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ProCamera. Manual RAW Capture

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ProCamera. Manual RAW Capture

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User Reviews for ProCamera. Manual RAW Capture

Low light+ is amazing

The new low light + feature is amazing. I was searching all around online to find a night sight camera app for my XS Max. I came across this app (ProCamera), neuralcam and procam 7 as apps that where recommended online by you tubers and online media outlets. I couldn’t decide and none offered free trials so I just purchased all three apps and spent close to $30 for all of them. I can tell you the $12 - $16 you spend on this app (app $8, HDR $4, low light + $4) is worth it. I did a low light comparison between the three and this one by far could get the brightest and clearest picture, if you enable lux it has almost no grain in the photos and the image can get very bright. A grainy photo is my biggest pet peeve with cameras. I am super impressed with whatever magic it is that they run in the background after it compiles all the photos it takes. I wish I could return the other apps but it’s too late. Save yourself some money by skipping the other apps and just get this one with the in app purchases. With this app, I do not feel that I have to upgrade to the iPhone 11/pro’s to get a great night sight feature. I look forward to seeing whatever else this developer has instore for future additions.

128493629573, Sep 25, 2019

I purchased this app as soon as I got the iPhone X that I pre-ordered. I had never tried anything other than the normal Camera app on my older iPhones last one I had before the X was the 6. It was painful purchasing that iPhone X for over a grand for the 256 GB but once I downloaded this app and started using it, totally worth it. Added on to how great the phone was in other aspects. I help my parents manage a five-star resort in the mountains. I needed to take a lot pictures for our new website I was creating for the resort. Not knowing what to do without purchasing an expensive camera or paying someone. It’s been 2 1/2 years now since I took those pictures and people are still amazed on how great the pictures turned out not even knowing that they were from my phone. I will say that I now have the iPad Pro 2018 model and I can’t get as good of photos with just the one camera. Not that I need 2 insane cameras anyway. I am still using that iPhone X and dropping jaws on the photos it comes out with completely because of this app.

Albino3Rhino, Apr 25, 2020
Pro-Level Quality for Every New Pro

This app has easily become my go to app. I’ve paid an embarrassing amount of money on other “Professional” video and photo apps. Others may be close in quality, but almost always lack in one way or another. Every beginner, new or longtime professional can benefit using ProCamera. I’m obsessed with quality but I do not like to waste my time. This has everything I want in go-to planned or last minute photo/video app. Max your video/photo quality on the fly for any occasion. If you are a beginner, I can’t stress enough how valuable ProCamera is!For the professional:All the options you want in speedy creative work environment! - Video File Recovery, Creative Cloud Integration, File Formats, Non-destructive Photo Editing and more. The developers are always adding more and more features all the time. Cons/Wishlist:More times than not, when I want to quickly record and share a video on social media, I have music streaming on my phone that I’d like to continue playing while I record. Just about every video app available silences the audio playing in the background the moment you open the app or begin recording. My easiest option at that point is to use the social media platform’s in-app camera. PLEASE, consider adding the ability to record without the phone audio silencing! If you are feeling great today, some basic video editing options to trim and adjust the video brightness and color temperature would be amazing!

deezywayne, Oct 09, 2020
ProCamera is GREAT!!, Needs an Addition

I now have an iPhone 13 pro and iOS 15.2, and I have had proCamera for as long I can remember and use it all the time. The native camera app has what I call an auto-macro mode that is really terrific. ProCamera needs to add this capability. Previously: This absolutely the very best!! And the editing tools are just the very best. You are a real competitor to PhotoShop. There is one feature I would liike to see added. That's the option to shoot both photo and video directly in black and white, rather than doing conversions after the fact. This way you can see the "final" results as they unfold. Thanks for a great app. Update: This IS the very best. A “killer” feature would be HDR Raw capture!!I’m sorry but this these new manual controls are a big mistake. First of all I can’t figure out how to turn off the white balance. And in vivid hdr mode, and in automatic mode, which I use all the time, I can’t figure how to turn off any of it. All these manual controls do is take up viewfinder real estate.

lady_foxx, Jun 04, 2022

I must admit, if all developers were half as dedicated to their products like the ones for ProCamera the iPhone would hold close to 75% of the global mobile phone market. One they are dedicated to Apple, (least that’s my impression) two it’s frightening how obsessive they are over this app! ( I’m serious! If I didn’t no better I’d think it’s not people in charge but a male/female AI program gone rouge and this app is their offspring, you can feel how protective and proud they are over this app.) Three they care about us the consumer! It’s a crime if and that this team has not been picked up by some Fortune 500 and given straightforward instructions then free reign to protect and care for your very important project! I don’t give reviews often, when I do it’s cause I believe. I have benefited from this app much much more then the 5 bucks I paid. I don’t know if this is the best camera app on the market... but I am thoroughly convince the people behind (or AI Momma/Poppa if robots take over I’m pointing Harrison, Will, Sigourney right at you. Snitching Hard!!!) this product... if they say their 2 hard press to find 1. There efforts are deserving of this reviewPeriod!

MacBezzy, Oct 09, 2019
A Phenomenal camera app!

Search no more my friends, you have hit the jackpot in camera apps! I'm embarrassed to admit, since I am a photographer'l but I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on pathetic camera apps that nearly all of them fell short of a crappy one star review. Take it from someone that took a punch in the bank account. Read the reviews here, these are not people paid to lie for pure entertainment purposes. If I had done that I would of saved myself some serious cash and would of also saved myself from a lot of painful headaches from not getting the shot I wanted. PRO CAMERA has done a complete overhaul on this app and although it was a Phenomenal app before it is now a spectacular photography app. If you are into iPhone photography dump every other app you got and get this one and if you’re a beginner then your photos are about to get a whole lot better. Thank you to the developers and just a huge Kudos to everyone under the hood of PROCAMERA/Coclogics

Misses Hippy, Oct 26, 2021
My new go to camera app

We all have certain requirements we look for in a camera app. The tools to capture an image with this app, lacks very little for me. In fact none readily come to mind. It is well supported app, in constant refinement with new additional features seem to occur with regularity. They provide resources on using the camera and all of it’s feature. Notifications are sent out on current upgrades, which I greatly appreciate.If you are looking for a new camera, I’d venture to guess it is because you feel you either your talents exceed the current app’s capabilities or the features you want are either lacking finesse or completely missing. I obviously recommend you give this a try, I find the price of admission, offers any photographer the quality tools needed for great image making.I have not touched on the rich editing features of this app. I will come back later to fill that in. This review comes after 3 months of me constantly shooting with it daily.

MR OUI, Apr 28, 2020
Best photo app on iPhone 8+ iOS 14.6, iPhone 6 iOS 11.2.2 & on iPhone 4s

THE BEST!!! First - Photo quality choices, choices, choose TIFF etc. Photo, Video, HDR, Night mode, Q scanner, Builtin editing, filters & more. Crop W/built-in sizes, flip horizontal, straighten. Flashlight with different brightness setting's, choice of App library or iPhone Photo library. Choice whether or not to keep photos or delete later right from the app! Shooting in HDR keep both HDR & regular photos or just HDR. I think this is the best photo app. I've used on my iPhone 6 or 4s & I do believe I had the previous version/app on my 3Gs? It's running great on my iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2, but you will have to learn how to use it! There are a lot of options although you can make it simple or use it as an expert in (expert mode) which is still easy once you get the hang of it. I think using the previous version helped me to move to the new version. Best of luck... PUNK INC.

musicmkr75, Jul 19, 2021
Wow this app absolutely destroys the stock camera app.

I always needed more from the stock camera, and being forced To shoot photos in HEIF is super annoying as you loose significant amount of quality from a extremely good sensor and optics. This app solves all of my issues and probably yours as well! The ability to take photos in TIFF unlocks three times as much detail when pinching to zoom it’s incredible and gives larger sensors in the other phones a serious run for their money. This app obviously gives you full and total professional control of every camera aspect including a legit histogram! Actually several to choose from from live feed to approximate this app is next level and Apple needs to take some serious notes. Bracketing HDR photo mode with up to 7 burst shots for some seriously dramatic imagery is next level and smokes the measly 4 bust photo shot Apple does with its stock app. And this app even supports Dolby vision HDR at 4K 24,30 and 60fps and it removes that nasty block rolling shutter artifact from inadequate lifting you get with the stock app. All I have to say is spend the $10 and enjoy the best camera hardware you can get one a phone with software to match its capabilities!

mVis alrou, Feb 01, 2021
Issue with Manual Controls

It is an amazing app. It really is. I have tried a lot of cameras on the App Store but keep coming back to ProCamera because it truly has it all. However, after upgrading to an iPhone 14 Pro I find that a most manual controls, including the fantastic shutter priority mode do not work either with 48 MP captures or whenever HDR is active. They do mention in their site that Smart HDR is sort-of an “auto” feature so it has to be disabled for you to be able to control shutter speed or iso manually… but if you are in the app, there is absolutely no indication of this. I took so many photos until I came to realize my chosen settings were not in the resulting image. Even knowing, it’s hard to keep track of this, since I can dial in settings that I am expecting to get, then later I remember (Oh, I forgot to turn off HDR). So please, disable the possibility of selecting things that do not work as expected. I am surprised by this, though. I was trying Halide which does support manual settings with 12 MP proRaw capture with smart HDR, so I guess it’s possible. I still think ProCamera is better than every other camera app out there. I just hope this gets fixed.

Ognistik, Mar 11, 2023


THE ORIGINAL: ProCamera is the ultimate photo and video app for photography enthusiasts, creative minds, and professional users. Experience the power of a DSLR camera in the palm of your hand with ProCamera's robust features and seamless integration with your iOS photo library. ProCamera brings a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, allowing you to effortlessly capture stunning images and videos with your iPhone and iPad.

Choose from easy point-and-shoot mode or dive into full manual controls with just a tap, making ProCamera your go-to app for all your visual needs. Elevate your photography with our comprehensive editing tools, giving you complete creative control over every aspect of your captured images. ––– FEATURE-RICH CAPTURE EXPERIENCE ––– - Auto, Semi-Auto, full Manual mode - Independent focus & exposure control - Manual focus & focus peaking - Exposure compensation with zebra Stripes - Portrait mode with depth preview - Support for all lenses (ultra wide, wide, tele, LiDAR) - RAW, ProRAW, TIFF, JPG & HEIF - Manual white balance - 48 MP photos (iPhone 14 Pro and up) - Selftimer & ProTimer intervalometer - Selfie mode with display flash - OIS image stabilization on/off - EXIF & metadata viewer - Live Histogram - Configurable capture quality - Optical & digital zoom (up to 24x) - Aspect Ratios (4:3, 5:4, 3:2, 1:1, 16:9, 2:1, 2.4:1, 3:1, golden ratio) - Adjustable LED light - EDR and ISO-HDR - Anti-Shake - Rapid Fire photo series - Apple Watch Remote Trigger - Powerful gallery with iCloud integration - Support for iOS albums - Graycard calibration - Mirroring options - Photo Compass - Code Scanner (QR, Barcode,…) - Date stamp & copyright field - Volume button trigger & full screen trigger - Optional on-device save location (Lightbox does not sync with iCloud) - 3D Tiltmeter ––– ADDITIONAL VIDEO FEATURES ––– - Video resolution options (4K, 1080, 720, 480 VGA) - Frame rates (24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60, 96, 100, 120, 192, 200, 240 fps) - Codecs (H.264, H.265 HEVC, ProRes 422) - ProRes codecs (ProRes, Proxy, LT, HQ) - Log profile ProRes - High bitrate recording - Record to external USB-C drive - Connect bluetooth, lightning, USB microphones - Stereo audio & Audiometer - Disk space indicator - Still photo capture while filming ––– PHOTO EDITING ––– - ProRAW/RAW Editing with EDR support - Depth editing (Bokeh, simulated aperture) - 80+ photo filters - Wide range of pro tools - Export options (resize, convert to jpeg, remove geotag) - Perspective correction (with ProCamera Up) ––– PROCAMERA UP: UNLOCK PREMIUM FEATURES ––– Upgrade to ProCamera Up for access to exclusive features such as Auto Perspective Correct with Live Preview for professional-looking photos free of perspective distortion, Custom Camera Presets (Exposure, WB, Focus), Anamorphic Lens Support, (RAW) Exposure Bracketing, safeguarded Private Lightbox folder, and specialty photo filter sets. The optional upgrade is available as a one-time purchase or as a subscription. Terms & Conditions: https://procameraterms.cocologics.com Discover the potential of ProCamera as your go-to app for capturing breathtaking photos and videos. Unleash your inner artist and transform your photography experience with ProCamera.

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