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User Reviews for Luwian

A Lot of bugs

After update it is seems to be working but later on all over again. This app cannot be saving a high resolution video.

AlexaSXT, Mar 10, 2021
Looked interesting but…

Still needs a lot of work. Very, very buggy on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. When changing lenses in portrait mode, the image turns dark brown, like it’s completely underexposed. Then it come up correct. When changing film stocks to B&W, the image comes up looking like a colorize image. Then, using the dial on the right to dial the number down, preview turns B&W. Then taking a phot and looking at it in the photo album, the image is in color. It’s like the film stock didn’t keep and reverted back to a color image. Tapping on the lens-changing buttons didn’t always choose the lens I wanted. So, sorry for the low rating and not-so-good review.

Atmoosh, Jul 22, 2021
It does what it needs to

The app is about what you would expect, it does what it needs to do. There’s hundreds of apps just like this out there with the same features it’s just a matter of finding one that suits you. I would have given 5 stars but the robot talking is annoying, and the UI honestly feels like I’m back on iOS 6. The visuals are honestly not appealing, from the camera textured backsplash to the gradients in the elements like the film canisters. But that doesn’t degrade the fact that the app does work.

Crazy scuba Steve, May 27, 2022
Last update issue

I bought the app a few weeks ago and now it doesn't open anymore. the app is very slow and has many options that are not explained

Dmirn23, Feb 18, 2022
Feature prove app 🤙🤙🤙🤙

Past, futures, present all in one very easy to use it’s has its bugs but is just because in some area is in beta but they are updating constantly give it a try you won’t be disappointed 🤙🤙🤙🤙

Faris enky, Mar 07, 2021
Amazing All-In-One Camera App!

This is by far one of the most intuitive, we'll put together camera apps out there. I really like how it embraces the vision of meshing oldskool with new. Tons of control and options and thank goodness for the built in tool tip I love it, was able to find my way around and know what each thing did, thanks for that. There's even a tutorial section to help get you going with what you'd like to achieve. The filters are really nice giving you that old film look which I love and the cinematic ones are awesome. A lot of thought went into this I can tell and the quality is excellent! Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed!

gerena4jc, Aug 13, 2021
Absolutely love the app!

To the developer, gracias. Now I have a DSLR in my pocket! Fantastic app loaded with tons of features without the pain of a subscription. Well done guys!

Kattanapilot, Mar 08, 2021
From a Pro…

ok so I’ve had quite a bit of time to give this a go and I have to say this is actually quite a well designed app. There are very few aspects of it that I would say need improvement, but just like anything, this could use a little tweaking here and there, but overall, it’s excellent!! It makes my life a whole lot easier, instead of carrying my SLR equipment everywhere, I now use this and a small manfrotto monopod when just out and about and want to capture something. The interface with the watch works quite well, although is dependent on the signal, but is to be expected. Here’s the thing. If you want professional shots but don’t need to carry around thousands in lenses, lighting, bodies, and other equipment, then this is 100% what you need. I would endorse this app all day long!! It can be as simple or as diverse as you need it to be, has all the features of a DSLR yet can be as simple as a point and shoot.

MikeTV3708, Jan 15, 2022
The HDR is total trash

This was the only reason I bought this app. The HDR takes forever to shoot four Photos of different exposure and if your area is dark it will leave artificial shadows… I have an iPhone 13 Pro and this app still crashes because of memory issues…

MisterSprinkles, Mar 27, 2022

Looks like am using my Dslr, all settings work well.Just amazing, hope the next Updates will make it better.I have 4 manuals camera apps on my 12 Pro Max, this is the best, focus points are top notch.

sheckwel, Mar 01, 2021


Luwian manual controls include exposure, focus + focus lock, zoom, white balance with most used preset and custom adjustment, ISO and shutter speed. On main camera panel you can access 40 filter, 29 virtual FX, 17analog film and 36 classic movie tones. All Main Panel Features : * Exposure control * Focus + focus lock control * Zoom * White balance * ISO * Shutter speed * Target grid * Full screen * Orientation indicator * Current resolution indicator * Torch mode : auto / on / off * Flash mode : auto / on / off * Camera switch menu * Video recording switch button : Normal / Slow Motion / Time-lapse * Shutter button * Video recording button * Dual camera recording mode (only iPhone 11 and later models) * True depth backdrop camera (only iPhone 11 and later models) * Shutter Timer * Manual mode * Auto mode * Portrait mode (only iPhone 11 and later models) * Analog film mode * Cinetone filter mode * Classic filters and vfx * Menu * Luwian Raw Magic Lite All Raw Magic Lite Features : * Import / Select / Delete * Media exif info and details * Photo edit crop resize * Video edit crop resize (BETA) * Photo / Video adjust * Photo / Video general filters and VFX * Photo / Video analog filters * Photo / Video cinetone filters All Settings Features : * Photo quality setup * Camera preset access and video recording FPS setup * Signature setup.

You can add your name and url bottom of your photos automatically. * Time-lapse speed 2x to 10x * Turn on and off main panel filter view * Shutter timer setup 3 sec. to 15 sec. * About section and link to support page

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