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User Reviews for Mextures Photo Editor

❤️Love Mextures❤️

Recently revisited this app; it’s been around for many years. I don’t know whether to call it an overlay app or a filter app; however, it makes photos look great! You can improve your landscapes or go for a retro/grunge look. Well worth the inexpensive IAP’s to get all the packs. Not only can you add layers of overlays, there’s various blending modes—in addition to the regular photo edits. Only request would be to please make it in landscape mode; it’s a pain to turn my iPad Pro with attached keyboard on its side to use the app. And I will be using the app much more now!

BAR112, Mar 07, 2019
Best App!

The last time I reviewed this app was three years ago. Five stars then, five stars now. The app keeps getting better, with more formula choices, better functionality, and I have never found another app that comes close to being as user friendly and capable of creating such a wide variety of edits on a single photo. Best thing that ever happened to photo editing, in my opinion. My only wish would be for a wider variety of cropping options. ❤️

bethbikes, Jun 14, 2017

This app is terribly overlooked despite just how thorough and customizable it is. There are indeed other apps with better / swifter UIs, but of the 20+ photo apps in my Photo apps folder, I can only get this specific look with Mextures.My only gripe is the laggy interface after saving a photo. After applying a "formula" and saving an image, the app lags for a solid 30 seconds to a full minute before any of the controls respond normally. This was true on my iPhone 6, and is true still on my iPhone 7 Plus. I'm not sure if my gigantic iCloud Photo Library (65,000 photos) is a factor, but no other photo apps experience anything like this lag.Also, I would love an easier way to backup custom formulas. I spend a LOT of time and energy creating custom formulas and just share them manually to my other devices as a backup. An auto-backup in the cloud would be fantastic, though I understand this would be quite an undertaking for the developer.Every single photo in my IG feed (a_wrong_time_ago) for about the past year solid has gone through Mextures first. It's a powerful app that has the potential to give your photos a subtle-but-distinct look that is impossible to duplicate in other apps.

Caught Unawares, Jun 28, 2017
Amazing texture layering app

This app is an amazing and easy to use tool for changing the feel of a photo. Its many overlays are beautiful and customizable with blend modes and opacity level. You can also rotate them 90 degrees to change where a certain color or the lightest part shows up. The layers button is very handy- when it’s open you can see each layer, hide certain ones from view temporarily, and tap on one to edit it or replace it. The fact that the number of layers is unlimited is the cherry on top- the app wouldn’t be what it is without it. The basic adjustment tools aren’t super fancy but they don’t have to be. They work well and complete the function of the app. I would absolutely LOVE to see the addition of a masking tool so that control over the effects is complete. More blend modes would also be fun to experiment with, although the current selection is great. I’m so glad the devs optimized this app- it’s a photo editing fave.

Georgiadoglove, Dec 04, 2020
My favorite photo app. By a mile.

I can't rave about Mextures (or the app's community) enough. It’s the Swiss Army knife of photo editors, with incredibly powerful filters and tools that are packaged in a dead simple interface. Whether you’re an experienced photo editor or someone just looking for a way to tweak your phone snapshots, Mextures is an outstanding choice. Check out #mextures and #mexturescollective on IG for some phenomenal examples of what this lovely app can produce. One of my favorite unique features about the app is that I love being able to create, save, and share formulae (and also using the word "formulae").

JoshfromVB, Oct 12, 2018
Impressive, still room for improvement

Mextures is one of the few editing apps that I have felt justified in my purchase. For the price, I believe that Mextures provides great value and a high level of customization. I love that the app provides a full range of customization with regard to opacity and blending modes.I would love the ability to move different textures around on the screen and scale overlays, though. For example, sometime of the textures can be used to emulate natural light, so I would love the ability to have full control over where the texture lies on the image. Implementing a FULL RANGE of customization would bring this review up to a 5/5.

Leej4x, Sep 16, 2017
Such a good editing tool! However...

As stated in previous tools it takes a full minute (60 seconds) to upload a single photo into the app for editing and it always freezes after you export it. I have to force close the app complete and start the process over again everytime. It’s extremely time consuming. I wish they would come up with an update to resolve the excruciating slowness. That being once you’re in and editing, it’s amazing. I have so much fun placing the last touches on my Photos as there’s so much you can do and manipulate in the app. Just Please fix the freezing and slowness. (It’s not device specific either the same thing occurs on my iPad as well)

Mariavancita, Apr 02, 2020
Love it

I am enamored with this app. Just spent the day getting to know it, and I’m thrilled so far. I was a little iffy to pay without seeing it, but I love that once you pay (the inexpensive) price you don’t have to deal with any other pay walls, ads, or constant upgrade asks like other apps. There are some more packs of filters you can buy if you want, all preview-able and inexpensive, but what you start off with is more than enough. So excited to have found this

meg_383, Jul 23, 2020
FINALLY updated to fit the new screen sizes but still too slow

This is one of my favorite apps but I feel like it’s been neglected. Sparse updates, no new expansion packs and overlays, and very laggy performance plague this app. Even after the new update it takes me 50 seconds of waiting for it to even load my photo library... I timed it. It takes a full minute as well to export a photo with one simple overlay layer. It shouldn’t take this long. I’m using an iPhone XS Max.The more I look at it the more I realize he(they?) just did the bare minimum to keep the app from being deleted by Apple for not being optimized. It doesn’t actually work with the iPhoneX screen, parts are cropped off, there’s text at the top that’s hidden under the notch, and the buttons at the top can’t be reached. It’s crashed four times in the past 20 minutes making me lose all my work! Super sloppy work!It’s 2018. Mextures should have the ability to open multiple photos, batch-copy formulas to multiple photos, and batch export. We should have more filter packs by now. And get rid of the suggested square crop at the beginning, we’ll crop our photos how we want.

Patricklawler, Dec 27, 2018
Neglected. Needs complete update.

This is a once great app. Which has been neglected. It is desperately in need of an update. They’ve done the bare minimum to keep it going. Used to love it. Now it takes forever to load. It’s not optimized for newer iPhones. I have the 12 Pro Max and many of the functions are off the screen. It’s slow and lethargic. Once in your photos they often won’t scroll. The app crashes frequently. It’s basically unusable. The positives: The filters are phenomenal. The formulas are great. The guest artist formulas are terrific. The ability to import other peoples photos is wonderful. The ability to save your own formulas also great. Please please please update.

Zwerlie, May 29, 2021


Featured by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Men's Journal, Mashable, CNET, Uncrate, Cult of Mac, Fstoppers, AppAdvice, and more. Mextures is the best app for applying dust and film grain, textures, light leaks and beautiful gradients to your images in seconds. No app is faster.

And with our non-destructive workflow, you can make changes to your layers at any time during your editing process. Fine-tune your edits with photo adjustments and then save and share your edit for future use. Included are over 200 beautiful formulas for 1-click editing created by some of the top iPhone photographers in the world. - OVER 150 TEXTURES - You'll find analog light leaks, dusty film scans, tasteful grunge, artifacts, element textures, and perfectly tuned gradients. Effect too strong? Easily adjust the opacity. With 12 different blending modes, every new layer adds a dynamic range of possibilities. - EDITING TOOLS: PERFECTED - Overcomplicated adjustments are for the birds. Adjust your photos with professional-grade tools like Exposure, Contrast, Tint, White Balance, Fade, Black and White, Highlights/Shadows, Sharpness, and Saturation. Included are 30 film presets that emulate popular film stocks. - CREATE & SHARE - Unlike any other app, you can save your edits for future use with our Formula workflow. Save and share as many formulas as you’d like and evolve a style that’s completely yours. And new in Mextures 2.0, our formula manager allows you to import formulas from other users. With a tap of a button, you can also share your formulas with a simple code on any social network. - INFINITE LAYERS - Stack a virtually unlimited number of layers for beautiful blending effects. You can change any edit you do at any time. Change the texture, blend mode, or rotation of a layer even if you added it 30 steps ago. Tweak each adjustment setting anytime during your editing process. Tag your images in with #Mextures on Instagram. mextures.com instagram.com/mextures

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