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Easy-PhotoPrint Editor

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Canon Inc.
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User Reviews for Easy-PhotoPrint Editor

Black print not dark enough

I previously wrote and have gave a one star review regarding a photo bleeding/running issue but even though I THOUGHT I had the “sample” photo paper in correctly I DID NOT. I was sure I did so I only gave a 1 star and bad review because after all, that’s a pretty big issue had I done it correctly. So I’ve only just received the printer through order by internet and shipped and just connected, I take back my 1 star and negative review but on the other hand I also find the black not printing dark enough to my liking (grey) (and BRAND NEW) I find that as well a pretty serious issue. But not as serious as bleeding/running photos 1 star. 3 stars. (Maybe yet another error on my part? But considering the “test” run the printer initially did and it also came out grey I’m thinking that grey is what we get?)

< Brownie7 >, Aug 20, 2020
Business Card Template Needs Work

I would have given this app 5 stars if I didn’t have to type in all of the information on the card 10 separate times. We should only have to do it once and then it should fill in the same information on the other 9 cards on the template.Thanks,Dan

Alamocityproductstx, Sep 27, 2021
Please use our app... not so much!

I have a Canon printer which refuses to print my images in the correct sizes every single time. The last time I try to print my images your printer software recommended this app. I downloaded the app. I install the app. After which the app says it does not work with my printer! What in the world?! That’s literally the stupidest thing I have ever seen happen on the App Store since installing 13.1. Two. Anyways, I don’t have an old printer... So it makes absolutely no sense in reference to the age of my hardware so don’t even go there if you decide to make a response to this which you probably won’t. My suggestion for improvement would be don’t recommend an app To those who own canon hardware doesn’t function with the Canon software you are suggesting. You would think that you would know what that is.

butstillbreathing, Oct 03, 2019
Need more control

Application remains open while printing, holds up searching for more images while you wait for printing to complete. I previouslyCould print directly from the cell phone but all of a Sudden, I have to go through a complicated application to print eachPhoto. Why would Canon want us to go backwards? Why take away capacity and make printing harder, more cumbersome, slower, and less efficient? I have a TS9120 which guzzles the ink really fast but it’s printing of photos is amazing and outstanding.

ElmerTPussycat, Dec 30, 2019
Designed to Sell Canon Products

First issue is that the app states it will work on iPads. While this is true, it only works in portrait mode.Second big issue is that for the various layouts, Canon only provides certain printer settings. Like to print a test photo, you can select plain paper, but you are forced to use the back paper bin and not the paper cassette. When ever possible, the app insists to use Canon paper and the back tray which is not possible on my desk setup.The Canon G7020 printer works great using AirPrint and using other photo apps! Since this app is free, I guess I cannot complain.

Geodov, May 19, 2022
Great for a scrapbooker and no one else.

There is no versatility in the app that comes with the TS5320 printers as far as page layout, image size, image ratio, and paper size. It took me jumping through multiple hoops to simply print a square image on an 8.5x11 piece of paper. And even when I did get it, I wasn’t able to print it without crop marks. And forget printing multiple images on a single page! They provide layouts for printing multiple images but only allow you to print on the paper they specify, which is usually small 4x5 and 5x7. As a photographer that simply needs to print quick, low quality images to mess around with and pair together, they have made this way more difficult than it needs to be.

JDAllenjal, Feb 05, 2021
A lot of options but would like more flexibility

It would be nice to be able to place multiple pictures on the paper and have the ability to adjust each picture to the size (4x6, 5x7, 3x3 etc.). What I’m seeing is you can have multiple pictures on the 8.5x11 paper and can adjust the size but you don’t know what size your adjusting it to. If there is a way to do this I’d love to know how.Thanks,Katherine

katEye69, Jan 15, 2021

I’ve installed and reinstalled, rebooted, etc and I just can’t get this app to work. I’ve tried multiple different templates and I’m unable to modify the page print range-it freezes every time and then won’t return to the print screen, forcing you to print all pages of the given templates. And then after the first few pages it stalls and doesn’t send the full print job to the printer...forcing you to start the process all over again from page 1. I’ve tried again and again to no avail. There’s no means to troubleshoot within the app. And there are icons within the templates that don’t appear to do anything and have no explanation. All in all, very buggy and poor tutorial.

Mellisante, Dec 23, 2019
Works well, but lacking features

It worked fine but it didn’t let me adjust the photos in my collage at all. It only has a randomize button to arrange the photos. I was expecting to be able to swap the pictures at least. I also would have really liked to be able to adjust the fit of one picture as the subject looks too far away. To do this, I would have to edit the photo then start over with selecting my pictures and hope the randomizer puts the photos in the same arrangement again.I’m giving it 3 stars because it works as designed.

Red_Fox_133, Nov 06, 2023
Isn't this the 21st Century? Cannon you're lucky I couldn't give ZERO stars!!

Got this app cuz my Printer was no longer able to print anything after printing worked worked for a couple years. (was it cuz of the recent updates?) Bought the printer cuz it was a "Wireless All in One" printer with "SMARTPHONE CONNECTIVITY"!! Guess what - apparently I don't know what any of that means!! Living in the boonies I've tried everything for good WiFi service - the only thing that works is using my smartphone with 5G. None of this works with my Cannon TS3522!!! And don't even think of just making a phone call - no numbers anywhere. I've tried a couple of these Cannon apps and nothing works. Again this is the 21st Century get with it Cannon!

skilady2, Sep 09, 2023


Easy-PhotoPrint Editor is an easy-to-use photo print app. It features many useful templates and a free-layout editor for making all kinds of prints (photo layouts, cards, collages, calendars, disc labels, photo IDs, business cards, stickers, posters). [Key features] • Intuitive operation for easy printing of all kinds of prints Just select the type of print you want to make, edit and decorate your photos, and print. • Comes with plenty of ready-to-use templates Choose from collages, calendars, and many other templates that use multiple photos in addition to photo prints. • Make original posters for use in stores and other situations Just add photos and text to the simple poster template to create original posters you can use in stores or other situations. • Easy to create other everyday items The app makes it easy to create business cards, photo IDs, stickers, and other items you use every day. • Pattern paper for making original art works The app lets you print pre-designed pattern paper for use in making paper items or scrapbooking. • Print disk labels so you can see at a glance what’s on your disks If your printer supports printing disk labels, you can make original disk labels with just your smartphone. • Slate of editing functions to create just the print you want Not only can you crop or expand your photos, you can also edit and decorate them with colored edges, text, and stamps. [Supported printers] - Canon Inkjet Printers See the following website for supported printers. https://ij.start.canon/eppe-model *Some functions are not supported on imagePROGRAF series. [When the app cannot find your printer.] Check that your printer is in the supported printers list.

The printer must be connected to your network. Use the "Canon PRINT" app to connect your printer to the network. [Supported OS] iOS 15.0 and later

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