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User Reviews for Distressed FX

App is buggy under iOS 11 & iPad Pro

Under iOS 10.x selecting a different pack (either texture or overlay) and then close pack picker window would display/load the new pack filters at the bottom of screen.—Under iOS 11.x selecting a different pack does not load the pack, the applicable bottom row of the screen still displays the current pack filters! New filters do not display until one filter box is clicked on the row that was switched, then the new pack filter will display. Other issues: the row that was switched in some situations displays two switch pack boxes, as well as other blank boxes with labels. ie. extra icons. Additional notes:The same pack picker window being used when “switch pack” is being clicked from either overlay or texture rows confuses kids and the older generations, that confusion is compounded when the packs do not load correctly.

app_interest, May 14, 2018
Create Something Special

I have been using this application for many years since 1.0 and we have an update to it now which has been long in the waiting but very worth it! This is an app I will always use - The opportunity for texture combination is very good I love it!

Athens Hwy 441, Aug 31, 2017
Really Cool App, But...

I really like this App. First, it’s very easy to use and not cumbersome to me. The textures, birds, etc. are lovely. My only two issues with the App at this time are that the birds can only be reduced to a certain size. For many of my landscape photos, the smallest reduction is still too big and the birds don’t “fit in” with the landscape. Second, it would be great if there was a Preview option or rather, a Before and After option that many photo apps have. I find myself having to go all the way back to “None” to see the difference. Otherwise, a lovely App and also, very grateful for the recent Free Dreamy Birds pack. Thank you!

DME_Ski, Jan 29, 2018
My Double-Down Go-To App for Atmosphere

I use this app relentlessly in achieving the perfect atmospheric ambiance in my art pieces. Thoughtfully designed for users to filter and tweak each effect with excellent color blends.Oh and the birds! I use them over and over without the effect looking cookie-cutterish. Thank you for maintaining and upgrading the effects! I tip my art hat to you gratefully!

Hurricaneinabox, Apr 18, 2019
This app is a lot of fun!

I’ve edited a lot of photos with this and I really enjoy it. One of the best things I’ve done with it is I’ve created several (there were 24 at last count!) totally different ‘paintings’ using the ‘test’ image that lets you preview the different effects! It’s a little shack on a little plot of prairie land with a huge sky and you can change it into anything you want! (Of course I’ve used other apps to add other effects but the end results have been fabulous!!) You can be tempted to overuse it but I do like the overall improvement to certain photos

MeandMoon56, Nov 22, 2017
First Day...

I just started playing with this. I like the included filters so far, but I will likely buy a couple extras. Bottom line is, I’m still mourning the loss of “Pic Grunger” - a photo distressing app that did not survive the upgrade to iOS11. I used Pic Grunger’s distressing filters on backgrounds in my layouts for years but it looks like this will fill that need and much more as long as the res is high enough when I import to Adobe. We’ll see...

Middle-aged Mouseketeer, Nov 25, 2017
Simply Awesome!!

This is one of the best apps you can purchase that will allow you to create fabulous art. There’s so many options to release and free your creativity. Customer support is almost instant. It’s rare to find an app and such friendly and helpful customer support at the same time. This app and its creator have been a true blessing to me and the work I seek to create. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to move their skill set and art to a completely new level.

oneboyportraits, Jan 19, 2018

Still one of the best!!!I thoroughly enjoy using this app. May not be as sophisticated as some, but what it does, it does well.I continue to enjoy this app after years of use. I especially like the easy ability to add custom textures to my photos. It has improved greatly, in my opinion, over the years.

Pepper9982, Jul 26, 2017
Love the update!!

Fun, atmospheric app. Thanks for the improvement n the update in resolution.I would like to see some improvements in this app. As the effects are nice, the way in which you have to choose between packs is not. It’s quite cumbersome. I have several packs & the way in which I can pick them is annoying. Please make this app more user friendly.

Phwax, Nov 03, 2017
BIG Money ❤️🔥

Great Options Wsh They Would Bundle A Couple Of the Upgrades As Many Are Just Repetitions of Basic pack … I Think A Mix n Match .. Or COMPLETE bundle For A 50 percent ( Or more) Would Really Get A Few “ BIRDS” .. 😅Off the FENCE To By !!! please Respond , At Least Consider doing A TEST market … & Don’t Wait til “ CYBER “ This or THAT -there’s $$$ in them BIRDY SKYS ☮️❤️

Toot da blues, Jan 24, 2022


Creating gorgeous artwork from your photos has never been easier. With Distressed FX, simply take a photo and choose from a wide range of textured images and overlays. Transform even the most mundane photo into a work of art.

See our hashtag #distressedFX on Instagram to see 100k+ examples! ** Featured by Mac Format and Black + White Photography Magazine Join us at: www.facebook.com/DistressedFX www.instagram.com/distressedfxapp/ • Particularly suited to still life and landscape photography - this app will perfectly compliment your existing collection of photo apps. Distressed FX is powered by the textures of Cheryl Tarrant, a texture artist from Tennessee. Her popular and unique style is now available in your pocket, wherever you go. • Follow Cheryl on Instagram http://instagram.com/distressedfxapp • Be our friend on Facebook www.facebook.com/DistressedFX • Follow us on Twitter : @distressedfx See examples of the Cheryl's distinctive work here: www.flickr.com/photos/jewellofdistressed/ ** Find out more about Distressed Textures at www.distressedfx.com & www.distressedtextures.com Distressed FX (tm) is a trademark of Cheryl Tarrant in the United States of America.

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