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Beastcam - Pro Camera

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Beastgrip, Co.
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User Reviews for Beastcam - Pro Camera

Good but...

The app has great features and all but it just needs a little improvement on one particular thing. It'd be great if the transition from landscape to portrait is seemless. Right now it's just ugly. It rotates the whole screen preview with ugly rotation transition. Only the labels should rotate regardless of the device Rotation Lock state. Do not rotate the whole camera preview, it's just not pleasing to look at. This might be a minor thing to some but it's the only reason why I don't like using the app. For this price, it looks like an oversight. Every little detail matters.

alydhiends, Oct 04, 2021
This app is great. I find the updates have improved it greatly since it first launched

I like everything about this app. I love the layout and user interface more than all the others (filmic, pro camera, Mavis, etc. ). I had issues when it first launched with frame rate dropping. While all phones are VFR, I feel that it is much more improved since I first used it. It is now my go to app for filming commercials and other video content. With the introduction to 10 bit video with the iPhone 12, I have done several tests and pre post production, this app delivers the best video quality. Kudos to Beastgrip.

Animated Noise, Jan 07, 2021
Unlocks features that Apple removes.

So apparently Apple doesn’t allow 128gb model iPhones 14 Pros to film in 4K ProRes. This app lets you use that function that should have been unlocked in the first place. The price of the app is beyond worth it. Support is very helpful also! The only two things I’d recommend are, be able to export video directly to camera roll instead of having to do that from the gallery, like we can with photos. (Having two copies of large video on the phone takes up unnecessary space). A Timelapse feature would also be amazing! Overall A+ app! I use it for my videography business!

Anvar121995, Nov 20, 2022
You’ll lose your footage!

Beastcam has a variety of great features, but it’s also full of bugs. It crashes frequently, and exporting footage is a nightmare. If your clips are too long or if you have too many on your phone, the app with crash without warning and delete everything in its library. It’s horrible to discover that after a day of hard work, all your content is suddenly gone. As much as I want to like this app, I can’t, the deletion of your clips and images if simply unforgivable. Until these issues are resolved, I’d highly advise prospective buyers against beastcam.

Bantha8, Jan 03, 2022
Powerful tool to improve your phone photography and videography

This app is amazing User interface is very easy to use. You can control focus peaking, zebras, focus, iso, resolution, file size bitrate, FPS, shutter speed and so so so much more!!!This app is by far one of my best investments. If you are a video pro and love to shoot cinema quality video from your smartphone than this app is for you.

becquerel24, Sep 11, 2020
Gear and Software

I feel like I have grown up as a photographer and filmmaker with the beast cam company. I utilize their cage for the iPhone promax 12. The software for iOS was easy for me to learn the controls are easy to get to easy to program in the preset option is crucial. I have a number of photography and film making apps on my phone but find that 90% of all my work comes through the BeastCam app.

enok the watcher, Jan 08, 2022
Fantastic App, a few iPhone 14 Pro bugs

This app is just what I was looking for. Moving from primarily using the Moment app for travel videos and other iPhone videography projects to Beastcam is wonderful. It is both intuitive and full of options.On the website it mentions there a few bugs being worked out since the release of the iPhone 14 + iOS 16, and there are a small few. Specifically I am unable to save a preset at 24fps when I am shooting at 4K, high bitrate, at 10-bit (not HDR). It instead says I have 30fps selected and saves the preset at 30.If this and the other small bugs could get ironed out this app would be perfect.

evangoodell, Dec 02, 2022
Take control of your media

I’ve been using this app for over a year now. The functionality and manual control this app offers is top notch. Being able to manually control your settings will set your photos and videos apart from everyone else who use their default camera app. The only problem I have with this app is that I can’t control the mic input volume when shooting video. The option is there but it’s grayed out. It’s totally possible it’s because I’m using an old iPhone XR. One of the best parts of this app is that there is no monthly subscription! Dear developers, I hope you can keep it this way. Filmic Pro used to be my go-to until they went the subscription route.

KazMogi, Aug 22, 2023
So much potential yet so little updating

Filmic Pro’s (5 yr user) new subscription pricing got me wondering if this app could be a replacement and yes it could be BUT currently it is not. ProRes is broken on new iOS and 14 ProMax. 10 bit is also broken (as others have mentioned here). Last update was 8+ months ago. I don’t mind paying more for the app if it gets updated regularly BUT it appears that the developer rarely updates it. Sad to say as it has potential. Plus the developer should capitalize on the stupid Filmic pricing model that the new owner has rolled out.

LongTermUser64, Oct 08, 2022
Absolutely great!

One of the finest apps on the market! I was browsing for a few weeks trying to find the app that has all the features I need to shot on my iPhone. And after purchasing few other apps that didn’t do much for me I decided to go with BeastCam. Has all the bells and whistles!! Great buy for a great price)

OG16OG, Sep 03, 2021


Beastcam makes it easier than ever to capture the best possible photos and videos on your iPhone. It’s fast and easy-to-use, but powerful and customizable as a professional camera when you need it. We believe Beastcam is the most intuitive and advanced camera app ever created for capturing life’s special moments, expanding the capabilities of your iPhone camera to its fullest potential, and taking your #iPhoneography to the next level! *Complete control Easily set, fine-tune, and lock the most important settings you need in seconds, such as focus, exposure, zoom, white balance, and more using Beastcam’s intuitive design, quick-access buttons, precise value sliders, focus, and exposure reticles.

All are available with a single tap on the home screen. *Hardware support Enhance your creativity with built-in support for DOF adapters, 1.33X & 1.55X anamorphic lenses in both photo and video mode. Improve your sound quality with external microphones and dial in the perfect settings for your environment, such as gain, audio format, sample rates. *Advanced presets Speed up and organize your workflow with shareable presets for every available setting. Save time setting up your camera with unlimited customizable presets for all available settings that can be applied at any time. Perfect for multi-phone setups, DOF Adapters, 1.33X & 1.55X anamorphic lenses, and other commonly used settings like frame rate, resolution, etc. *File management Save time finding your files by creating projects and scenes that auto-generate readable file names based on the project name, scene name and take # and prioritize your best footage (or delete your worst) with a single tap as soon as you’ve finished recording, or later in the built-in gallery. Conveniently manage and share all of your organized photos and videos with the built-in gallery. # Features - Set and lock focus and exposure with reticles - Precisely adjust white balance, focus, zoom, and exposure settings right from the home screen - Analyze your shots accurately focus peaking, false colors, zebras, and histogram - Take steadier shots with standard or cinematic image stabilization - De-squeeze footage to 2.39:1 for 1.33X anamorphic lenses and 2.76:1 for 1.55X anamorphic lenses - Rotate orientation for DOF lens adapters - quick zoom, perfect for manual focus - Switch between any of your iPhone cameras - Monitor audio levels, microphone type, format, and sample rate right on the home screen - Compose your shots with 1:1, 2.39:1, and 2.76:1 aspect ratio guides and grids - Show/hide all of the menus from your home screen - Built-in flash/torch control - Create projects and scenes that auto-generate easy to read folder and file names based on the project name, scene name, take # - Prioritize your best footage (or delete your worst) with a single tap as soon as you’ve finished recording or later in the gallery - View, rename, move, share or delete files with the built-in gallery - Custom local presets for white balance, zoom, focus - Create sharable global presets for all available settings (video mode only) - Custom settings/rules for a fresh start - Easily adjust exposure, focus, zoom with gesture controls # Video - 4K 3840x2160, QHD 2560x1440, FHD 1920x1080 or HD 1280x720 resolutions - 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60, 120, or 240 FPS options - Bit rates: Low, Standard, High, Beast (up to 160 Mbit/s) - 10-bit Dolby Vision HDR - 10-bit SDR - ProRes Note: Some resolution and FPS options are not available on older iPhone models. The bit rate may vary depending on the resolution, FPS, and scene of your video # Audio - ACC, PCM, AIFF audio formats - 44.1kHz and 48kHz audio sample rates (device-dependent) - Supports built-in and external microphones - Control gain for external microphones #Photo - JPEG, HEIF, RAW, file formats - 1:1 , 4:3, 3:2, and 16:9 aspect ratios

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