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User Reviews for Epson Smart Panel

I DO NOT recomend this app!!

Usually my reviews are always positive, but it is not the case with this one!! I am really frustrated with the way they make it!! If there is a way the Epson people could change this, it would be easier… well, ok, this app looks so cool, and when I downloaded it I thought I would NEVER regret. But oh boy, how wrong was I!! It has all these cool features that you can never get if you do it on your own without using it. So yeah, that is cool, but I even didn’t get to USE IT. The thing is, is that it tells you to find your printer (of course) but when you try to put in your Epson printer, it cannot find it!! Though I have it on, and when I want to print directly from the web or from photos, it works perfectly!! But when I try it on THIS APP, it doesn’t work! All the things that we have tried to do, it doesn’t work! So if that can PLEASE be changed, this app would be PERFECT

Amasing reviewer, Dec 26, 2021
Wish it worked.

App says it is compatible with my phone and iOS, but for whatever reason I could not connect to the printer via WiFi. Printer was already connected to the same WiFi as my phone but no luck finding the device. Reset my printer and attempted the WiFi connection setup through the app but again unable to find the device via direct WiFi setup process. Perhaps it just doesn’t work with the WF model printer I have but it sure would have been nice if it did as the app looks well laid out in the description images.

AngnBry, Oct 13, 2020
Printing photos

Ok, so I got this printer about a couple of months ago. I haven’t tried printing documents yet. I basically got it to print labels for my business, that part works well. I had a photo of my husband and my self I wanted to print out, just a 4x6. The printer kept telling me wrong paper size, I checked and rechecked and it was right for what I wanted. Printed photo and about 1/2 way through printing, the paper slides and I ended up with a “rainbow “ effect on the end of my photo. So I printed again and same thing happened. I gave a 2 star because money is money theses days and you should be able to print good quality photos but not with this. Would I buy again? Yes, only for printing labels . Buy anther printer for photos because this one isn’t worth the money.

carolinagirl2781, May 12, 2023
Epson hate Apple

Epson seems to universally make their products difficult if not impossible to use with Apple products. While claiming that Epson printers are AirPrint compatible, I have yet to ever get an Epson printer to consistently work with AirPrint. I have returned 3 Epson printers and replaced them with Brother or Canon because those brands live up to their claims of being AirPrint compatible. The only reason I’m keeping the Epson printer I just bought is because it’s for my business which requires I use a PC for software reasons. But for my personal use I am exclusively Apple having am iPhone, 3 iPads, and a Mac, none of which can consistently connect to this printer via AirPrint. I managed somehow to get the stars to align and printed from one of my iPads twice but have not been able to get the iPad and printer connected since. However this stupid app, which I shouldn’t need since the printer is AirPrint compatible, can see the printer, no problem. That means that the printer is on the network and this iPad can see it but AirPrint isn’t working. There is little to no information about troubleshooting the AirPrint connection in the Epson documentation so I have to conclude that Epson is trying to force Apple users to use the Epson apps rather than AirPrint which is for the birds. I guess this printer will have to go back to the store too.

CheriMo, May 03, 2023
Was great, now is a brick

When I first started using this app, it was great. Hooked up to my printer/scanner WF-2830 just fine, allowed me to update firmware, gave me ink status, etc. very UI friendly. Since the most recent firmware update on my printer and the update on iPhone, I have been unable to find, much less connect to my printer/scanner. Other printer apps are still able to find and print to it so I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve searched forums and even Epson’s site to no avail. I can’t recommend a bricked app to anyone until Epson figures out what happened and fixes it.To Epson: my printer and my Apple device have been tried on both regular WiFi and WiFi Direct connection and it still couldn’t see the printer to “set it up”.

DJ Polarized, Jan 26, 2022
Fun with printing!

Great machine, I bought it one day because I was operating my backhoe in the community that I live, a natural gas main was ruptured, it was my fault, so I needed to apologize to almost 200 individual homes who lost the use of that utility for a day 1/2, but the ones closest to me got rudely wrangled up, by me, to get everyone 1000’ from the danger. I’m famously long winded, so summation; I made really cool cards for everybody in the community. One gentleman even said, hey man, I like your style, you got style, he said. The printer is fantastic, thank you Epson

Drew Zimny, Jan 13, 2022

IF I COULD GIVE 10 STARS, I WOULD!EPSON IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST. I plugged the printer in, hooked to wi-fi, downloaded the EPSON app and it immediately found the printer, connected, updated firmware. Worked. Everything worked in less than 10 min. I had an hp printer, “had” being the key word here. I spent literally HOURS of my life going around and around and around, trying to get it to sync up on my phone with their app. which cannot automatically find the printer and once manually entered by IP address, won’t show up in the app. They have so much going on with their auto ink scam, that the functionality of their printers and their app are all compromised. Not to mention the 17 emails I got while trying to do a simple task of connecting my printer. Emails prompting me to complete the setup. …it was set up. Over and over again! Grrr! I even paid for a subscription and still spent more HOURS of my life, looking up troubleshooting, reading blogs, reading their website suggestions and even contacting them. All failed. Will never buy hp again.Thank you soooooo much EPSON. I can’t tell you how happy I am! Beautiful print quality on my ET-2803 btw.

HeatherBelleApple, Jul 20, 2023
Great Family Photo App

Great for easily printing photos from your phone suitable for framing and hanging as family photos. Not as customizable as a professional program, but it’s money for casual photo. Could have better instructions; not easy to figure out how to scale or customize your print size; defaults to border less and whatever size paper you are using. Some layout options would be nice. NOTE: Saturation, contrast, shadows and highlights all need to be adjusted in some other program before printing from this app.

JD_Washington, Dec 03, 2021
Enable the “ok” button so I can submit the WiFi password

Cannot submit password via smart panel app because the “ok” button is Greyed out and not enabled. Frustrating and not smart at all! Could only connect the printer via the touch display on printer and was able to print from networked desktop, laptop and phones so hopefully the printer is better than the app. The app however sees the printer but won’t connect so basically the app is a brick and useless to me. Don’t know if you should fix the app because not sure what I’m missing out on because it won’t function. Oh well, what a colossal waste of time trying to get the app to work.

Mdmiley, Feb 03, 2022
Works Great!

I bought this for me and my son’s school work since we are always needing to print documents all the time. Getting tired of running to the local fedex to print.I bought additional ink didn't realize it already came with a set. I got this on sell for less than $70 and the ink cartridge is $50- a bit pricey.The set up is pretty self explanatory just make sure you are following the instructions from the manual. I had synced this to my iphone and laptop with no issues. Test printed a photo as well and quality was perfect I will just need to purchase glossy photo paper and I am sure it will look great. The print didn't take long at all to process. I strongly recommend this product if you are looking for something reliable and affordable.

Mr. bubble gums, Aug 19, 2023


Visit the website below to find products which are supported by this app. When using a printer or scanner that’s not listed on the website, please use instead Epson iPrint for printers or Document Scan for scanners. Epson Smart Panel will not be able to find or connect to your product unless it’s on the website’s list of supported products.

https://support.epson.net/appinfo/smartpanel/guide/en/ High performance, easy-to-use mobile command center for your Epson wireless printer or scanner1. Easily set up, monitor and operate your Epson product from the convenience of your mobile device with this powerful new tool. - Easily set up your Epson product on your Wi-Fi - Innovative action tiles make your Epson Product simple and quick to use - Fits like a glove -- auto configuration and customization tailors the experience - Receive the support you need - register, get supplies, or find help all in one convenient place - One interface for your Epson Printers and Scanners -- auto configuration tailors the app's functions to your device. 1. Requires Epson Smart Panel app download and a compatible smart device. Data usage fees may apply. For more information please visit www.epson.com for support.

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