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Filmic Firstlight - Photo App

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Filmic Firstlight - Photo App

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User Reviews for Filmic Firstlight - Photo App

Now a one time purchase!

Subscriptions for one time coded features are very exploitive so thank you for... seeing the light 😁 Was an instant purchase for me and I'm very happy with the polish and great work you did with the app. It does still crash on occasion (specifically when accessing the shortcut button) but I trust you to continue to support it. Thanks!

areis, Feb 12, 2020
RAW files blurry viewed in App

I really like this app in almost everything except for the fact that when I take photos in RAW (DNG) they look blurry when I review them in the app, however, when I review the same photo in Photos, they look focused and sharp. Maybe it’s just a small bug but annoying to not be able to see the real thing right away while shooting. Everything else is fine.

DeLionKing, Feb 07, 2020
Almost Perfect

I appreciate the additional control this tool gives over the built in iPhone camera app and its simplicity. However, there are a few important features I feel are missing for which the implementation of would earn my final star:- The lack of a digital zoom. I’m aware pinch can be difficult as per the implementation of the exposure/focus, but even a rotary style dial would be appreciated.- The inability to set the shutter speed longer than 1 second. Even the built in camera app can go for longer with night mode.- No horizontal shooting. It’s annoying that I have to go into my default gallery app to rotate any photos I wished to take horizontally.

Elgin Ciani, May 24, 2022
Doesn’t support “selected photos” privacy feature

Apple introduced a feature where you could allow an app to just have access to a selected set of photos and not the entire photo library. Firstlight is one of the many apps that still requires access to the entire photo library. I value my privacy and don’t want to give access to the entire photo library, which means Firstlight doesn’t work at all.

elimoon8, Mar 06, 2021
Interface really needs work.

Nice addition but the interface really lacks. Not a fan of the rounded corners especially since the final photo does not have them nor does your video app. And just like the video app would be nice to have the shutter button top right when shooting landscape, a bit more convenient for one handed use. Also gets annoying that switching lenses takes two taps. So just to see my zoom lens and then go back takes 4 taps! After a while that gets ridiculous. Biggest annoyance is that my iPhone rotation setting reverts my options for exposure and focus gestures. Very bad. That setting should have no effect on a camera app. Settings area could also use a redesign. Independent focus tap would be handy as well since after setting my exposure I cannot refocus without resetting exposure. Can’t quit app without having to swipe up twice. Can’t even swipe to another app on iPhone X.

fonehome, Jan 29, 2020
For the creative shooter

I rarely leave reviews, but I have to express my appreciation for this thoughtfully crafted photo app. It feels like a tool designed specifically for those of us who appreciate the unique latitudes and limitations of shooting on film. It comes with plenty of options when flexibility in post is required, but there’s something special about committing to a shot without getting bogged down in editing that I can really appreciate. Firstlight will be a mainstay for me. Thanks, Filmic.

gfilm1, Jan 16, 2020
Great app! Found bug

This is a great app for what I need it for. Im using an external anamorphic lens and it had the option to de-squeeze the image which is perfect! However...Ive noticed a thin diagonal line after taking the shots. Through the viewfinder I don't see this line but after it saves to my album I can see the same line in every photo. I tried other apps and even the stock camera app and this only happens with this app. I hope the developers see this and come up with a quick fix!All in all the app gives you more control over your camera and the ability to take the perfect shot every time! Perfect for cinematographers looking to take still images!(Developer please read bug)^^

Hungryguitar, Jan 16, 2021
Good form from Filmic

I preordered this app and loved the function but thought it was ridiculous to need a subscription to access the RAW photo options. I’m glad to see the Filmic team has reversed this and found a new profit model. I’m not against companies making a living, but that was a bit muchWith that said, Firstlight has moved to my goto photo app replacing Halide. Firstlight is really simple to use, I can get shots setup quickly, and the peaking makes sure I’m focused where I want to be.

K Forf, Dec 29, 2019
Making moves...

The app is great, pretty intuitive. I’ve only been using it for a little while and have yet to use it in a professional setting. It’s a little slow on the trigger tho and so you’re not sure you’ve got the shot until it shows in the camera roll. Definitely use some type of stabilizer until you get use to the way it functions, it’s good that they have a big shutter button. However I do like the familiar feel from using FilMic Pro and it has the desqueeze feature for anamorphic lenses. I love that I can shoot RAW DNG & TIFF files, the histogram is like right there and it doesn’t get into the way. I have an iPhone 11 Pro max so I can change between all 4 lenses pretty easily. Although I’m missing one huge feature, I hope it’s going to be a quick and easy update. Give me the ability to use the DOF MK2 adapter from BeastGrip Pro for stills PLEASE!!! I know you can do this. Cheers!

MrSmall, Nov 20, 2019
Love it! Feels like Street Cam

At first I missed the lack of pinch to zoom, but now I’m using firstlight more like a pro street cam. I’d rather not digitally zoom if it can be avoided... better to use the whole sensor and use your feet to zoom. You can always just crop after the fact if you need to and this is all digital zoom is doing anyway.I like the ease of use and the organic looking film simulations. For color images my favs are Chrome Veloura and Koda. For b&w my go to is Bingham, but Salt is nice too. Then noir is also excellent for graphic looks.My own taste doesn’t favor the faded instant film simulations, but I’ve found they are an excellent starting point to edit a nice pastel quality after the fact.Really looking forward to how this app evolves. Highly Recommended!

skiphunt, Feb 14, 2020


Filmic Firstlight is a revolutionary photo camera from the makers of the class leading Filmic Pro cinema video camera that makes live photography fun and creative. -- -- -- -- -- -- Rediscover the joy of capturing life’s moments in photographs you will immediately treasure and want to share. Firstlight combines custom film simulations, adaptive film grain and FiLMiC Pro’s famous live analytics to offer an advanced but approachable front end camera experience like no other. Fast, easy and intuitive, Firstlight lets you envision and capture your best moments in camera, without having to spend hours editing your photos later.

Shoot and share, it’s that easy. -- -- -- -- -- -- ADVANCED IMAGE CONTROLS - Fast, intuitive focus and exposure controls: Tap the screen to set focus/exposure, tap again to lock. - Shutter and ISO Priority Modes: In addition to auto exposure, you can set specific Shutter Speed or ISO values to adhere to and let the app automatically adjust exposure for the unlocked value. - Cross-swipe manual controls: The most intuitive way to manually adjust focus and exposure. Swipe across the image to dial in your perfect shot. Swipe up and down to adjust exposure. Swipe left and right to adjust focus. - Reactive analytics: A foundation feature of Filmic Pro and now in a photo app. Manually adjusting your focus and exposure will automatically apply focus peaking or zebra stripes to make sure you get your shot just right. - RGB Histogram: Dynamically shows the exposure profile of the image across all color channels. GET THE LOOK YOU WANT - Vintage film simulations: The magic of Firstlight is in our realistic tributes to authentic film stocks. - Film grain: Apply natural-looking, dynamically-generated film grain effects to give your photos that ‘film look’. - Vignette: Apply a subtle dark vignette to your image. - Lens selector: Quickly switch between all available lenses on your device. Go from tele to ultrawide with the tap of a finger. (Note: camera/lens support is device specific). PROFESSIONAL CAMERA TOOLS - Burst mode - Timer - Flash - Grid overlays - Aspect ratios: 4:3, 16:9, 3:2, 1:1, 5:4 - Expanded shadow detail - DNG, TIFF, JPG or HEIC Selection - HDR control (This feature is supported by iPhone Xs Max, Xs, Xr and newer) - Volume button shutter and support for most bluetooth camera shutter remotes - Configurable burst mode - Anamorphic adapter support - Custom Function button - Custom live analytics - Configurable Focus and Exposure controls - Embedded copyright - Filmic Pro quick launch button (for owners of Filmic Pro) If you have any questions for the Filmic team either before or after you purchase Firstlight or one of our other apps please feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected] Terms of Service: https://support.bendingspoons.com/tos.html?app=1482338564

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