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Obscura — Pro Camera

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Obscura — Pro Camera

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Ben McCarthy
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User Reviews for Obscura — Pro Camera

Good camera, but bad UX

I like all the manual controls this app exposes, but the UI could use some improvement. The iconography can be very difficult to understand—some text labels would help greatly.

crgwbr, Jun 09, 2022
Cool camera but not working with Fjorden grip

Bought this app so that I could use it with my new Fjorden Grip. it is supposed to be compatible. I can even see it paired in the Obscura3 settings but I cannot get any of the Grip’s buttons to work within the app. I can find nothing on the web on how to fix it. Frustrating!Edit: it now suddenly seems to work with the Grip but will not zoom (only changes lens with zoom slider on grip).

docgompf, May 21, 2023
So good it’s replacing the Camera app for me

Really been digging Obscura 3 since I got a chance to dig into it & have actually taken more photos *because* of the app than I have in a while.I’ve had other pro camera apps, but having Video in this version is a big deal because it can totally replace the Camera app for daily situations rather than trying to specifically serve as a tool when I want to practice photography.Plus, the minimalist design has settled in version 3 into a fine-tuned mechanism with discrete capture modes, all the controls I want, and I literally noticed myself think “Oh it should have *this* feature” and then promptly found it in Settings.I’ve picked a few filters, taken some shots that I’m pleased with, and it’s now on my Home Screen too – I look forward to putting it through some more tests soon & if I have any suggestions will send them to the dev team 👍

Drummer4Life27, Feb 21, 2022
Improvements over Obscura 2

I’ve recently purchased Obscura 3 to see what it had in comparison to Obscura 2. The simplification is amazing compared to 2. I will miss the way the settings were on the wheel, but the much more simple UI is amazing. Definitely recommend this app if you want to up your photo game.

FlynnGardener, Jul 05, 2022
As a semi pro, I love this camera

This is a wonderful camera app. The UI takes a minute to get accustomed to, but it’s obvious a lot of thought was put into the IxD (interaction design). It’s super easy to change settings on the fly. What I love most is that you can live preview filters, just like you can with Fuji recipes. It’s so much fun. For those complaining about a subscription fee, it’s $10 a YEAR. I’m more than happy to pay that for a well designed, lightweight, and highly functional camera app. Cheers to the development team!

Jeff golenski, Sep 09, 2023
Amazing UI, responsive developer

To be honest, I was having issues with this app originally. I loved the look, but it was crashing and not showing RAW photos correctly. I posted the issue on here and the developer reached out almost immediately and said they were working on it. Shortly after, I was added to the beta program and since then everything is working great. I’m enjoying the app and the opportunity to give feedback on improvements.I highly recommend Obscura 3. You have to praise an app that doesn’t copy the others and takes a fresh approach. Very well done!!

jeffruth, Aug 05, 2022
Clean interface

Fantastic to use with one hand. Well thought out UI for drilling down to the manual settings. My new go to camera app for manual photography.

Kwottley, Feb 22, 2022
Super customizable creative camera app

Obscura 3 has a unique and clean design and the controls are powerful and intuitive. I especially like the radial dial control for adjusting focus with fine tune increments. There's also a lot of power behind customizing the app for whatever works best for you. You can customize each mode to have different presets or you can change what different gestures do. There's a lot packed into this!

littlebluebro, Feb 22, 2022
Instant purchase

As an Obscura 2 user I was glad to see 3 out with so much features. I applaud the dev for not going the subscription route. This app is loaded. I just want an option to preserve settings. I shoot 16:9 but camera launches 4:3 by default

Marxcom, Jan 14, 2023
Almost impossible to use - worthless

The controls on this app are incomprehensible and, strangely, bear little resemblance to the App Store displays. The challenges don't arise simply from not being a pro photographer - the app interface and controls are simply not competently designed for easy interpretation and use. It's so worthless I would give it 0 stars if that were an option. Fortunately, it didn't cost me much and there is no periodic subscription charge that I have to cancel. MacLife Magazine gave this app a good review, but again, their description is not what you find on opening the app. Makes me wonder if I should respect the magazine any more as well.

mvbmac, Aug 16, 2022


Obscura 4 is a camera app packed full of features to help you take incredible photos. Obscura pairs a stunning design with intuitive controls that make taking photos a delight. — Over its 8 years on the App Store, Obscura has been much numerous times around the world, including as Editors’ Choice and App of the Day. — Design Obscura squeezes a bunch of powerful features into simple controls anyone can master. The interface balances aesthetics, ergonomics, and intuitiveness.

You won’t want to use anything else. Controls can be reached with one thumb, and gestures and haptics combine to create a tactile experience that lets you stay focused on your subject. — Capture Modes & Formats Obscura captures photos, videos, Live Photos, and portraits. Photos can captured in RAW, ProRAW, HEIC, and JPEG (on supported devices, see http://obscura.camera/compatibility). Capture images in multiple different aspect ratios, or filters live in camera for a wide variety of styles. — Camera Settings Obscura gives you control over exposure, focus, white balance, ISO, shutter speed, and flash, with intuitive controls that make you feel in control of your device’s camera. — View Options Obscura lets you display a grid, a spirit level, a histogram, focus peaking, a focus loupe, and exposure clipping highlights to help you understand every detail of what you’re shooting. — Photo Library Obscura has its own interface for browsing, rating, editing, and sharing images, but it’s fully integrated with your system photo library, so images captured with Obscura are available everywhere. — Obscura Ultra Obscura is free to use, with an annual subscription for premium features. See http://obscura.camera/ultra for full details. — I hope you love using Obscura as much as I’ve loved designing and building it. If you do, please consider subscribing to Ultra, leaving a review, or just sharing with a friend. All the best, Ben ———— Privacy Policy: http://obscura.camera/privacy Terms of use: http://obscura.camera/terms

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