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User Reviews for Square Team

Super intuitive, easy to use

Wonderful app, definitely does everything it was designed for smoothly with incredibly well laid out pages. HOWEVER I also have to use Square Appointments and I wish that I did not have to switch back and forth a dozen times just to have the calendar and its tools. However, I understand that’s not what this app was designed for and otherwise deserves 5 stars. I just wish there was a way to enable the tools from other apps so I can just use this one and not have to switch back and forth.

01632610&44, May 19, 2020
Can’t log in if you’re a minor

So the app is great and seems to work pretty well other than the fact you have to be 18, being 16 and having a job where this is used is hard to get logged in and get your paycheck. To get logged in being a minor I had to have my employer enter all my banking information and basically create a whole new account it’s frustrating that I can’t create it myself and had to give someone else my bank account info. I would love the app if that changed bc so much if part time workers are 16-17 years old and having to go to your employer to get it set up is a pain.

Allienene, Aug 11, 2020
Square Payroll: Predatory and No Cust Service

Beware of square payroll. This company is predatory. During tax season of this year I asked for an independent contractor’s 1099 to be updated due to monies paid prior to using square payroll. Via email the customer service rep was responsive and helpful. I completed the excel spreadsheet as per their directions, then I received a $150 invoice from Square for “labor” even though the update amount was LESS THAN $200. When I called customer service and asked the square NOT submit this 1099 to IRS because my accountant would handle this contractor’s 1099–10 minutes after calling and sending an email—it was submitted. Now, my business has until Jan 31 to submit the amendment (at a cost to my business!). I have tried chat messages (for 1 hr), multiple calls to the payroll team, escalating it to a supervisor (the rep stated “no one will probably call you back”—and they were correct!), and many many emails. I have been shafted by this company and I will soon close my account and go with a more established payroll service like QuickBooks Payroll or ADP. They will woo you, wine and dine you to get you to sign up. Once you do…they will ghost you just like a date you met in the club. Avoid at all costs.

gmLady, Jan 30, 2022
Needs immediate improvement!

Square is extremely helpful to clock in and out with my unconventional job. However—the sign in process is extremely irritating. I can always count on this app signing me out each time I work, either when I’m about to clock out—which doesn’t make sense since I am signed in & clocked in—or when I need to clock in for my shift. It will say “Account is Inactive” (which again, makes absolutely no sense), then it makes me manually type in my login, which makes me late to start my shift. To top it off, there is inconsistency with the next step. Every time I have to manually type in my login, it will take me to a screen with “My Business” and other stuff which has nothing to do with me. Additionally, I wish there was a way to delete my previous employer. I am really happy with the overall function of the app itself, as clocking and in out its easy and the hours are tracked down to the minute!

kinda disappointing please fix, Dec 13, 2021
Bring back the Touch ID Sign In!!!

Great app helps me clock in and out no problems. My only complaint is that I no longer get the option to use the Touch ID to sign in and I have to manually type my info every single time. It’s becoming rather frustrating! I’m keeping the 5 star review to be nice but another week of typing that info in 4 times a day and I’m going to delete the app

PrincepeJames, Sep 27, 2020
Great app, with one issue

Great app! Before my phone updated, it opened up with Face ID no problem whatsoever. Now, when I try to log in to clock in or out, almost every time it tells me I’m logged out due to inactivity. I’m usually busy when clocking in or out so to stop to type everything in when I expect it to use my face to open the app is just frustrating every single time. Otherwise I love this app. It’s simple, tells me what I need to know, and is transparent. Please fix the Face ID issue.Edit: I’m not sure why it constantly logs you out. Even after a 7 hour shift. The whole point of this is convenience, and it’s extremely inconvenient to have to log in EVERY TIME. What’s the point of Face ID if it isn’t going to do you any good? And it doesn’t save your password (for obvious reasons) so when I forget to clock out, and do it on the road, I have to pull over to type everything in, when my face could do that, and then it’s just one button click. Please fix!!! 5 stars once you do.

qwwerrrttyyyyuuppcns, Mar 25, 2022
Needs more QoL Features

Could really use some more quality of life features. For instance, as many people have said, I really wish it had SOME way of saving the login information. Face/Touch ID would also be great. Also, it seems fairly inconsistent sometimes. For example, I have the big clock in button yet one of my coworkers does not. Besides those problems, it certainly does what it’s supposed to do. I still can’t help but feel like there could be more. It’s also shocking how little this app has been updated. I know you are still updating it (last update was two days ago as of writing this), so it’s shocking that you haven’t seen/responded to any of the reviews.

ToasterBrains, Mar 17, 2019
This is app is pure garbage!

I'm required to clock in and out 5 to 10 times per day. 1) It does not show me my accumulated hours for the current week. I'm limited to a certain number of hours each week, but this app leaves me guessing. 2) It logs me out automatically about 75% of the time, but it will not use Apple's facial recognition. I have that enabled. But I have to manually log in AND do the stupid 'I'm not a robot test' 4 to 8 times a day. 3) Recently, it has been giving me a home screen where the "clock in / clock out" button and employer's name are just MISSING. Gone - no where to be found. I'm logging in, but the home screen only shows links to my paystubs. It has caused me to stay clocked in for hours at a time when I only worked 15 minutes and needed to clock out. Then my employer has to go in and manually change my hours worked. This app is just absolutely unusable!

ToddinTyler, Jul 14, 2022
Needs many features to compete with others

For the most part it works okay for the employees. As a manager the app doesn’t show me who is clocked in or allow me to edit time cards. That’s info I need daily and I have to login to the web site to get it. You can’t request off, only availability. We have to use a spreadsheet...in 2021. Time tracking in general needs work. I can’t reorder list of workers to make visualizing the schedule easier. Homebase is pretty much the same cost with more features and I regret switching. I really hope Square is pouring resources into making this better.

Weagle2005, Mar 16, 2021
Absolute garbage app

I added my direct deposit info and finally got paid! But it’s super unclear how one actually gets their money transferred. And then I tried using the Split feature and add another account and now it not only deleted my first account but neither are there! It’s erroring claiming that it’s undefined and won’t allow me to get at least the original account added. So Square gets to hold on to the money I EARNED and make it impossible to get it in my account. There’s no support in the app so you’re basically screwed and the app gets to roll in your cash because why would they care about letting go of the money you earn?! I’m going to report to my employer and hopefully they will go back to paper checks or another system because this is a scam.

woodnymph79, Nov 18, 2021


The Square Team App is a free app that makes it easy for team members to know when and where they’re scheduled to work, pick up open hours, and make sure their work schedule fits with their personal one. It also allows them to see their hours worked, breaks, overtime, and estimated pay. Built for businesses using Square, the app enables employees to clock in and out on their phones instead of at the POS, which saves time and eliminates the need for team members to crowd around the POS to clock in.

Employers can manage teams more easily, adjust schedules, and empower their employees by putting critical shift information at their fingertips. And if team members are paid through Square Payroll, they have access to their pay stubs and tax forms right on their mobile phones. Manage your schedule Set your availability, claim open shifts, or even swap shifts. Easier time tracking Clock in and out for a shift or break from a mobile device without having to touch the POS. Access your work information from anywhere The Square Team App makes it simple for team members to see exactly how much they’ve worked and their estimated earnings for the week—all in one place. Payroll information at your fingertips When team members are paid through Square Payroll, they can see pay stubs, download tax forms, and access benefits right from the Square Team App. Square Team App features: - Clock in and out on a mobile phone - View your schedule from anywhere - See hours worked and estimated earnings for the work week - See timecards for selected time periods If team members get paid through Square Payroll, they can: - See pay stubs, even before they get paid - Get paid faster via Cash App - Download tax forms - Access employee benefits - Update their bank account or personal details - Easy to use - All staff information, stored securely Team Plus lets team members: - Get reminders on when to clock in and out from your shift or breaks - Claim open shifts or ask to swap shifts with other employees

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