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Clafou Ltd
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User Reviews for Print to Size

Love this app!

I use this constantly for those websites that won’t let you print directly from the page. I do a screenshot, bring up the pic in Print to Size, and print. Works every time. I have also created a memory wall in my living room from random pictures. I used this app to re-size and print on photo paper. Excellent results.Update 2/21: This app is an absolute must for anyone who does any crafting. I “grabbed” an image off the internet for a local hockey team and printed it on iron-on fabric to make face masks for the grandchildren with their team logo. Worked flawlessly. Must have, for sure.

ccrow99, Feb 18, 2021
Crafters you need this app

I love this app, I use it all the time when I craft or just need to print pictures or cute notes. It’s worth the 2$ for sure. I love that you can edit the pictures or words you need pacifically in any size. All I need to do is screenshot a words in font I type on my phone or in procreate. Than I go to this app, edit to the size I want cause you can control the sizing and duplicate pictures. Than print exactly how it shows on the this app. I also use this app to sublimate pictures, and you can reverse the pictures on this app too. I can’t say enough how much I use and love this app.

craftingwithlc, Aug 05, 2021
Love this! Just one small issue………

I love this app! It has helped me so much when I don’t want to print a full-size photo from my phone. It’s used to be so frustrating to have to print a full size photo when literally all I need is a wallet size photo most of the time. The only complaint I have is that when I print from this app the colors always come out washed out whereas when I print off my computer I get full color with no whitish haze. There’s no settings of any kind that I have found in the app to fix it and I always check my ink levels before printing. Please developer, just fix this one issue with the Washed Out Colors and this app will be perfect!

Dijdjfjfifnfk, Apr 09, 2022
Perfect for what I need!!!!

Thank you!!! I use this app to make custom picture magnets. I was so frustrated and wasting so much time and ink and photo paper trying to print pictures small enough for what I need. With this app I can get the photos the exact measurement I need to fit the small glass tiles. It works best if I “print” it as a jpeg and email the page to myself, then print from my computer where I can select a better print quality and photo paper etc. on my printer. However, the app will allow me to print straight to my printer wirelessly, which may be convenient for a project where I didn’t care so much about the print quality and paper selection. Very very useful app!! Thank you!!

freesongcritic, Dec 22, 2017
Holy Tango!

So I spent a good chunk of this morning searching for an app that would allow me to create a photo collage (multiple & different photos) on 8.5x11 photo paper, that I could print on my home printer. The App Store was of no help to me and everything that came up first in my search was something like printing to strangers or into the ether. I did a search under “HP”, since my printer is an HP Tango, and this Clafoutis Ltd app came up. It is EXACTLY what I needed. I watched the video before purchase and this has turned out to be one of the most quick & user friendly apps I’ve used in quite some time.***Tip*** If you have an HP Tango and you want a crisp clear photo print, use the save .jpg option, then use the “Print” option rather than the “HP Smart Print” option (if you use the HP Smart printer app like me). For some reason, the HP Smart Print has those dreaded lines in the photos as if it thinks the photo collage is a document rather than a photo.

Furry Fly, Oct 01, 2019
Too limited functionality

As a paid for app, it’s too limited in its functionality. Yes, you can resize images and print them but that’s about it. You can’t resize in only one dimension without actually cropping the image. There’s no way to reset or undo a change once it’s made. No way to go back to the original image without deleting from the app and then re-entering it. On my iPad, the save option doesn’t work. Once the app is shut down, ALL work is lost. I would’ve liked the ability to add text or captions even in just a basic font. It did let me resize my images so I could print them off my iPad as less than a full page but that’s all it did.

Luvnags, Dec 28, 2017
Easy to Use!

I'm so thankful for this app because I hate wasting paper, especially photo paper, so being able to print multiple photos on a glossy 8x11 is perfect. Most stores give you a choice of 4x6 or 8.5x11. To be able to print square photos or 5x7 pics, I would have to use an 8.5x11, so I just didn't because it was too wasteful. The app is very user friendly, just make sure you remember to crop your photos to the size you want them, then you just select which photos you want, arrange them whichever way suites your needs, and print. That's it. Super easy! I'm so thankful for this app! I'm using iPhone 11 with iOS 15.1. No issues using the app.

MzHappyCandy, Nov 17, 2021
Great app but having problems

I love the app but after using it maybe once a day for about 2 weeks, I needed to print a bunch of photos yesterday. I noticed when I printed several in a row (using my phone, and air printing to hp envy) I would lose connectivity from my phone to the printer. It would print wirelessly from my laptop but my phone would keep saying printer is offline, or cannot connect to printer. But then I’d wait an hour or so and it would be fine for 1 print and then I’d lose connectivity again. I tried rebooting the printer, rebooting my phone, etc but nothing seemed to help. When I didn’t print through the app it didn’t seem to have as many issues but it’s hard to say because I mostly used the app. Could the isssue have anything to do with the app? Can I prevent it somehow?

natasha33133, Oct 25, 2020
AMAZING! Download now!!!

I love to journal, and I have the HP ink automatic refills service so I print my own photos at home. This App is fantastic at letting you choose a picture size and lets you add multiple pictures to that one template any way you want and then print it on your home printer! I am able to get multiple pictures on one piece of photo paper saving me money AND they are small enough to fit in my journal!! I also had a special request and the response time was immediate and my request was fulfilled!! Great app and great customer service! If you like to journal or just want the ability to customize your photo size and make a collage, download this app! You will not be sorry!

Nicoyabeauty, Mar 31, 2018
Works well - wish there were templates

This app works well for what it does for the most part. I wish there were templates to print standard sizes like 4x6 or 5x7 with two on a normal letter size paper and 8 wallets. Or the ability to save your own templates would be nice. Overall it is nice though. I like the alignment snapping, which makes it easy to keep photos tidy when printing multiple on a page. It took a little getting used to the functions though. “Crop” really means being able to drag the photo around inside where you’ve sized it to get the part you want showing. Overall, its the best I’ve found to do what I need.

rkschneider14, Dec 09, 2020


Print images exactly how you want them on the page. Resize and crop in inches or centimeters. Print multiple photos on one sheet.

No more surprises or waste. REAL SIZES Size and crop your images in inches or centimeters. Each printed image will match exactly the size displayed on screen. HIGH QUALITY Will it look pixelated? The PPI (DPI) display tells you. For best results avoid stretching photos below 200-300 PPI. Each image is sent to the printer at full resolution to guarantee optimal quality. SAVE PAPER Place multiple images anywhere on the page. Fill the empty spaces on your sheet and use less paper. SAVE INK Choose the most economical print mode (photo or general quality, color or grayscale). Crop to print only what you need and waste no ink. Intuitive and quick to use with familiar touch gestures: • Select your paper size • Add images • Size and crop them to exact dimensions anywhere inside the page • Align, rotate, flip and duplicate • Choose your mode (photo or general quality, color or grayscale) then print. Requires an AirPrint compatible printer. If you don't have one, you can still use this app to create a PDF or JPEG file that you can then print via other methods. Perfect for all kinds of home printing projects: • Picture frames • Greeting cards • Door signs • Labels • Badges Printer manufacturers have ink and photo paper to sell, so their apps aren’t designed to help avoid waste. This app is different. It is designed to let you get it right the first time. DOWNLOAD NOW and make the best use of your ink and paper!

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