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User Reviews for CameraPixels PRO

Not as good as it used to be.

As a semi-pro landscape photographer, the older version would zoom the view when manual focusing. Latest version does not and focus peaking is useless on such small sensors with limited sharpness and lots of depth of field. The app also now outputs DNG files in a random alphanumeric string. If you shoot a burst, the files are not sequential when loaded in the PC. I love how it does focus stacking with exposure bracketing. Overall great app if they brought back manual focus zoom and fixed the file naming issue.

App Reviewer42, Dec 13, 2020
Amazing little App to get the most from your iPhone Camera

This app is a must have for any photographer looking to get basic DSLR-like functionality out of your iPhone camera. Simple to use interface, reliable operation and! ...actual quality tech support via email from the Camera Pixels team. Don’t think twice, this app is a must-have.

bombersNYC, Jan 26, 2021
Unique focus stacking capabilities!

I am working on a project where my main subject is always at about 8 inches from the iPhone and I want a sharp image to infinity. This obviously requires focus stacking. CameraPixels is the only app I found that can do both focus stacking and save to DNG file format. In CameraPixels I saved a Mode that shoots 10 images from 8 inches to infinity and the process is very easy. I then process the images on my computer using Zerene Stacker and I am very happy with the results. I also find the interface of CameraPixels very intuitive. Highly recommended!

candidstroller, Mar 24, 2019
Seems like a great app but have question...

Once I have my three bracketed photos, how do I go about making a single hdr image from them. Is this process built into your app or do I need to use an additional software program or app? If it it the later, what program do you recommend?

ClayBowman, Dec 31, 2019
Very Cool

This app is really cool and can help get much higher quality images than with the standard cam. One thing I would like to see is a combination of multishot and bracketing. Basically each exposure of the bracket would itself be made up of 3 or more (maybe up to 15) multi exposure shots combined into one. This would give a much higher quality result for each exposure in the bracket, allowing for near DSLR quality source files to bring into HDR software. That would be awesome

pop-ups, Feb 02, 2018
I’ve gone through many camera apps, and this one does the most!

After using Halide Camera for a while, this app has so much more capability. The exposure bracketing can allow for amazing dynamic range for editing even on old iPhones. Being able to do focus bracketing makes macro shots way better, and the burst interval is great for shooting time lapses in RAW. I just wish the burst interval would go longer than one second max. Other than that this app does everything I would possibly need for taking pictures.

reecerj3, Apr 19, 2021
Top notch bracketing app

I have been using a DSLR with Helicon Focus and Remote for years to capture close up images of model railroads for the hobby press. There are times where the DSLR is too large to insert into a scene for the shot needed and I decided to get a new iPhone XS to work in the tight spots. Great camera but I needed a bracketing app to get the necessary depth of field required for a truly professional result. After much research it looked like this was the best equipped app for the job. This app coupled with the XS may relegate my trusty Canon DSLR to a back up position in my photo work. The results are that good. It does all the things I need for proper focus bracketing and the images stack great on my MacBook Pro with the Helicon program. I'm a happy camper. Another thing. I had a small problem with one function (my fault...old eyes and a small icon on the screen) and needed help from their tech support. Absolutely great support and my self inflicted issue was resolved immediately. I've purchased my share of apps over the years but this is the first time that I have been so pleased that I felt compelled to write a review. Now, let's get a camerapixels app for complete wireless control mirrored to Mac with airdrop capability. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

retired recording engineer, May 20, 2019
It “works” but is buggy in a lot of places…

The development team usually issues fixes pretty quickly, but while the cam does “work” at some things, it’s still full of bugs. For example, in the MAIN settings. Checking items on/off. Capture settings aren’t ever saved, capture modes aren’t saved, there is NO light theme, etc. Switching from rear cam set to HEIC for example and going to front cam, it ALWAYS reverts to JPG even if you also have the front saved to HEIC, no matter how many times it’s set. I dunno… this cam really is good and has tons of potential, but the bugs that get fixed seem to just introduce more; fix 1 create 3, it simply just isn’t a reliable cam you can select and know for a fact your presets are properly set and ready to shoot when you absolutely need it in the blink of an eye. For these reasons I find myself using ProCam5 majority of the time instead, the cam within Lightroom, and even the stock cam still is very useful. Once this cam is fully polished and the bugs are worked out, it’ll stand out. But right now, it’s just not ready and not reliable, sorry. I really wish I had waited to purchase the paid version. It’s definitely not ready for being a daily driver camera.

s.tbn84, Oct 09, 2017
Versatile, well-designed camera app

I purchased Camera Pixels because it supports DNG (raw image) capture. Additionally, it packs tremendous flexibility into a very efficient user interface. It only takes two or three gestures to get what I want. And it can output highest-quality JPEG MAX images. It makes the iPhone competitive with my DSLR.

Splinter Magnet, Feb 09, 2018
No HDR or Photo stacking in app

I purchased this hearing things like “all-in-one” and seeing a sample photo of focus stacking on the Apple store as well as a sample photo of HDR stacking on their website homepage shown inside the app.This is misleading people to think that the app can stack multiple photos into HDR or stack multiple focus photos with focus stacking. It’s not clearly stated which made it a waste of my time that this is a “capture only” app.The issue I have is if someone uses the app to capture multi focus photos and then is forced to buy third party software to stack those photos, then why would someone reload that final stacked photo into the app and take a screen shot to show on the App Store. It is misleading and not cool.

TornadoNewbie, Nov 28, 2021


CameraPixels is a unique manual photography app. The premium tools and intuitive UI make CameraPixels the best choice for professional mobile photographers. CameraPixels participated in Berkley Eclipse Megamovie 2017 thanks to its extensive raw bracketing.

All-in-one ============= CameraPixels is all-in-one capture solution, that supports multiple photo and video capture modes. Among them are Bracketing, Slow Shutter and Time-lapse modes. CameraPixels has the most advanced bracketing available on the iOS platform, which includes exposure and focus bracketing. Best for macro photography ============= With CameraPixels you can capture the best macro shots, be it a single image or a series of images, called focus bracketing, which can later be combined into one all-in-focus photo (requires external app for focus stacking). If you have an external macro lens, let CameraPixels save its name to the EXIF data for you, so later you can always remember which lens was used. Currently CameraPixels supports Olloclip™, Loupe System™ and Moment™ lenses. Best for professional HDR photography ============= CameraPixels has the most advanced exposure bracketing on iOS. With up to 15 images per bracket you can capture even the most difficult lighting situations. CameraPixels support auto-, iso and shutter-brackets, with an optional flash frame. The captured images can be used to create stunning HDR photos using your favorite professional HDR software. Intuitive UI ============= CameraPixels has a simple and efficient UI. The most important information is always in front of your eyes, and this allows you to avoid surprises like an unexpected flash fire or the wrong output photo or video format. Stop being distracted by the uncertainty of the settings, concentrate on your capture! ISO/Shutter priority modes ============= CameraPixels is among a few photography apps that support advanced exposure modes like ISO and Shutter priority. These modes are indispensable during dynamic photography when there is no time for adjusting manual exposure. Histogram and clipping warnings ============= The histogram is a great tool to estimate your exposure. It can show you if the photo has under-exposed or over-exposed areas. Clipping warnings, on the other hand, can show you exactly where those under and over-exposed areas in your photo are. Depth capture ============= On dual/triple-camera devices, CameraPixels can capture depth information alongside the colour photo. If the photo has depth information, in the preview window, two additional buttons appear (depth and portrait) that allow you to inspect the depth of the image and apply it to simulate an aperture. Presets ============= CameraPixels was designed for professional photographers that value efficiency of their workflow. The unlimited presets, including the possibility to expose them to Widget make CameraPixels the ultimate photography tool. Features overview ============= - UI optimized for manual capture - RAW and ProRAW (on supported devices) photo capture - Auto, manual and semi-automatic (ISO- and Shutter-priority) exposure modes - Photo, Burst, Portrait, Slow Shutter, Exposure Bracket, Focus Bracket, Video and Time-lapse - Clipping warnings to highlight under- and over-exposed areas in real time - Focus peaking and loupe during the manual focus adjustments - Single or series of Exposure Brackets with up to 15 images per bracket. AEB, ISO- and Shutter-brackets are available. - Single or series of Focus Brackets with up to 100 images per bracket - Adjustable photo and video resolution - Adjustable photo and video quality - Advanced photo processing (Smart HDR and Deep fusion on supported devices) - Unlimited presets with the possibility of exposing them to the widget - Advanced intervalometer - Multiple framing options

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