frame subtraction...

rkgdroid, Jul 11, 2015
Great app lacking newer functionality

I have been using this app for years and for blending many exposures over a long time, it is unmatched. Lots of control over number of frames and timing between photos. This said, the UI is dated and it does not offer any access to more than the standard lens on multiple lens iPhones which is very disappointing at this point. I would gladly pay to get this app updated with latest features and functionality because even without these updates, it’s still very good.

Sbug9, Feb 17, 2020
Nice but needs upgrade

Newer iPhones are out, the 12 is coming. I think it’s time for an upgrade. You developers need to maintain your apps and keep them updated. This is a great app, but it’s lacking the new iPhone camera features.

THPHY, May 11, 2020


Average Camera automatically takes multiple pictures (immediately or after a timer expires), calculates the average picture out of these and normalizes the result, to make the lightest pixel become white. It is useful for producing low-noise pictures in low-light situations. Because of the long exposure time, you should not hold your iPhone in your hands, but lean it against something to get sharp results.

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